Bikini Sex and a Blue Flower

He gives me a blue flower and tells me to place it behind my ear and we both step into the marble spa bath here at Le Penthouse Suite. The flower is a dark blue and offsets the light blue, two piece string bikini I’m wearing. His eyes wander over my body as I step into the warm and bubbling water, knowing that he’s looking approvingly at my tiny and petite size 6 figure, so fully revealed by the way the bikini top highlights my young and perky breasts, and the way the bikini panty accentuates my lithe and toned legs, with a high V-line that frames my tight little pussy. 

My long and sandy blonde hair cascades over my shoulder and turns a honey colour when it submerges beneath the water, and he places a deep kissy on my cherry lips and looks longingly into my baby blue eyes. 

This is the deluxe boudoir here at Le Penthouse Suite, and I’m Eden, hot, young escort companion at this first-class and finest bordello along the east coast glitter strip. And my client is an older gentleman entertaining a sugar daddy relationship with me, and already he pulls me close onto his lap, lifting me up in the buoyant water and settling me onto his bulging erection pressed hard against his speedo swimmers, so that my pussy is pressed hard against the throb of his manhood. 

He pulls aside my tiny bikini top and starts sucking my young and tender nipples, sucking strands of my wet hair as well, as it drapes across my breasts and his face. The blue flower remains positioned behind my ear, and he starts kissing and sucking my neck, and alternating between my nipples and neck, devouring the flesh, leaving hot suck marks while he rubs his erection even harder against my pussy, the bikini panty the only thing separating the flesh of our sex now that his manhood has popped out of his speedos.  

I reach down under the water, and grab his erection, stopping him from penetrating my tight and tender pussy, squeezing his shaft hard enough to cause him to grunt, and then stroking him with tight hard pulls in the slipperiness of the water.  

He loves the bikini theme, gets me to wear a different coloured bikini each time, but always two-piece, always skimpy, but this is the first time he’s given me a flower to wear behind my ear and I’m wondering why? 

As if he’s read my mind, he lifts me up and motions for me to sit on the spa bath edge, pulling my bikini off lasciviously, my bikini top is set askew from his sucking and licking my nipples, but I leave it that way.  He lays me down, and motions for me to put the flower on my pussy lips, and then he starts sucking my sex, sucking my pussy lips, sucking the flower and my clitoris at the same time. His cunnilingus is voracious and his hunger for me is almost uncontainable. I’m groaning and moaning and my hips are rearing up into his face, my tight and tender pussy into his mouth. He eats my sex, and devours the blue flower as well, sucking my tight pink pussy lips and clitoris, drinking my sex juice mingling with the water from the spa. For endless moments he eats my sex, the flower has long been devoured, and then he starts to pull me back into the water. 

I know what he wants, and I struggle for a moment, and I grab a condom packet  from the few set on the spa edge.  I motion for him to stand but he isn’t listening dragging me down into the water, a predator taking his prey. I struggle harder and he finally gets the message and rises up while I settle into partway into the water, ripping open the condom packet with my teeth, and then starting to fit the prophylactic onto his thick and throbbing erection. He’s still wearing his light blue speedos but they’re bunched beneath his balls, and I give his testicles a suck as I roll the condom onto his length, finishing the fit with my mouth.  

I start sucking his shaft over and over, as he sits on the spa edge. I take his manhood deep into my mouth, then deeper, sucking and blowing, and biting down on his meat several times to elicit moans of painful pleasure from him. And then he catches my eyes, and the look he has is savage and so full of lust it is frightening. He steps back into the spa, moves be back a little, then pulls me over in the buoyant bubbling water and settles my naked pussy against his cock, already rubbing the length hard against my pussy lips, lingering to press hard against my clitoris. He rubs his shaft along the groove of my sex several times, finds the opening, and then penetrates me with a tight pop lost in the bubbling sound of the water. 

He starts to pound me in the spa bath, sending waves of water against the spa walls, thrusting deep into me, then deeper, over and over again. He is gripping my hips below the water, and pulling me hard onto each up-thrust of his manhood, wanting to go deeper into me. He shifts me slightly, and stabs deeper than before, so hard that our pubic bones collide and he finds my sweet G-spot and bliss floods through me.  

His rocking, and ramming, and thrusting becomes manic, so urgent, he wants all of me, penetrating my tight pussy, piercing my G-spot and in three savage ever-deepening stabs upwards into my tight and tender pussy, I feel him orgasm inside me, the blossoming heat causing my internal sex muscles to tighten around his shaft and causing me to climax as well.