Can’t wait Mr Mitchelton

The gentleman sitting in the introduction area looks strong and handsome. He is a big man, big-boned but tall and lean. He makes the oversized maroon couch, which is the centrepiece of the area, look average. I walk towards the introduction area here at Gold Coast’s premiere bordello LePenthouse Suite and think ‘cowboy’, after hearing the man speaking to Annette our lovely manageress, in a big booming American voice. Then I think, no, maybe a cattle rancher because he is on older gentleman, mid-fifties with salt-pepper hair and rugged features.  

Probably here on the Gold Coast for a holiday, not business, because he is casually dressed, levi jeans, casual loafers not cowboy boots, and definitely no cowboy stetson hat. I giggle to myself. I’m Amber, a high class escort here at LePenthouse Suite, 21 years old, new to the industry, curvacious, petite, blue-eyed brunette with a face client’s say is angelic.  

It’s my turn to introduce myself to the walk-in-client, as he decides which of our drop-dead gorgeous honeys he wants to spend his time with this late afternoon. I approach him with a genuine smile, I like him already, and I am conscious of the sway of my hips in this two piece blue lace lingerie set I’m wearing, conscious of the press of my full, heavy breasts against the blue brassiere camisole. And conscious of this man’s appreciative appraisal of my voluptuous body, and my sweet face, as his eyes look me up and down, and he rises politely to greet me, now towering over me as he stands to his full height.  

He’s like that cowboy actor, the older guy in those action movies from the 90s and 2000s. And up close he looks strangely familiar. Where have I seen him before I think to myself? Maybe he “is” an actor. 

“Hello lovely lady.” He takes my hand gently in his powerful grip and we sit together on the couch. He smell of clean soap, fresh linen, and tobacco. Definitely a father figure I think as I press my bare thigh against his large leg, and he is conscious of this and coughs politely but doesn’t pull away, instead smiling a wider smile than before. He knows what he’s here for. 

We engage in a little small talk and I tell him my services. We talk about the Gold Coast, and he confirms that he is here on holidays, mostly, he says a little mysteriously. And then there’s a moment when our eyes meet and we make a connection. He really looks at me and I am for a moment lost in his faded blue gaze. It is then I know he has decided to choose me. 

“Follow me,” I’m smiling and we walk to reception, complete the booking with Annette, and I grab fresh linen from behind the counter and we ascend the stairs, heading upwards towards suite one, the room with shower and king-sized double bed. 

I know he is checking out my ass, looking over the plump curvature of my sexy butt cheeks which are exposed through the G-string I am wearing. He is checking out the perfect shape and smooth sensuous skin of my shapely legs, I can see this in the mirrored walls. I feel flattered.  

The walk up the stairs always turns clients on, and I know this is the case with this American ‘cowboy daddy’, because I can hear his breathing pause for a moment, and then resume a little more deeply as he quickens his step to follow me closely. 

As we make our way to the room I glance again at our reflections in the mirrors along the walls, and again I think, where have I seen this man? I decide not to ask him; some clients value their privacy and Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite is known not only for the quality of the elite escorts here, but also for their discreet service. The bordello of all bordellos, I think to myself. 

Upon entering suite one, I say, “Relax for a moment big guy, while I make the bed.” 

He settle his large frame into the Rococco one-seater chair, and again in the reflection of the mirrored walls I can see him watching me make the king-sized double. I catch his stare in a meaningful moment for the second time this afternoon, and he gets the game, and he rises from the chair, already unbuttoning his shirt, and moving towards me with urgency.  

I turn and meet him, and he embraces me in his large arms, bends his neck to me and we kiss long and hard. I taste honey and tobacco, not unpleasant, and I start to undo his jeans. He is rock hard beneath the fabric. “Shower first, cowboy?” I ask this cheekily and he smiles and we move to the luxury, gold-trimmed shower stall in the far corner, all marble flooring and bathed in the soft glow of overhead modern lighting. There is a mirrored ceiling above as and this creates more soft after-glow in the spacious suite one.  

