By Special Request

He’s requested ‘dirty talk’. Loads of trash talk to get him off while we have our rendezvous this night here at Gold Coast Lepenthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s premiere bordello. Our manageress Amy also told me, “Elizabeth, he’s also asked for shower sex, and something else, one other special request,” she leans close to me at the reception desk and whispers the request conspiratorially into my ear. I’m not really shocked. I consider the request for a brief moment, then agree, and the booking and payment are made over the phone. I’m a high-class escort here at Lepenthouse Suite, and pleasuring my clients is my forte, indulging most of their secret fantasies and desires.

I glance briefly at my reflection in the mirrored wall as I walk towards the introduction area. My platinum blonde hair glows ethereally in the mood lighting, long silken locks straight down to my slender waist. My petite size 6 figure is scantily clad in black lace lingerie, a satin and lace corset and half-cup brassiere that exposes the top of my perky breasts and hints at my nipples. The swell of my ass cheeks complement the sexy sway of my hips and the feminine stride of my slender legs.

“Come with me Peter,” I look over my shoulder and wink at my client after briefly grasping his hand and letting him peck me on the cheek. He’s an average looking gentleman, about my age, early twenties. He’s grinning as he follows me, totally unconcerned that the bulge in his designer jeans is clearly visible. Our eyes meet for a moment as I lead him upstairs to suite one, looking back at him to assure him of the promise of mind-blowing pleasure. My blue eyes connect with his brown eyes, and oh my God the lust in his look. Definitely something perverse and a little wicked about this one I think to myself.

I’m surprised he’s a little shy once we are in the room. He hesitates near the doorway entry and then I realize he’s deciding on what he wants first.

“Shower,” he says this and starts taking his clothes off. Jeans, t-shirt and men’s black briefs fall to the floor and now he is moving directly towards me, erection throbbing, pulsing like some heat-seeking missile headed straight for my sex.

He grabs me around the waist and starts kissing me. I pull away instinctively as he forces his tongue into my mouth, and onto my tongue, and I have a moment to recoup, and respond back to him just as fiercely. I grab his thick erection and squeeze it hard so he grunts, but he likes it, and we move to the shower stall near the far wall.

Now he is fingering my tight pussy until it is wet, and I manage to take off my G-string, then awkwardly remove my satin corset. He starts sucking my nipples even as I take my brassiere off, and now we are both naked, and locked in a lover’s embrace.

At the entry to the shower stall, I grab a condom, tear open the packet and crouch down. I fit the condom slowly and purposefully over his thick shaft with my mouth, while he runs his fingers through my hair. He groans as I start sucking his erection and

dragging my teeth along its length, occasionally biting down hard enough to elicit a grunt. And he wants more, so he pulls me up, and we enter the shower stall, and as I am about to turn on the faucet, he stays my hand, “Not yet,” he says breathlessly, “let me inside you first you sexy bitch.” He lifts on of my legs, grabbing it hard enough to leave finger bruise marks on my firm flesh. I hook my leg around his waist, and all the while he is cursing me with foul profanities. And he then positions the head of his erection at my pussy lips, rubs it up and down along the glistening lips, and then pushes his length deep into my tight pussy, so I moan.

He starts pounding me in the dry shower stall, his movements, his thrusting hips becoming more and more urgent, and he is still calling me names, talking obscenities to me, and then he pulls his thick and heavy erection out and pushes it against the flat of my stomach, pushes me against the glass wall of the shower stall. He nearly orgasms then and there but manages to calm himself a little. And then after a sharp intake of breath he says, “the special request, do it now.”

So, I let loose and urinate a golden stream of piss onto his groin, and thick erection, onto his thighs and it runs down both of his legs. The urine is strong and golden, and when I am finished, even as he has kept rubbing his erection on my stomach, he positions his shaft a little lower and penetrates my tight wet, urine drenched pussy. As quickly as he has entered me, he thrusts once slamming me up and against the shower stall glass, and then again and orgasms with a deep groan.

We turn the shower faucet on now, and we are bathed in a hot stream of pure water. And he cuddles me close and whispers sweet nothings in my ear, and soon we will start again …