He tells me he’s staying with his cousin at the moment and that she is always walking around the unit in a bikini. He wonders if she’s trying to turn him on. He hands me the two piece pale blue string bikini and I begin to slip out of my brassiere, corset, and G-string, watching his eyes take a long and lecherous walk all over my sweet and petite body, lingering on my firm sweet breasts, and fixating on my tight hairless pussy, framed by my lithe legs.


When I start to slip the bikini on, it is a perfect fit, and this nerdy looking twenty year old is already taking his pants and shirt off, taking off his briefs to reveal a long and heavy erection that is almost fully hard already.  He tells me his cousin has the same long dark hair as me Monica; and at this I toss my lustrous black hair so that the locks fall over my shoulder onto my perky breasts and he likes this.


He stands there, almost stunned, and then I curl my finger at him, beckoning him to me and he moves like a bull to a red flag and he sweeps me up in a strong embrace as he tries to kiss my neck. He’s a little clumsy, and my long dark hair blocks his mouth from sucking my neck, so he goes for the other side, but I crane my head down to stop him from sucking the flesh there and I laugh playfully.


So he starts kissing my lips instead, but I won’t open my mouth and he’s getting frustrated but he’s rubbing his erection against my lower belly, moving it down so that it presses hard against my pussy, concealed by his cousin’s skimpy blue bikini panty. He’s grabbing by buttocks, pulling me into his body, pulling me hard against his shaft and I can feel the stickiness of pre-cum trace its way across my lower belly, onto the fabric of the bikini panty. And now he is rubbing his length against the bikini panty, pushing the fabric aside and when the flesh of his erection rubs against my pussy lips he groans in deep pleasure, and a small gasp of pleasure escapes my lips.


He keeps trying to kiss me deeply on the mouth, and I finally relent and let his tongue press hard against mine, and he kisses me long and hard, almost sucking the breath from me. He’s so full of lust he’s like a puppy dog and he doesn’t know where he wants to do it, first moving me towards the shower stall, then changing his mind and moving me towards the marble spa, then finally settling for the king-sized double.


We’re entangled together in this erotic clasp here at Le Penthouse Suite, the finest Gold Coast Brothel has to offer, and we’re in Suite One, the deluxe bedroom, and now my client has me down on my back on the bed, and his face is to my pussy, and his mouth has pushed aside the bikini panty and he’s growling my sex like a hungry wolf, eating my sex, slurping up my moist pussy juices, sucking my clitoris until it is stiff and erect, grabbing my petite hips and pulling me into his mouth, wanting to eat me. His cunnilingus is ferocious, and seems to last for hours, and I’m arching my back, pushing my sex into his mouth, and then his blue eyes manage to connect fleetingly with my baby brown eyes, and there’s an unspoken invitation to finish the job, to penetrate my pussy with his thick and hard member, and he begins to respond.


He unties my bikini panty and it falls away completely so that now my sex is completely naked, and I push up the bikini top so my breasts and nipples are fully revealed, and he moves up my body. He pauses at my nipples and sucks them, sucks both of them, slavering onto them and nibbling them, and then sucking them so hard the pain is intoxicating. His length is tracing a line along my pussy lips, along the groove of my sex and I remember to stop him just for a moment. I reach over to the bedside table and find a condom packet. I tear it open with my teeth even as he’s rubbing the sticky head of his erection up and down along the furrow of my pussy lips, already looking to penetrate my tight sex.


I sit up, and quickly reach down and grab his shaft, squeezing it hard once, then again until he grunts, and I giggle, then I fit the prophylactic onto his shaft, rolling it down his meat pole, fitting it to its extent so that it is secure; and then I lay back, spread my thighs a little wider and again the head of his erection is against my pussy lips. He rubs it up and down, up and down, lingering against my clitoris then down a little, finding the opening and then penetrating me with a tight pop and plunging his length deep into me.


He starts thrusting into me, over and over, hips pushing his pole into my tight little sex, knocking his pubic bone against mine, thrusting deep, then thrusting deeper until he hits my G-spot and I shudder and buck up against him, arching my back. He becomes even more lustful, more urgent, thrusting into me harder and faster, pulling me onto his shaft by grabbing my hips and yanking my petite little body into him, over and over, harder and faster and then in three deep and penetrating stabs he orgasms and cries out into the bedroom, collapses on top of me, kissing my neck, my face, my mouth.


We pause only for a moment, because he’s still hard, and he’s got to get this cousin thing out of him.


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