April and the Hulking Athlete

The hulking Commonwealth athlete says he’s tired of being massaged by a male physiotherapist so he’s taken the afternoon off to visit LePenthouse Suite, the finest Gold Coast Brothel with the finest high class Gold Coast Escorts on this sea-side Glitter Strip city. He’s a weight-lifter, maybe pushing 120 kilograms of pure muscle and I think to myself, gee he’d be a bruiser of a boyfriend.

“I’m April,” and the gentleman athlete takes my hand and kisses it with a wry smile and a beaming look on his broad face, his curly blonde-hair making him look like a golden champion already. I hope he’s noticed my Victoria’s Secret electric blue lingerie set. It shows off my toned and slender thighs, my hot buttocks and perfect set of breasts. The brassiere and G-string are slightly transparent and I also hope he notices my tight teen pussy.

I run my fingers with the blue-glossed fingernails through my dark brown hair and absent-mindedly adjust my garter belt, then lead Mr Power-lifter up the stair-case, hearing them creak a little under his weight as he follows me up to Suite One, for an erotic massage he’ll never forget.

After I’ve made the king-sized double in the deluxe suite, the hulk lies face down and I start to massage his back, hoping I’m strong enough to relax those thick knots of muscle. I kneel with my legs either side of his thick torso and start to knead his neck muscles, making sure my warm pussy is pressed firmly against the small of his back, maybe so he can feel the heat of my sex.

I press hard with my fingers into his flesh and this makes him grunt a little, and then he says, “Use your elbows if you have to.” So I start using my elbows, digging them deep into the muscle and this relaxes him, my pussy pressed hard against him, my firm breasts dangling against his flesh, my now firm nipples brushing through the fabric of my brassiere.

And then I hear him snoring. Is he asleep? I press both my hands into his striated love handles but this gets no response, so I take off my brassiere, and then slip my right hand under his belly, under his black briefs and into his groin area, looking for his shaft. And oh my God, it is hard as blue steel, and thick and long like a short iron bar. I grab the length and squeeze it several times and he awakens.

He is like a slumbering bear coming out of hibernation, he rolls unto his back and gently but firmly grabs my waist as I unfasten my brassiere, pulling me and positioning me atop his thick hard erection. His eyes seem like he’s sleep walking, or in a trance, but he smiles, and then I realize I haven’t put a condom on his manhood. “Stop, big guy, we need protection,” I giggle. And he says “Oh, okay.”

I begin to fit the largest condom I can find over his still pulsing hard shaft, with my delicate fingers, rolling it down over the length, hoping it doesn’t break when we start getting it on. I decide to delight him by finishing the job with my mouth, plus I want to bite down on his length, some kind of kinky thing I guess.

I position my cherry lips over his erection and work the rest of the condom down over his length until it is firmly in place, then I begin sucking back and forth, humming a little, and then dragging my teeth along the length, then finally biting hard at different points until I get a response of ‘Uh, that feels great.” So I keep biting, and sucking, and this begins to turn him on even more, and finally the hulk pulls me up and positions me for the second time over his manhood.

This time I help position my pussy lips over the head of his shaft, pulling aside my G-string crotch so he can penetrate me. He’s fondling my exposed breasts, pulling me onto him for a moment so he can suck and taste my nipples, making sounds of rumbling pleasure like the baddest ogre on the planet. While he is sucking my breasts, I manage to fit my pussy opening over his engorged shaft, and push myself down onto him, past the entry point, taking that thick pole into my tight wet pussy. I groan “Oh,” and settle fully three-quarters onto his manhood, and he starts thrusting upwards, bucking me like a tiny cowgirl rough-riding a bull.

Back and forth, and up and up, until we get in to a rocking rhythm that turns minutes into what seems like an eternity of blissful pleasure. His huge hands groping by breasts, tweaking my nipples, his thick pole penetrating deep into me, so deep that I don’t realize he’s already punctured my G-spot. Riding one point now, over and over, a pleasure point that has me reeling in bliss, and then I sense a rising urgency in him and he begins to buck me harder, and he sits up while trying to maintain that point of sexual ecstasy because he wants to suck my breasts again, and all this time I’m having mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm until I climax suddenly, but he isn’t done.

He keeps moving deeply into me, I’m like a rag doll in his massive rocking arms, so delirious with pleasure and he is using me like I’ve always wanted to be used. Big and strong and pounding up and up, so deep into me, and his thrusts become more rapid, more forceful until he thrusts up into my gaping pussy while pulling my petite hips hard down onto his thick shaft and I almost pass-out when he orgasms. His groan of lustful bliss is like the bellow of a bull, but he is still hard, and without breaking penetration contact, he manages to get up off the bed and starts moving to the shower.

My legs are clasped around his thick waist, resting on the back of buttocks so muscular he could be a Michelangelo statue come to life, and my arms are draped around his neck, and he is sucking my neck as he carries me into the blue-tiled, gold-trimmed luxury shower stall.

The hot water awakens me a little and he starts thrusting his manhood deeply into me again, my back pressed against the tiled wall, the water sluicing over us, and I wonder if I can orgasm again.

He is a machine, and I find the strength to respond again and I start kissing him back, and love-biting him, and he is banging me so hard against the wall I hope the tiles don’t fall off. Now it is once again endless moments of pleasure so blissful I could forget who I am and where I am.  His thrusts become rapid fire again, and deep into me, while he supports my buttocks, the G-string sopping wet on me, my legs still clasped around his waist. Then one, two, three upward thrusts and he orgasms for the second time and I climax as well, almost synchronously. And this time he is sated, this time his thick shaft wanes a little, the hulk, the power-lifter, this Commonwealth Games Champion. Myself, a sweet petite Gold Coast Escort from LePenthouse Suite.