Can’t Put His Back Into It

The lyrics of the rap song that was playing in the introduction area continue on in my mind as we step into suite one, the deluxe room at Le Penthouse Suite. “You can do it put your back into it … “, something like that, and I look over at the muscled athlete standing in front of me.  

His movements are slow, because this Commonwealth Games competitor has injured his back, walking stiffly and needing my support to get up the stairs, where I took the opportunity to let him feel the curves and firm flesh of my body, so scantily clad in white lace lingerie; transparent brassiere and similarly revealing G-string.  

Marley, first-class escort here at the Glitter Strip’s finest and longest established bordello pleasure palace, knows how to turn guys on, just a toss of my silken brown hair, or a bedroom look from my soft brown eyes, or a press of my hips against your body will set that tingle of lust into a raging fire. This athlete is no exception.  

The games have finished, and this Commonwealth Competitor is celebrating with myself. He doesn’t tell me whether he won or lost, just that he injured himself not in competition, but in after-games partying. He smiles, and says, “Just one thing, with this back injury, you’ll have to do all the work.” 

I smile back at him, and say, “Let me make the bed first,” and slowly turn towards the king-sized double, giving him a seductive look over my shoulder, letting my long brown hair fall softly against the nape of my neck, like a cover-girl photo, setting the sway of my hips to accentuate the full curve of my buttocks, barely concealed by my G-string, and unfastening the clasp of my brassiere so that it falls to the floor as I bend over and start fitting the sheets to the bed.  

I know he is fully taken by the impromptu tease because he shuffles over to me even before I am finished making the bed, and grabs me from behind, and starts to fondle my exposed breasts, feeling the firm fullness, trying to move me around so he can suck my nipples. 

I tuck the last corner of the satin sheet under the mattress and turn around and kiss him deeply, meeting tongue to tongue, also grabbing his cod-piece to feel the thick hardness, fondling his balls, my other hand draped around his neck. He stiffens, firstly in responsive pleasure, then a little in pain at his back injury. So I pull back for a moment, and now I gently move his around, and sit him on the bed, and pull his shirt off, kissing him as I undress him.  

Heavy musculature revealed, and a lower back brace tightening his torso, now I start to gently pull his pants off, revealing black briefs, which I playfully tease away from his waist, fully exposing a thick and throbbing erection. Fully naked and I lay him back on the bed, he winces but is smiling all the way down, and I say, “Yes, I will do all the work.” And I straddle either side of him, his hands reaching up to stroke and touch my flesh, to play with my tight pussy, pulling down the crotch of my G-string, exposing the moist lips of my sex. He starts fingering my clitoris, even gently pinching it so that it becomes hard and sensitive, and then he pulls me forward, so that I move into a position that places my pussy over his face. 

I feel his tongue start probing my sex, his  mouth start sucking my pussy lips, and I settle a little lower, sitting on his face, and he is now eating my sex, gripping my buttocks, growling and feasting on sex juice, licking and tasting my honey, and I’m moaning and trembling, and this goes on for endless moments as I simultaneously pull his thick shaft, hard and fast, then slow and strong, squeezing, jerking, rotating, trying to make him blow.  

He is moaning responsively too, maybe a little pain from his injury, but mostly pleasure from our entanglement, and then I sense his urgency, and so I pull away, grab a condom from the bedside table, move back down his torso so that I am at his groin. I fit the condom over his glistening length even as he tries to penetrate me without protection. But I won’t let him have me until the prophylactic is on his manhood, and this enrages him a little bit, but he can’t do much because his back is in a brace.  

I stroke and roll the condom down to its full extent, and his lust is so uncontainable he denies the pain of his back and sits up and pulls me onto his length. As my pussy presses onto his pole, I rub my pussy lips, and the groove of my sex all along his erection. Then I place my moist hairless pussy firmly against the throbbing head of his shaft, finding the tight opening, finding the perfect point and settle onto him with a silent pop. 

We’ve forgotten about his back injury, and he is thrusting his thick length into me over and over, my body positioned on his lap, breasts pressed against his face as he sucks my nipples, my G-string is bunched and set askew, his arms encircling me, his hands deep into my tousled hair pulling my head forward so he can suck my neck and face. And mini-orgasms begin to rock my body as we ride waves of lust to a final crescendo that has this athlete bucking four or five deep penetrating stabs into my sex, and even into my G-spot, sending me into a major orgasm just as he too climaxes a load inside me. 

Collapsed together in exhaustion, he reaches into the pocket of his pants which sits crumpled on the bed, and pulls out a beautiful and shiny gold medal. “First place,” he smiles cheekily, winces a little from the returning pain of his back injury, and hangs the medal over my head and onto my neck.