Better Than his Best Friend’s Girlfriend

It’s my long platinum blonde hair that finally made him decide to take the trip interstate and come here to the finest bordello on the east coast, Le Penthouse Suite. He says he saw my image on the gallery website, and thought, ‘Wow, that Sienna is so hot,” and it is also the fact that I look a little like his best friend’s girl-friend, but even more gorgeous, that we stand together now, face to face. 

“So, have you ever made a move on your friend’s girl-friend?” I ask him this with my hands on my hips, with one lithe leg a little in front of me, and I watch his eyes roam all over my body. He checks out every aspect of my petite size 8 figure, from my pink glossed toe-nails, up my slender legs, to the fully revealed V-line of my thighs which frame a deep purple lace G-string with a transparent crotch that barely conceals my tight pussy; across my firm flat belly, up over my full and young breasts pushed up in a deep purple lace brassiere, with transparent fabric that reveal my firm hard nipples, and up my slender neck framed by my long, lustrous platinum blonde hair, to my face, with sweet hazel eyes and pouty lips.  

I clear my throat, “Do you look at your friend’s girlfriend the way you just looked at me?” And this time he looks at my eyes with a big goofy grin on his face, and he says, “What did you say?” 

I huff exasperatedly, ”Never mind,” and then I step in close to him and kiss him deeply on his lips, reaching for his crotch with one hand, and slinking a hand around his neck with the other. He responds immediately, urgently, as we embrace each other in the soft mood lighting of the deluxe boudoir Suite One, already moving to the king-sized double, already undressing each other, when I suddenly realize I have to fit the sheets to the bed first. 

“Stop,” I try to pull away, but his hand is deep in the front of my G-string, fingering my moistening pussy, and his other hand is gripping my left butt cheek so hard there will be bruises there, and he won’t let go, the huge bulge in his crotch pressed hard against my belly and hip. “Stop, I said,” This time I push him a little, and he falls back looking a little hurt. “I’m sorry, I have to make the bed,” and I smile at him and his hurt feelings disappear. 

I start to fit the clean and crisp bed sheet to the mattress, and my client can’t help himself and encircles my waist from behind, saying, “Here, I’ll help you,” and he buries his face in the back of my head, inhaling deeply the fragrance of the halo of my blonde hair. I continue to fit the sheet, practically dragging him along with me to each corner of the bed. 

He reaches under my brassiere and starts to play with my nipples, setting the purple lingerie piece askew so my breasts become exposed, and starts to rub his crotch against the swell of my butt cheeks. I start to fit the top sheet, tucking each corner into the mattress as my client engages in a one-sided love-making session with me.  

He is kissing my neck now, and he has slipped out of his pants and his heavy thick erection is out above his black briefs, which he hasn’t bothered to take off. I finish fitting the bed cover, and start to fit the pillow cases, and I find myself moaning and quivering a little because my client’s three fingers are deep into my wet pussy, probing my sex and fingering my clitoris. I finally finish fitting the last pillow case and this is a cue for my client to push me forward onto the bed, place his thick throbbing member between my thighs and tapping it several times against my pussy and pussy lips. My G-string is pulled to the side and my bare sex is fully exposed for my client to penetrate me from behind. And then I remember we need protection. 

I quickly move forward onto the bed and turn around. My client chases me but I stop him with an upheld hand, “Condom.” He looks at me with a disheartened expression on his face, but when I reach for the condom packet on the bedside table, and look at him and smile, he starts to beam again. 

He moves forward on his knees, and I fit the condom over his pulsing thick veined erection with my nimble fingers, rolling the prophylactic to its full extent, and then finishing the job with my mouth, looking up at his face even as I suck the rubber onto his heavy meat pole. He reaches his hands into the mass of my hair and pulls my head onto his erection, urging me to suck him. So I suck him deep and hard, the fellatio makes him wild and furious and each thrust is so deep into the back of my throat that I gag several times. 

At some moment I feel him almost blow his load, and that’s when he pulls out of my mouth, and I lie back on the bed, and he places the head of his throbbing manhood against my pussy lips, rubs it up and down along the groove, against the tight pussy lips, finds the opening and penetrates my tight sex with a silent pop.  

I moan with pleasure, and he starts thrusting into me, over and over, pounding me deeper each time. He penetrates my sex with fervour and lust, half-way in, pull a little back, then all the way to the hilt, to the base of his erection, and now rolling back onto the bed and pulling me up into cowgirl position, and pounding upwards into my sex, once, twice, three stabbing thrusts that have him orgasm deep inside me, deep inside my sweet G-spot.  I shudder in a responsive climax, feeling a flood of pussy juice coat his manhood deep inside me. 

He looks up and smiles at me, and it is a minute or two before I feel him start to get hard again