Black Betty

I wasn’t really in the mood the other day. Well, I’m always in the mood but for some reason, I just couldn’t feel the energy. Maybe it’s because it was rainy and shitty outside.

But when I got to work, I saw I had a booking first thing! I love being pre-booked, like someone has gone through the whole list of gorgeous girls on our site, and there’s a lot them, and picked me! Yay!

I went upstairs to prepare, as this was one of the more offbeat kind, but it was exactly what I wanted too. I love how the clients and I just seem to click in all the right ways. By the time I brought him upstairs, the marble spa bath was full of steaming hot water and I was wearing my favourite little black kimono – those silk Japanese bathrobes. Nearby, I’d set up a chair that had the perfect view of everything.

I didn’t really need any prompting to hop in the bath, with the weather outside I couldn’t think of anything better than a dip in a hot bath. Well, maybe a few things.

Lined beside the spa bath was an array of sex toys. Dildos, really, in a variety of sizes, all standing on their end, like those faces at Easter Island. Except I’ve never wanted to mount those faces like I did with my toys, especially at that moment.

As I let my kimono slip from my naked body, letting it linger over the curve of my ass, I could feel my client’s eyes settle on lightly tanned skin. I sat on the edge of the spa, the cool marble just grazing my smooth pussy as I swung one leg over the edge of the bath. The water was still hot, but I let the steam trickle up my leg as I slowly sunk it into the bath.

‘I’m going to get in and get wet,’ I giggled to him. ‘Wetter,’ I added as I slid my ass across the marble and down into the bath. I could see him shift in his seat. I asked if he was sure he didn’t want to join me, and his silence was all the answer I needed. I motioned at my array of toys, and asked him to pick his favourite. Again silence.

That day, I was actually glad for the change. My choice. Black Betty was the winner, and as I pulled her eight inch length into the water, I realised I was in some kind of predicament – I’d not done a spa and a show at the same time before, and this certainly wasn’t going to work!

I quickly shifted in the spa, letting my back push up against the side, so he couldn’t quite see my face. Not many things would get me out of a spa on a day like that, but Black Betty sure did. I slid myself up the side of the bath, my wet back easing me up, until my ass perched on the edge of the inside of the bath. I spread my legs and Black Betty got to work. Her gnarled body worked it’s way into my wet pussy. She was a familiar shape, and my lips let her crawl all the way inside. At first Betty was shy, slowly moving inside and out of my shimmering pussy, but as I began to hum and moan more and more, she plunged deeper and harder, faster and faster until, with an admitted shrill, I came all over Betty, better than all the other times I’d done before.

It wasn’t until I heard him clear his throat that I even remembered I had a client in the room!