As we move to the bathing area, I am slipping out of my lingerie, and I can feel the cowboy politely restraining himself, American gentility, but only for a moment because as soon as I am naked he moves up behind me and encircles me in his strong embrace. And it is him that is guiding us towards the shower.  

And now we stand together beneath the hot jet of water and steam clouds us and all inhibitions are lost and this older gentleman, this cowboy is just as raunchy and over-sexed as any younger man. He crouches low under the stream of water, grips my ass cheeks, pulls my hips towards his face and starts eating my pussy, tasting me deep, licking and sucking my pussy lips and clit, and gripping my buttocks even harder, enough to leave bruises I think. He is mumbling, and breathing heavily, growling me and this cunnilingus brings me to a mini-orgasm as I brace myself against the shower stall walls with my hands pushing hard into the corners, my back against the glass, this man eating my sex like there was no tomorrow. And then I realize where I have seen him before. I’ve seen his face and large stature featured on a billboard recently, somewhere along the Gold Coast Highway. I don’t remember what the advertisement was promoting but I do remember this man in the image, dressed a little more formally, larger than life on a twenty-foot poster. The thought leaves my mind as this cowboy rises up, and he lifts me up beneath his large hands and powerful arms, ready to penetrate my tight, clean wet pussy. I push him back, and say breathlessly beneath the stream of hot water, “Condom.” He pauses and I fumble for the packet I remembered to bring into the shower. I tear it open with my teeth, and crouch down. I start to fit the condom over his long thick shaft with my mouth and lips. And now I am sucking him deeply, taking nearly all of his length the first few sucks, and deep throating his entirety, gagging momentarily, sucking and gagging and I feel him tremble and hear him moan. I bite down a little on his length and he moans again and this moment to moment fellatio seems to last forever. And then he remembers what was interrupted and he pulls me up again, lifts me into his arms, and my thighs wrap around his, and he sets me slowly onto his thick thick shaft, and he penetrates my gaping pussy, pushing deep, so deep inside me.  

At first I can’t take his full length, but I adjust myself a little, relax my internal sex walls, breathe in once and settle fully down, onto the base of his erection. And then he is lifting me up, and dropping me onto his hard hard pole, up and drop, up and drop, over and over, and I am delirious, moaning and moaning because he has penetrated my G-spot so deeply. I hope he doesn’t split me in half, this giant man, this American cowboy, this billboard poster personality. And he keeps lifting me and dropping me and then he starts to pound upwards, pushing me back against the glass of the shower stall, and his thrusts are frantic, frenetic and keep getting faster, and I am moaning and then he orgasms and I feel his huge frame stiffen, feel his back arch between my thighs, and I have orgasm after orgasm, trembling like a flower, pussy juices squirting out and mingling with the hot shower water. He is kissing my forehead and face, still cradling me in his arms. I rest against his wet chest as the stream of hot water cascades around us, rest in the arms of this big daddy, and then we leave the shower stall. 

We make love one more time on the king-sized double, he is in a bit of a rush, says he has to be somewhere pretty soon. So I ride him on top, undulating my waist and hips, grinding my pussy down onto his full length, rock hard as blue steel. And we orgasm together again, not as intensely, not as furiously, but sweeter this time.  

I almost ask him about the billboard as he leaves but my train of thought is interrupted when he says in his sprawling American accent, “See you next time little lady. You’ve given me a wonderful afternoon.” And then he is gone. 

On my way home after my shift, driving along the Gold Coast highway, I remember to look for the billboard with my cowboy lover.  And there it is on the left, brightly lit like a Hollywood sign. This giant of a man is pictured on the billboard smiling his big generous smile, holding a bible. The large print says – “Billy Johnson – Evangelical Tour Australia. One Night Only, Gold Coast Booking.” I laugh quietly to myself and wonder if he’ll return again some day.