He tells me he won some money at the casino and as a present to himself, he had a penis lengthening operation. Something about unfolding the S-curve that is at the root of a man’s member, giving him at least another two inches, he says. Then he makes a joke about working at that popular sandwich bar, the place where they make the foot long. I smile, but roll my baby brown eyes, put my hands on my toned and athletic hips, and let this guy take a good look at me, Kitten, hot twenty year old Gold Coast escort here at Le Penthouse Suite, the glitter strip’s finest bordello and high-class pleasure palace.


He takes the bait and his eyes wander from my pretty face, framed in dark brown hair, down to my shapely and fulsome size 10 E breasts and firm erect nipples, which are barely concealed in the transparent and embroidered white mesh brassiere I’m wearing, then down along my athletic stomach, then lingering on the high V-line of my thighs and finally to the tight mound of my pussy so erotically accentuated by the transparent white G-string I’m wearing.


He licks his lips and then tells me he’s got a little problem after the penis operation. He’s had sex twice since the operation healed, and each time he passed out when fully erect, and before he got to climax. He says it’s something to do with too much blood going to the penis and draining from his head, causing him to faint. Both times he was standing up.

I smile again, and I say, how about we try it with me on top. His grin lets me know he whole-heartedly agrees and we leave the introduction area and head for suite one, the deluxe bordello. He’s young and affectionate, maybe a couple of years older than me, and he keeps bumping into me, walking too close beside me, and I can see the bulge in his pants growing as we ascend the stair-case, and I think, I hope he doesn’t pass out.


We move down the hallway, and already he’s nuzzling his face into my ear, inhaling the scent of my hair and my perfume, pressing his body, and his huge semi-erect member against my thigh, as it strains against the fabric of his pants.


We step through the door, and already he’s encircled me from behind, pressing his body against, mine, reaching up to fondle my breasts, burying his face in the back of my hair. I stumble forward and tell him I have to make the bed, but he won’t let go. So I start to fit the clean satin sheets to the king-sized double while this young guy is dry-humping me, his erection steadily growing harder and heavier. And as I fit the pillow cases, and tuck in the final corner of the bed sheet, he’s managed to take off his clothes, so now he is fully naked, and when I turn around I see that his erection is huge and thick, and so long that it isn’t able to get a full stand. And I see him start to swoon, just a little and I grab him, and move him onto the bed, and get him to lie down.


He hasn’t passed out, and lean over him and we kiss deeply, tongue on tongue as I start to straddle him while unfastening my brassiere so that it falls away and my heavy and full breasts dangle downwards against his chest.


I start to rub my pussy against his long, long length, up and down, rubbing the fabric of my G-string along the flesh of his manhood, getting friction, rubbing it a little so that the crotch is set askew, and then it’s my bare pussy lips against the flesh of his monster shaft.  Both my thighs are on either side of his hips, and he’s grabbing my ass cheeks and thighs, and he’s smiling and making pleasurable grunts as I rub my pussy all over his length. The precum dribbling from his foot long leaving sticky traces along my pussy and thighs; so I reach over to the bedside table and grab an extra-large condom packet, and as I keep rubbing my pussy, and body, and breasts against his erection and body, I tear open the packet with my teeth. He’s sucking my nipples now, and I pull back a little, and I begin to fit the condom over and onto his hefty anaconda of an erection. Rolling it down to its full extent but it’s only a little over half-way to the base, and it gets a little harder now, and he holds the base of his erection, and I rise up over the head of his shaft, and rub the groove of my sex up and down along the top of his length, letting the throbbing crown of his penis  push along the furrow of my pussy lips, then push hard against my clitoris, rubbing it along my clitoris, and then back a little and finding my opening, settling down onto his monster erection as he pushes upwards, with the tightest pop as he plunges his huge length upwards, and into me.


He starts pounding upwards, and I start to ride him, undulating my hips, bouncing up and down, settling each time a little deeper onto this huge pole, not knowing if I can take his full length, but riding him a little deeper each time anyway.


We keep rocking and riding for endless moments, up and down, and he’s already penetrated my G-spot and beyond, and I adjust my position so I can take more of his length, and up and down, slowly, then a little faster, and he’s still wide awake and grabbing my ass cheeks and fondling my breasts, and then I settle all the way onto his length, and he bucks up into me now hard, and harder, and I orgasm, delirious with pleasure, myself nearly passing out, and his bucking is hard and fast now, his hips flush against the undersides of my thighs, and his length fully inside me, and his urgency is uncontainable, and his lust begins to rise, begins to crescendo and he orgasms, finally, groaning long and deep into the room, and I feel his monster length stiffen even harder so deep inside me, and his body shudders and stiffens, and I keep riding him, riding his foot long, over and over.


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