Claire and the Captain’s Request

He’s an airline pilot, working for a major firm and just flown into the Gold Coast. He wasn’t wearing his uniform when he came to see me, but I think he either forgot to take off his Captain’s hat or he wants me to believe him. It is still sitting on his curly brown hair, and even standing there naked before me, it gives him a distinguished look of authority.  

We’re in Suite One here at Le Penthouse Suite, the glitter strip’s most reputable and luxurious bordello, and my name is Claire and I’ve got an airline hostesses red scarf tied around my neck, upon the Captain’s request, and my favourite two piece lingerie set, black lace and diaphanous fabric, so the transparent mesh shows off all my best assets. 

He’s a little shy, this tall Captain, but his erection is throbbing hard, and when I pull down one strap of the black brassiere I’m wearing, so that the nipple of my breast is revealed, he takes a few steps closer to me, close enough so that his erection presses against my navel, leaving a sticky line of pre-cum between his flesh and mine. 

I pull down the other strap of my brassiere and falls upon my breasts, sucking my nipples while his strong arms slink around my waist, pulling my voluptuous body hard against his, hard against his hard hard erection. My back is arched and he manoeuvres me towards the king-sized double bed, while still sucking my nipples, and now my neck and now my cheeks and burying his face in my long sandy blonde hair, and nibbling my ear-lobes.  

He positions himself so he can rub his shaft up and along my tight pussy, still covered by my skimpy black lace G-string, but moist and getting wetter as the flesh of his manhood makes friction against the fabric of the lingerie piece against the tender lips of my tight pussy. 

We’re standing against the bed, and he grabs my buttocks, pulling me even closer into him, pulling my tight pussy even harder against his thick manhood, and now rubbing his erection so that it sets aside the crotch of my G-string, so that the bare flesh of his length contacts the bare lips of my tight pussy.  

I’m still wearing the hostess’s red scarf, and I mumble at him, “So do you bang the airline hostesses in mid-flight?” And as he pushes me onto the bed, he says, “Always wanted to but haven’t had the chance.” And I lie onto my back as the Captain moves up my torso, places his hard, sticky length between my full heavy breasts, and starts to rub the shaft of his erection up and down, pushing the sticky head into the red scarf.  

I push my breasts together to increase the friction there and the Captain starts to thrust back and forth even more urgently. I tilt my chin down so his erection starts to hit my mouth as well, the stickiness of pre-cum mingling with the saliva on my cherry lips. As he bangs the tiny space between my full breasts he reaches back with one hand and finds my pussy lips, pushes the G-string aside even further and plunges three, four fingers into my tight sex. He starts to finger my clitoris and I moan a little, and his thrusting erection starts to become manic, moving faster and faster towards an orgasm built up over too many hours in the sky. Suddenly his erection gets caught under the red scarf and he explodes cum all over my chin, my face, and breasts. He empties his load all over my chest, but he’s not finished, he’s still hard, and he moves downward, wanting to penetrate my tight wet pussy. I quickly grab a condom from the bedside table and he understands what I need to do, even though I can see in his eyes his longing to be inside me. 

I quickly fit the prophylactic onto his semen covered pole, rolling it all the way to its extent, reaching two thirds down his heavy thick shaft, and then he quickly positions himself between my thighs, rubs the head of his still hard erection along the groove of my sex, finds the opening to my pussy, and penetrates me with a hard pop, pushing all the way into my pussy, all the way to the hilt of his erection. 

He starts thrusting into me now, hard and fast and deep, moaning, and grabbing my hips and pulling me onto his manhood, pulling me onto his erection. He plunges deeper still and hits my G-spot and I shudder in a climax that causes me to cry out and he begins to crescendo again in four deeply penetrating and plunging thrusts; and I feel him stiffening even harder inside me as he orgasms a second time. 

The hostess scarf is sticky with semen but still tied around my neck, and I fiddle with it with one finger and catch his eye, “Well captain, one more time before boarding call?”