A Favourite

I had an awesome client this evening. Well, actually I have a lot of awesome clients…..but I REALLY liked this one.

He requested to meet all the girls that like receiving oral and before I knew it, I was the first cab of the rank, making way downstairs to meet him.

I open the door of the intro room and a tanned, slightly weathered but sexy older man sits on the leather sofa, in casual clothes and loafers.

He introduces himself as Matt; he is visiting from somewhere out in the sticks, down south I think he said, where he has a fruit farm.

He tells me he wants to go down on me for as long as possible and asks me how I would feel about that. “How would I feel about that?” I laugh. “I would feel great about that!”

I chat with him for a few more minutes and leave him, shutting the door closed behind me so that the other girls can do their intros too…

Ten minutes later, I hear a female voice travel down the Hallway “Elektra, you’re up lovely”.


I take Matt into a vacant room and ask him to have a shower while I get some things.

I leave him momentarily, to retrieve a candle from my bag and after lighting it, I take it back into the room with me. I always bring a scented candle to work with me. I think setting the mood makes such a big difference to the entire booking.

Matt, is drying himself off as I enter the room again and I notice his body is in excellent shape, with muscular arms and a toned abdomen. Lucky me!

I place the candle on the side table and lay down on the bed.

He lays down on the bed beside me, resting his arms underneath his head and asks me how long I’ve been doing this – ‘for such a young girl”, he says.

“Not long actually. But I really like it, so if you’re one of those types to try to and talk me out of it, it would be a waste of energy”. I say, cheekily.

He laughs and reaches his arm around me, kissing me softly and sensually. He is a fantastic kisser (it’s always the older ones) and I let myself get lost in his phenomenal kiss.

We kiss for a while with our soft lips and tongues swirling gently around each other.

He gently moves his hand downwards, feeling his way over my body. When he reaches the bottom of my satin negligee, he pulls it up wards and pauses our kiss to bring it right up over my head.

I lift my arms up and shake it off myself, dropping it onto the floor beside the bed and turn back to him.

He chuckles” But wait there’s more” and he leans over again, putting his arm behind my back and undoes the bralette clasp, one handed.

I pull the straps down over my arms…..letting my breasts come free.

“So Beautiful!” he says

He makes his way down my body with small kisses starting from my neck and slowly moves himself down between my breasts, sucking lightly on each nipple and then continuing down my belly.

He finds himself above my crotch and begins pulling my lace underwear down my legs and over my feet.

He lays between my legs, spreading them wide open and begins licking me.

He licks me from the bottom, all the way up, making my entire pussy wet.

He licks the entire area of pink flesh up and down and pushes his tongue deep inside my hole, as far as it will go. The tip of his tongue squirms around inside me and it sends delightful pleasure through me.

His tongue slides up to my clit which he circles and flicks and my entire body responds to him.

I move my hips around as I squirm in pleasure. I don’t even realise till later that I’ve grabbed is hair, holding onto his head as it moves in and round my box.

“It’s so good!” I moan.

He pauses, looking up at me and smiles like a Cheshire Cat – the biggest cheekiest smile I’ve ever seen.

He props himself up onto his elbows, between my legs and looking me in the eyes, he pushes a finger inside of me, easing it in and out..

He moves his finger in and out so subtly, that the pleasure of it magnifies because I am focused into it so deeply. Warmth spreads from pussy right down to my feet. My body is screaming for more…… faster, rougher, deeper, anything!! It’s a tantalising turn on.

I feel his tongues flicking on my clit as his finger continues in and out, in and out.

I feel sweat forming on my forehead as my heart beat begins racing faster; my breathe becoming deeper as I fall into the euphoric sensations, my hips moving into the motion of his finger.

I am so turned on and I suddenly feel a sense of aching urgency to have him inside of me.

I push his head up, his face out of my pussy and say “I need you inside of me, now”.

He smiles mischievously because he knows that right now he has all the power over me.

I can see his mind flick through a few different scenarios; shall he tease me and keep me waiting just a bit longer?

Thankfully he doesn’t. He moves himself up towards me and gently turns me onto my side, spooning into me.

With his cock already hard, he pushes himself inside of me from behind.

He reached his arm over my front and his firm hand gropes my breast as he pushes himself in and out of me.

He kisses me along my neck and moves his hand to my hips, thrusting himself deeper. We move together, our bodies growing warm from the closeness.

I close my eyes and relax into him, floating on a cloud of bliss but he suddenly has new plans and pulls himself out of me.

Moving onto his knees he asks me to turn over. I roll over, resting on my belly while he pulls a pillow from the bed and pushes it underneath my pelvis. I love a man with a plan! It is so sexy.

With my bum sightly pushed up into the air, my body in the shape of a bridge, he spreads my bum cheeks apart as he pushes himself back inside of me.

He is quiet large and thankfully he is aware of his size, taking care of the way he moves in and out of me from this angle.

He slides in, slides out, slides in, slides out, in a relaxing, gentle rhythm.

I push my ass backwards into him as he moves deeper into me; my pussy getting wetter, he starts thrusting a little faster.

Sweating and groaning, we work ourselves harder and harder. I feel his cock harden inside of me and know he is about to blow. He fucks me hard, pounding me wildly until he blows deep in me, roaring loud like a lion.

I enjoy feeling his cock spasm inside of me and I get pleasure form his satisfaction.

He crashes next to me, exhausted from his huge load and rests on his back, eyes closed….floating back down to earth.

I lay my head on his chest and he strokes and plays with my hair as we both rest our eyes for a few minutes; enjoying the calm.

We are alerted that there is 10 minutes left so he picks himself up and takes himself into the shower.

We chat while he washes himself and he says he wants to book in again before he goes back home.

And I am looking forward to it.