Brother Lust

The identical twin brothers both rise to greet me as I enter the introduction area of Gold Coast Lepenthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s premiere bordello. They don’t do this synchronously, they don’t speak simultaneously, they’re not a stereotype. One brother wears faded jeans and a green polo shirt, his brown hair is shorter than his brother’s college-cut slicked-back look, and he has a three-day stubble while his brother is clean shaven.

I think good cop, bad cop, for some reason; probably because I’ve been told they’re newly graduated recruits from the police academy. They’re both taller than me, blue-eyed and lean with athletic builds; and both look lustfully into my brown eyes before each one kisses me on the same cheek. We make our way up to room one.

They barely give me time to finish making the king-sized double bed when they move around me, not embarrassed about their nudity, or their stiffening erections as they start to touch my long brown hair, kiss my neck and lips and face, start to undress me. The brother in front pulls down my blue lace brassiere, and kisses down from my lips, along my throat, onto my breasts and then starts to suck my nipples hard and firm.

The brother behind me has one hand around my waist and down the front of my blue lace G-string, fingering my clit, opening my pussy lips, while his other hand is holding my long brown hair aside as he kisses my neck from behind. HIs thick hard erection is pressed against my ass cheeks, and he is rubbing it up and down, back and forth against my smooth skin, rolling its thick length a little, like a huge cabana, caught underneath the cord of my G-string.

I can feel the stickiness of his precum touch the skin of my ass cheeks. The brother in front has finished sucking my nipples and now he is kissing my face and throat, and mouth, deeply on my lips with tongue on my tongue, while his thick erection is pressed hard against my flat stomach, right on my navel, and his precum makes the skin sticky there as well. He can’t grab my waist because his brother is hard against my back, so he is grabbing my wrists instead, firmly, so I am helpless, a prisoner of these two twin off-duty graduated police officers.

And like a prisoner, they now move me onto the bed, start to position me on my hands and knees, with my brassiere falling away to the floor now, and my breasts are hanging open, heavy and cupped in one of the brother’s strong hands, pinching my nipples. I am moaning a little, whimpering a little. I can feel the brother behind me start to position his erection against my wet, tight pussy lips, and I manage to say, “Safe sex guys.”

They nearly don’t hear me, but pause for a moment, and I struggle out of their double embrace and get the first condom, tear open the packet and fit it onto the brother in front, rolling it over his thick shaft with my fingers first, and then finishing with my mouth, taking nearly the entire length down into my throat. I gag a little, and then the brother behind grabs my head and turns me around.

He passes a condom to me and moves my face to his throbbing erection, and I fit the condom over his length with my mouth and this time I start to suck this brother off, taking his shaft deep into my throat, dragging my teeth along the length, biting hard occasionally which makes him gasp. The other brother has positioned the head of his erection at my pussy lips from behind me. I am on my hands and knees, and he suddenly enters me, penetrating my tight, wet pussy with a firm thrust of his manhood.

He starts to pound me, getting deeper with each successive penetration until nearly his entire cold blue steel length is deep inside my pussy. And then he hits my G-spot and I shudder, and I am moaning around the other brother’s erection, sucking and gagging, while being penetrated from behind. The double action is clumsy at first, then finds its rhythm, and this three-person sex machine becomes a menage-a-trois spit roast, pulsing and throbbing, moaning and groaning.

I’m whimpering now, and the thrusting into my pussy grows faster and harder and deeper, and the fellatio grows more urgent as he tries to push the whole shaft entirely down my throat. And I’m gagging, rocking back and forth and being penetrated mouth and pussy, and faster, and faster, and the brother behind reaches orgasm first with three powerful stabs deep into my sex, and I too orgasm hard, and bite down hard on the shaft in my mouth, and I feel this brother’s throbbing erection spurting inside the condom. We pause for a few minutes, and then one of the brothers says, “Time to swap places,” and the next round is about to begin …