Me and my best friends! My toys!

I stand in front of the bathroom mirror and look at my naked self. I am Anika of LePenthouse Suite, the hottest escort on the Gold Coast, from my fine-featured face, Spanish-South American heritage, framed by my long brown hair, to my seductive brown eyes reflecting the overhead lights, to my full pouting lips. My gaze travels down the length of my bronze-tanned body, athletically toned from all those hours of yoga and sex and tantric sex, pausing at my full perfectly shaped breasts with brown nipples and aureoles still youthful like a teenage girl’s, and perfectly aligned above a firm flat stomach, and then settling on my hairless pussy now glistening at the lips with the thought of what is to come next.

I’ve finished my shift at Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite and am a little sad that Thomas didn’t come to see me again. He told me he wouldn’t be seeing me anymore. He’d gotten back with his wife. Against my better judgement I’d developed strong feelings for the solicitor, after seeing him for a year on an escort-client basis. He’d become a bit of a sugar daddy, bringing me gifts each time, perfume, flowers, chocolates, and the 12-inch vibrator that now sits on the drawer in my bedroom closet, along with all my other sex toys, my little best friends I call them.

I see a tiny sex bruise on my inner thigh and it begins to turn me on. I go to the shower and turn on the hot water, adjust the temperature and step in, the jet of water rinsing through my hair and dousing my body with heat. My nipples become erect and I start soaping them to make them harder, still thinking of Thomas and way he’d suck my nipples while fingering my clitoris, the way he’d hold the small of my arched back while sucking my neck down to my nipples, down to my pussy and then he’d eat me out.

I’m playing with my clit now, fingering it hard, alternating between squeezing my nipples and fingering myself, the stream of hot water steaming up the shower, I moan a little, I quiver a little with a minor orgasm and know that it is time to play with my toys in the bedroom.

I quickly towel myself down, glance once at my profile, my wet hair and glistening body makes me look like the hottest sex object I have ever seen. How could Thomas leave me?
I feel like revenge, I feel like a hate fuck, a goodbye fuck, I want Thomas inside of me again, I want to squeeze his erection between my sugar walls, deep inside my pussy.

I open the sliding mirrored closet doors and there are my toys, my best friends, atop the inset drawers. I think about using the clitoral stimulator first, something I bought on-line, but my clit is already hard and pulsing and engorged with blood. I look at the purple vaginal beads, then the pink vibrating love egg, but it is the 12-inch vibrator I want. It is the last gift Thomas gave me as if to say, remember me every time you pleasure yourself.

I grip the shaft, it is heavy and the rubber coating feels the skin of Thomas’s erect penis. The vibrator is bigger than Thomas was. I am yet to take its full length, or try the highest setting. Maybe tonight.

I shut the closet doors so I can see myself in the mirrored surface. I don’t worry about lubricant, my pussy is so wet inside that sex juice is already dribbling from my pussy lips. I turn the vibrator on and the hum is like the sound of Thomas whispering in my ear, or growling me out.

I start pinching my nipples as I place the vibrating head of the electric dildo, which is shaped like a massive penis, directly on to my clit and it is like tiny shock waves pulsing from the contact point into my pussy and out through my trembling body. My legs are spread so wide I can see the muscles on my inner thighs stretched taut, so fucking sexy I am.

I turn the vibrator in small circles as it stimulates my clit until it is so hard and sensitive that every rotation of the vibrator sends mini-orgasms through my body. I am moaning now, and the sound of my husky voice competes with the sound of the humming vibrator, and my back is arched and I can see my sex so clearly in the closet mirror. I catch my eyes in the reflection, look deep into my own soul and know that I am a wicked wicked girl.

And now I am pushing the thick vibrating dildo into my pussy, its heft and thickness making a tight fit of my petite little pussy, the batteries have warmed the vibrator up and I can feel heat inside this sex toy, this best friend of mine as I plunge it deep, deeper still into my sex. I’ve never taken its full length but tonight I will, to punish myself, to get over Thomas, to soothe the hurt of rejection. But God I am so hot, so sexy, the sexiest fucking cholita this side of the pacific.

Eight inches in and I’ve nearly found my G-spot, and the dildo is humming hard and I am quivering like a wet bird, and all the time I’m watching myself pleasure myself and everything around me, the room, the furniture, the walls fades away into the blur of sexual bliss and it is just me, my reflection, and my best friend, this vibrator stuck so deep inside my tiny pussy.

I push it deeper, nine inches and I hit the G-spot deeper still and groan loud and the sound of my voice echoes off the ceiling, but that is just an orgasm and not the full climax. I turn the vibrating speed up a notch and the shock waves of bliss come from that point of contact between vibrator and G-spot and my inner vaginal muscles are clenched tight around the length of the electric dildo, squeezing so hard, resisting the painful pleasure of this thing inside me. My best friend.

I hold off what is going to be the most intense climax I have ever had with deep in-breaths like that tantric yoga teacher taught me. Breathe in and think of nothing, breathe in and think of nothing, but all the while the vibrator is humming deep inside me, irresistible and persistent and it wants to go deeper, so I push it another inch, ten inches in and it is all over, and I orgasm so hard that I buck and I squirt. “Fuck you!” I shout out. “Fuck you Thomas! You selfish fuck!” I pull the vibrator out of my sex and a spray of sex juice follows as I squirt droplets of glistening wet all over the mirrored surface of the closet.

My body trembles and quivers, my sex is spent, my legs still wide open, my tiny pussy gaping wide and I fall back on the bed and look up at the ceiling. I’m not done yet. Now I’m angry at Thomas. Use me, promise me this and that, and then goes back to his wife. I wipe the length of the vibrator across my flushed breasts, wipe it again on the bed covers, the smell of my sex so strong in my nostrils. I’m still breathing hard and slide open the mirrored closet doors and find the warming gel lubricant, it heats up like sports gel, and the tube I have is extra-strong.

I coat the vibrator with the hot gel and turn it on again and plunge it deep into my hot-flushed pussy, its shaft coating my vagina lips as I fit it in deep again, eight inches, ten inches, already experiencing minor orgasm after orgasm, and I start to feel the gel heat up. It is the finest of pain, the finest of pleasure and I am moaning again and I turn the vibrator up to the maximum speed and my mind is a blur of sex bliss and I catch my deep brown eyes in the reflection of myself and I know I am so beautiful. Beads of sweat coat my forehead and breasts, and my wet hair covers my face in single strands that speak of wet hot sex, and I am moaning and moaning.

I plunge this electric dildo, this best friend of mine all the way in, 12 inches of electric sex therapy, all the while keeping a tight grip with my hand and with my inner sex muscles, my sugar walls, in case my hungry pussy swallows this electric dildo all up. And it vibrates deeper still into a place in my G-spot I’ve never experienced, pierces my womb, and the pulsing vibration, and the heat of the gel all come together and I orgasm, climax even harder than before, the best orgasm I have ever had, better than Thomas, better than any man, and I’m pulling the length of this sex object out and gushing sex juice all over the bed covers, and I moan, and then whimper, and lose consciousness in what seems like endless moments of unending bliss.