Aubrey Reminds Him of His First Love

He tells me he needs a bit of catharsis, to get rid of his feelings for his step-sister, the only sister he ever knew. He grew up with him and he realized he fell in love with her and was devastated when she left home and got married. He’s about thirty-years, tall and lean, with brown hair a little darker than my own shoulder length auburn hair, which I brush away from my shoulder as I push out my full firm breasts, pressing the nipples hard against the pink lace brassiere I’m wearing. I hope he notices the way the transparent fabric reveals my firm nipples and the shapeliness of my breasts.  

I also put one voluptuous leg forward, carefully balanced on glittering high heels, so that he can see the firmness of my thigh and the fine tan of my complexion. He does notice this because I see him adjust his stance to hide the ever-increasing bulge in his pants. I’ve got him, and in a moment we begin walking away from the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s finest bordello, and I look over my shoulder at him as we start to ascend the stair case, and I catch him checking out the sexy curvature of my booty, so fully revealed in the pink lace G-string I’m wearing. 

I think to myself, Aubrey, first-class escort-companion has an avid admirer, someone who likes their women in their late teens, and a secret thrill courses through my body. 

Just to be playful, I grab his hand at the top of the stairs, and give him a peck on the cheek, letting him know we’ll be ‘getting it on’ in just a moment, and he looks lustfully into my seductive brown eyes, and he even licks his lips in anticipation, not conscious of the lasciviousness of the gesture. 

We walk the into suite one, my arm laced through his elbow, and I close the door behind us, turn and kiss him for the second time, this time on the lips, with a tiny touch of tongue, and pull back, “Did your sister ever do that to you?” He’s taken aback, but he is smiling, and I pull the straps of my brassiere down over my shoulders so that the transparent cups fall away to reveal my young and beautiful breasts and he immediately moves forward, descending upon me like he’d pent up all that lust for his sister for too long.  

He starts sucking  my nipples, while both his hands reach around my waist to grab my buttocks hard, pulling me close, I can tell he wants to rub his crotch against my tight pussy, but with his neck arched to my bosom, he is unable touch my sex yet, so he lifts me up off the ground instead, so strong. He pulls my waist into his stomach and moves his mouth to my neck, and my pussy makes contact with the thickness of his erection, but separated by the fabric of his pants and my G-string. 

I soon remedy this by undoing his fly and zipper so that his pants fall to his ankles, pull his thick erection out of his briefs, it’s all sticky with pre-cum,  and press his member first against the crotch of my G-string, and then let him push it under the fabric so that the flesh of his manhood rubs along the lips of my tight pussy. 

I’m aware that we will use a condom, so I suddenly pull away from him, but he won’t let me out of his strong embrace, continuing to suck my neck and grip my butt cheeks, already trying to penetrate my sex with his thick and throbbing length. I struggle harder, and even slap his once while smiling at him. He smiles back, and pauses for a moment.  

“Did you ever take a bath with your step-sister,” I ask this wickedly and move over to the marble Jacuzzi; suite one is the deluxe boudoir here at Le Penthouse Suite, and the Jacuzzi is already bubbling with hot, steamy water. 

I undress fully as I step the few metres to the Jacuzzi, and similarly, my client undresses as he follows me to our chosen place of love-making. He can’t take his eyes off my naked beauty, and once again he is licking his lips, and I think I hear him murmur his sister’s name, so I remind him, “My name is Aubrey, you naughty boy.” 

He reaches me at the foot of the Jacuzzi marble spa bath, fully naked, and he encircles my waist with his strong arms, burying his face in my neck and inhaling the fragrance of my auburn hair. He presses his entire body against mine, rubbing his erection up along my pussy, letting the flesh rub against my pussy lips, and he groans with pleasure. 

I moan a little too as little orgasmic quivers run through my body, and I reach for a condom packet beside the Jacuzzi. Struggling against his aggressive petting, I tear open the packet with my teeth, and start to fit the condom onto his thick length without looking. I give his erection several hard squeezes as I roll the prophylactic onto his shaft, and he inhales sharply each time, trying not to blow his load. 

We fumble up into the Jacuzzi, lips locked in deep French kissing, and even as we submerge ourselves up to our necks in the bath, he pulls me over to him, finds my pussy lips with the head of his erection, and penetrates my sex with an internal pop only I can feel. 

The sensation of buoyancy in the water causes my client to have to pull me down hard onto his shaft as he pounds me in the bubbling water, as my arms are laced around his neck and soaking wet breasts pressed against his chest. He is looking deeply into my eyes as I ride him up and down, feeling his hard, so hard length penetrating so deeply into my sex, into my sweet G-spot, that I’ve already experienced several mini-orgasms.  

My legs are clasped around his waist, thighs pressed into his love-handles, and he is thrusting me up and up, and now so hard that splashes of water spill over the edge of the Jacuzzi. We moan and whisper sweet nothings to each other, embraced and love-locked in the bubbling water, and he wants me so badly. 

His urgency rises, and he starts sucking my neck, and sucking the wet strands of my hair, telling me he loves me. He pulls me harder onto his pounding length, and he pushes me up against the wall of the Jacuzzi, stabbing hard and fast, but so deep, so aggressive, and suddenly in three deep, deep jabs of his throbbing manhood, I feel him orgasm deep inside me. My tight sugar walls clamp tightly around his length, suddenly gripping him tighter than ever, my internal sex muscles orgasming and the bliss of climax flooding all around me, all around us.