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Are Escort Girls also Strippers?

Generally, Escorts by profession don’t fulfil an accompanying role as a stripper in a Gentlemen’s Club or Strip Venue. Gold Coast Escorts, being the elite and beautiful professionals that they are simply don’t have the time to also show their talents i Continue reading

How to Find the Best Escorts on the Gold Coast

Firstly, the best escorts on the Gold Coast may not necessarily be the most high profile escorts, those with rave reviews on adult boards and forums, or with thousands of likes on Facebook and Instagram. The best escorts on the Gold Coast may be the es Continue reading

What’s Involved in Being an Escort?

Elite Escorts, such as the beauties that have their profiles listed with establishments such as Gold Coast Dreamgirls and Le Penthouse Suite, engage in a profession that can be highly lucrative and consummately rewarding. This means that you can enjoy Continue reading

How Do Escort Services Work?

Escort Services provide beautiful women to accompany clients for private engagements that might include a dinner date, an overnight stay, intimate contact or all three events for a contractual fee. The services provided by an escort are distinct from p Continue reading

Do Strippers Work in Brothels?

Some of the most seductively beautiful and wantonly erotic girls you’ll ever lay eyes upon are the strippers you watch dancing at sizzling hot venues like recently premiered and much-touted The Manhattan Club on the Gold Coast. Watching these honeys un Continue reading

Do Brothels Host Private Events?

Akin to the Hilton Hotel maintaining a private ballroom to host private functions and events, a brothel can hold gatherings such as a corporate function or celebratory party if it has the facilities and if it is licensed to do so. Generally though, rat Continue reading

What Really Happens in a Brothel?

On the Gold Coast, the modern day brothel has come a long way from seemingly sordid places situated on the outskirts of town and spoken of only in hushed tones. They are now to professionally managed, sophisticated establishments offering the finest in Continue reading

How does a Business Ensure Discreet Credit Card Billing?

There are a few reasons why a client or customer visiting a business prefers their credit card billing to be discreet and not indicate the type of service or product that was paid for. On the Gold Coast, commerce is thriving and many businesses don’t l Continue reading

Courtship of a High Class Courtesan: Dating an Escort

In every romantic relationship there is the expectation of give and take, whether it be the wine and dine, take in a movie, weekly roses exchange for  bedroom play of the dating game, or the contractual obligations within a life-time of marriage that r Continue reading

A High Class Escort’s Strip Tease Lust

  The erotic dance moves in the 1980s movie Flashdance come to mind whenever I strip tease a client to the point where his uncontainable lust informs every move of our intimate encounter from that moment onwards. Although I’m a generation-Y sweeth Continue reading

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