Come and Meet Gold Coast Escort Adrienne

I was born in London and I moved here 6 months ago, right after I turned 24. Coming to the Gold Coast has been like finding a slice of heaven. The people are so outgoing and carefree. I relish in the sunshine, beautiful beaches and blue skies. England is the complete opposite, a sunny day there is rarer than my chances of seeing a white peacock. Here I can luxuriate on my balcony overlooking the ocean and sip on a Martini, wearing nothing but a sheer negligee.

Actually, that’s one reason why I do what I do, because I adore wearing high-end lingerie. It’s like dress ups but sexier. I love the silky, smooth feeling of satin draping over my nipples or being cheeky in my angel-dream lace panties. If I’m feeling extra raunchy, I’ll wear my thigh high stockings with a garter and my La Dolce Rose Slip. I think too many frills, bows and zippers can take away from the experience, so I like to keep things simple and classy. I prefer to use lingerie to accentuate my curvy, size 8 body and full E bust; to bring out my blue eyes and highlight my long blonde hair. There is definitely an art to lingerie and when you know what you’re doing, it’s so sexy and fun.

I love that I can express my sexual nature through my work. I don’t know how many people can say that about their jobs. It’s exhilarating playing out a man’s fantasy and seeing him surge on raw instinct, like a lion. He gets total control and can do anything he wants. Most men have a roaring porn star inside of them and I get to go on that ride with them. Things can get a bit kinky and it’s like we’re in our own XXX rated movie. It probably helps that I look like Cameron Diaz too.

Other times it’s pure passion, tender touches and soft kisses. I have a big heart and I care about people a lot and I think that’s why I am able to give my lovers a top shelf girlfriend experience. Every man wants something different and I really like being able to give him what he desires. It just feels so natural. I guess we all have a different side with different people and I get to experience so many different sides of myself with my sexual partners. It’s like a lucky dip, I never know what I’m going to get but it’s always an adventure.

And I do love the thrill of adventure, that’s why I’m addicted to travel and always thinking about my next holiday destination. I’ve collected so many stamps from all the places I’ve been and now I’m a secret stamp collector. I dream of running away to the circus, it would be so exciting touring with the artistic performers; being amidst a flurry of glittering costumes and wild animals. I’m sure Monty, my pet python, would fit right in there too. I’m actually a pretty good singer, I could sing or do a show with aerial silks and pole dancing.

Pole dancing is my favourite hobby. It’s so feminine and sensual but also a total blast; it’s my number one way to keep my body sexy and fit. I love being healthy and I’m completely obsessed with Acai bowls at the moment. They are delicious and I see no reason why health can’t taste as good as cake. I think that all aspects of life are meant to be pleasurable, whether it be in the bedroom, bathroom, gym or kitchen.

Speaking of which, there is nothing hotter than being cooked for by a man who knows his way around the kitchen. I love to be indulged and pampered. Pour me a wine, run me a luxurious bath, give me an oil massage and finish it off by going down on me, until I can’t take it anymore. I will be so high on a cloud of Euphoria that I won’t even know my own name. I love getting into erotic positions with my lover but undeniably my favourite is the Reverse Cowgirl.

Nothing beats giving my man a million dollar view and it’s such a turn on when I feel him go crazy underneath me. One thing, I’ve never tried but have always wanted to, is have sex in a really fast car. Our hot naked bodies raging with adrenaline and sex hormones would make an insanely wild ride! When I was at university, I had a serious crush on my lecturer all semester. He had searing eyes and a sexy smile. One day, I couldn’t take it anymore. I snuck back into the lecture room after everyone had left and I seduced him. He initially put up a small fight but I could see his resolve was deflating by the second. I grabbed him by his belt, tugged him close to me and kissed him along his pulsing neck and
then it was on!

He flipped me around so fast and before I knew what was happening, he had me bent over his desk, with my skirt pushed high up my waist. He fucked me all the way to the stars and it’s safe to say I became his brightest, star student after that. I got straight A’s for all of my essays and exams. So yes, I’m a sucker for a man with a killer body and the eye candy on the Gold Coast is beyond mouth-watering……Thank you Australia! But in all seriousness, a great body isn’t enough for me, if the chemistry isn’t right.

There is nothing like meeting a man and there is an immediate charge of electric energy between us; that feeling when we hit it off, straight off the bat and it’s just so much fun. When it feels like we’ve known each other from way back and I can immediately be myself. Add a genuine smile to that mix and I’m yours. It’s rare when that happens but when it does, it’s like a supernova.

Maybe the next one might be with you.

X Adriane