Bailey and her Virgin Lover

I almost laugh when he tells me he is a virgin; that he’s saving himself for the ‘right one’ and that it is against his religion to consummate a relationship before marriage. Instead I gently take his fingers and tell him I understand but secretly hope he notices the way my two piece lingerie set reveals my full breasts which press their nipples hard against the transparent brassiere, and the way the transparent G-string barely conceals my tight pussy with its hairless pussy lips pressed hard against the diaphanous crotch.

He says that mutual masturbation is acceptable, and that’s all he wants, to watch me Bailey, first-class escort, play with myself while he masturbates to the point of ejaculation. And then he adds that maybe he’d like to kiss me and fondle me a little bit as well. At this I do giggle, and then I lead him away to suite one, the deluxe bordello here at the Glitter Strip’s finest and longest-established bordello, Le Penthouse Suite.

He’s young, skinny and blonde, in his early twenties but still older than me. His blue-eyes are so earnest that each time he glances over at me he nearly trips over his own feet. He’s definitely checking out my slender body, the way my golden blonde hair cascades over my shoulder and onto my full breasts, the way the G-string is set so high that the V-line of my thigh is exposed right to the top; and as we make our way up the staircase, and down the hallway to our destination, I set myself a little goal, counter to his request.

He politely opens the door to suite one, the deluxe bordello with shower stall, marble spa, plush furnishings and king-sized double bed, and I step through with this young man following like a puppy dog so close behind.

I immediately walk over to the bed to fit the sheets to the king-sized double bed, and this is where I think I will get him. He starts to undress as I start to fit the clean blue satin sheets, and I make sure I accentuate the curvature of my sweet booty by positioning myself so that the swell of my butt cheeks so fully exposed by the G-string, is there for him to look at.

He is already naked and sitting on the love seat, and already stroking his sizeable length hard, while feasting his eyes upon my semi-nakedness. As I begin to fit the last pillow-case, I slip my hand around my back and unfasten my brassiere, letting it fall to the floor so that my full breasts are exposed. I drop the fitted pillow and turn around to face the young man and give him the most seductive gaze I can with my bedroom eyes.

He connects with my gaze while stroking his thick long erection, and I reach down to my G-string and pull aside the crotch to reveal my tight pussy, and start to finger my pussy lips and clitoris. This draws him to me, he stumbles away from the love seat, and before he reaches me, I lie down on the bed, and spread my legs wide saying to him, “Surely, cunnilingus is okay?” He responds with a mumbled, “Yes, it is,” and descends upon my pussy, pressing his mouth against my exposed sex, disregarding the G-String crotch, still stroking himself with one hand, while starting to suck and lick my tight moist pussy so voraciously that I moan a little and a quiver of pleasure courses through my body.

He eats my sex for endless moments and I grab fistfuls of his hair, pulling his face into my tight wet pussy, and he even starts to suck my clitoris. When I feel his urgency become even more manic, I pull his head up by gripping his hair so that he looks at me, and I say, “Take me, big boy.” And that’s all that he requires, he moves up, tracing his thick length against my thigh, leaving sticky lines of pre-cum all along the flesh, and he quickly moves into position, but just to tease him, I say, “Stop, we need a condom.”

He is barely able to wait, and moves forward to start sucking my nipples and breasts as I grab a condom packet from the bedside table. I tear the packet open with my mouth and pull out a ribbed condom, struggle apart from his kisses and groping, and reach down to grab his throbbing erection. He inhales sharply and I think he might blow his load then and there, but I slap his face and say, “Not yet,” and he manages to control himself.

I roll the condom down over his pulsing erection, throbbing with blue veins and dripping with pre-cum, and I finish the fit with my mouth, turning him around so that he is lying on the bed, and sucking the condom all the way down onto his erection.

He groans and shudders but knows what he wants, and he pulls me onto him, pulls me over him, positions his erection under my tight pussy, the G-string panty set askew so that my pussy lips meet the head of his erection. He rubs the head of his shaft up and down along the groove of my sex, and I help him find my entry point, and as he thrusts upwards I settle down onto his manhood with a silent pop that sends quivers of lust through the both of us.

I start to ride his meat pole, up and down, and he starts to thrust up and up, wanting to go deeper, wanting to find my secret sex, my G-spot. We ride like this for moment after moment, and pleasure and angst cross his young face and pleasure blossoms deep inside me when he finally penetrates my G-spot; and then his pounding becomes manic, becomes furious, he moves along a crescendo of lust towards an earth-shaking climax, and in three, four, five deep and upward stabbing thrusts he orgasms deep inside my tight wet pussy. I quickly follow with an orgasm that has me arching my back and grinding my hips and pussy down as hard as I can onto his thick hard erection.

We collapse onto the bed, cradling each other, and he says to me, “Maybe you’re the right one.”