Carmen Gets a Special Request

I can tell he really is ‘into me’, the way he gently lifts a lock of my long golden blonde hair and lets it fall back against the scarlet-coloured corsette I’m wearing, the way he moves so close to me that his crotch nearly presses against the matching scarlet lace panty I’m wearing, and the words he whispers into my ear when he takes my hand and pecks me on the cheek, “You’re hot.”

I’m Carmen, high-class escort with the cover-girl face and slender size ten physique, with long lithe legs men are always commenting about, and angelic brown eyes men are always looking deeply into, trying to figure out what it is I’m thinking of. The two of us stand together in the introduction area of the Gold Coast’s premiere first-class bordello, Le Penthouse Suite, and this client has left his wife for a couple of hours at the casino, to gamble away his wages, while he has taken the time to come and visit me.

Our tryst begins the moment I take his hand and lead him away to suite one, the deluxe boudoir with marble spa, deluxe shower stall, luxury furnishings and king-sized double bed. I squeeze his hand a number of times as we move to our destination, and guide it so that it brushes against my thigh a number of times, and when we ascend the stair-case he lets go of my grip and slinks his hand around my waist, pressing his body against mine, letting me know his urgency for me has consumed him totally.

I glance quickly at the bulging erection concealed in his grey pants, and keep in mind the special request that he has murmured to me in the introduction area. Not a completely unusual request, but certainly very forward and indicative of a client with no inhibitions. That’s alright with me, I’m kind of a wild one deep inside too, despite my sweet and sometimes misleading placidity.

He likes the way the soft swell of my bottom fills out my lace panty because when he lets go of my waist, he brushes his fingers against my sweet booty which sends an electric shiver through me, causing me to inhale sharply and respond by patting his buttocks. He definitely wants more than a piece of me.

Like a gentleman he opens the door for me to suite one, and for the first time I look at him with a discerning eye, trying to guess at his status and life experience. He’s an older gentleman, mid-fifties perhaps, with a shock of greying hair and a strong physique complemented by a small pot-belly, probably from one too many beers or wines at night. He’s married, but whether he’s happy with his relationship I don’t know. All I know is that he will be happy with our momentary rendezvous this Gold Coast night, as the East Coast playground seethes with nocturnal activity, and we enjoy the company of a lustful encounter just made for two, in this wonderfully notorious bordello, Le Penthouse Suite.

He barely gives me time to finish fitting the sheets to the king-sized double bed when he descends upon me, stripped down to his purple briefs and already pulling out his thick throbbing erection and pressing it hard against my lower belly as it protrudes above his undergarment. He pulls me into him, hard against his body and starts to kiss and suck my neck and the side of my face, inhaling deeply my fragrance, one of his hands grabbing a handful of my long blonde hair, the other grabbing a handful of the swell of my buttocks and now pulling my pussy against the underside of his thick length, against his testicles which have also slipped above his purple briefs.

He keeps kissing me and groping my body, and I struggle against his predatory hunger, slipping my hand behind my back unfasten the corsette that keeps us from pressing flesh against flesh. And he starts moving me towards the shower, ignoring the king-sized double bed with freshly fitted satin sheets, I guess thinking about the special request he has asked of me.

The corsette falls to the fall and exposes my full firm breasts, and he pauses on our short journey to the shower to suck and lick my breasts and nipples, tasting the sweet salt of sweat and perfume, and leaving suck marks around my firm erect nipples. His erection leaves traces of pre-cum all over my lower belly and all over my lace panty, and he tries to fit his throbbing length under the line of the panty, maybe wanting to penetrate me there and then. But I grab his manhood instead and squeeze hard, and start to stroke it so that he makes a low moan. He lifts me up, and I hook one thigh around his waist while still pulling his rock hard shaft, and we continue on the three metres to the shower stall, an entanglement of limbs, and heat and sex.

I struggle out of his grip and open the shower stall and turn on the faucets, setting the temperature hot enough so that it starts to steam up the glass stall. I lean down to the outside corner of the shower stall and grab a condom packet, staying down in a knelt position so I can fit the condom onto his pulsing erection with my fingers and mouth. He slips out of his briefs, and I start to roll the prophylactic onto his throbbing meat pole, finishing the fit with my fingers so that the condom is fully extended to about three quarters down his length. Then I start to suck a little bit, but he has other intentions and pulls me up, manhandling me into the steady hot stream of water, closing the shower stall door behind us.

He places the head of his erection against my pussy lips, the scarlet-coloured panty bunched to the side to expose my tight, tight pussy. He rubs his length up and down along the groove of my sex, and finding the small opening, he penetrates my sex with a hard pop and a thrust that pushes almost his entire length immediately into me. He lifts me up, supporting my weight with his strong hands, presses me against the tiled wall of the shower stall, and starts to pound me, upwards, inwards, thrusting repeatedly over and over, and finally finding my G-spot so that I quiver and moan and experience a mini-orgasm that sends my pussy juice into the cascading stream of hot water.

My panty is sopping wet but he doesn’t bother to take it off, he keeps pounding me, trying to find a better grip of my buttocks in the slippery wet heat of the shower, kissing my face and neck, burying his face in my drenched blond hair. And then his urgency begins to rise, and his thrusting becomes faster and harder, and he grunts and groans manically and then I feel him buck three or four times as he stabs deeply into my tight pussy, blowing his load in an orgasm that causes him to grip my buttocks so tight that there will be bruises afterwards.

I respond soon after with an orgasm that makes my entire body shudder with delight. And then I remember his special request. He suddenly turns off the shower faucets, pulls his still throbbing hard length out of my pussy, pulls off the condom sending ropes of cum all over my face and the shower stall, and as I settle onto the tiled floor, he urinates a golden stream of hot piss all over my face and breasts and body, the sound of it trickling into the drain.

He turns the shower back on, and I stand and we cuddle each other in the hot cleansing stream of water that encases the both of us.