Bikini Delight Around Midnight

He wears a bright red Hawaiian shirt and old cargo shorts. He’s also wearing deck-shoes and even though it is close to midnight, he’s wearing brown designer sunglasses.

In keeping with the beach theme, as requested, I’m wearing a skimpy lime-green string bikini, that displays my long legs, slender waist and full breasts. My golden blonde hair and blue eyes make me look like a California surfer girl, but we are here on the Gold Coast, at the Glitter Strip’s premiere bordello, Lepenthouse Suite.

I’m Alice, high-class escort and as I strut smoothly on sand-coloured sandals into the introduction area of Lepenthouse Suite, I think this will be a rendezvous with a client who is a little off-beat.

“Hi Craig,” I smile sweetly at the thirty-something gentleman sitting in the big maroon couch. He smiles back at me, taking off his suglasses, grasping my hand gently and kissing me lightly on the cheek. He’s taller than myself, not a giant, but I’m 180 cm tall so I think he could play basketball if he wanted to. I giggle quietly to myself as I think what else could be long and strong about him.

As we ascend the staircase, I remember he’s requested an erotic massage, girlfriend experience, and costume fantasy; hence the bikini. I sway my 18 year-old hips as my long, long legs take us to the room at the end of the hallway, and I can tell he is turned on by this as he absent-mindedly adjusts the bulge in the crotch area of his cargo shorts. Long and strong I think to myself, and giggle again.

After I have made the king-sized double with the fresh linen I grabbed from reception, I indicate to Craig that he should lie on the bed. He’s fully naked now, and he’s not embarrassed about his throbbing glistening erection as he absent-mindedly begins to stroke it.

“The erotic massage, honey?” I prompt him as he stands there eye-ing off my body, and pussy and legs, pausing for a moment as my request impinges on his consciousness.

“Oh, Alice, no. I want to give you a massage.” I giggle at this. He continues, “I’m a physiotherapist and for the past month I’ve been massaging a ladies’ volleyball team.” He grins broadly, “I’ve been so horny at the end of each day that I had to come see you.”

“Okay sweetie,” I get on the bed, lying face down. Craig grabs a bottle of lotion from the nearby night-table and positions himself over my thighs. His touch is firm but gentle, as he works on my neck briefly, then descends down my back to my buttocks, and that’s when the massage stops and he undoes the string on the bikini bottom. He pulls the bikini bottom away, exposing my ass and hairless tight pussy. He starts kissing and sucking my ass cheeks, gripping the flesh with strong hands, and then he rolls me over, unable to contain his lust, and starts eating my pussy. He sucks the lips and clit while stroking his thick and long erection. I moan a little, then a lot as he spreads my legs

wide and buries his face and tongue deeper into my tight wet pussy. I indicate for Craig to move around so his erection is over my face. The classic 69 position.

When his thick shaft is above my face, and as he continues to growl my little pussy, I fit a condom over his shaft, all the while gasping and moaning as he eats my sex. My pussy juices are flowing, flooding me with bliss, and Craig reaches under himself to pull aside my bikini top so he can fondle my firm breasts, tweaking the erect nipples until they are sore and stiff and hard. I am sucking him so hard and deep I gag several times, and he still tries to push his thick erection deeper into my throat. He is groaning into my pussy even as he nibbles my clit and drinks my sex juices. Then he rolls to one side, lying back down on the bed, and pulls me on top of him. Our 69 continues on.

I’ve already had several mini-orgasms, and I can feel Craig is on the verge of blowing his load. He reads my mind and moves my ass down past his stomach, into reverse cow-girl position with my tight pussy over his thick erection. My bikini top is loose around my breasts as I position my tight little pussy over his thick length, and I start to settle down onto his sex organ. He presses the head of his shaft against my pussy lips, rubbing it a little up and down, and then he pushes it into me, penetrating deep into my pussy, deeper, and Craig then starts thrusting his hips rapid fire into me, as I ride and grind my weight down single-pointedly onto his shaft. He then grips my waist and the top of my thighs hard, and pulls me down harder on to his erection, penetrating even deeper than before and he finds my G-spot, and suddenly he bucks upwards as he explodes his orgasm into my sex. I keep riding and grinding his shaft until I too orgasm, my hands supporting my body, pushed behind my back onto his hard stomach.

And the erotic massage has only just begun …