Cream is for Cakes | Le Penthouse Suite

He’s a pastry chef and he tells me cream is for cookies, and cakes, and coffee; and then he breaks the blue seal on the 600 ml plastic bottle of cream he’s holding, checks out my shapely curves so barely concealed in the black lace lingerie set I’m wearing, then tips a bit of the cream onto the top of my breast, and watches the cream trickle down over my black transparent brassiere, down my flat stomach and dribble onto the black transparent G-string I’m wearing.


I smile wickedly, turn around and start to walk towards the luxurious shower stall, making sure to wiggle my shapely booty so he can drink in the sight of the sweet swell of my buttocks, and the long line of my thighs, the fine curvature of my back, and the way my shoulder length golden blonde hair conceals my slender neck and shoulders.

I’m Michelle, a Gold Coast escort companion here at Le Penthouse Suite, the finest and most reputable bordello Gold Coast has to offer, and I’m here in Suite One with my lustful client who’s requested a shower with little sweet me.


As I step into the shower stall and start to turn the hot water on, my client slips one hand around my waist still holding the bottle of cream, and his other hand stops me from turning the water on, closes the tap firmly. He starts to kiss my neck from behind, inhaling the scent of fragrant hair, and sucking the flesh of my neck, giving me little love-bites and pressing his naked erection against my buttocks, rubbing his sticky pre-cum all over my ass cheeks, and hooking his length under the strap of the black G-string I’m wearing.


He reaches under my black brassiere, feeling for my nipple, which he starts to tweak while he keeps on sucking my neck, nibbling my ear lobe and sucking the side of my face. He lifts my brassiere up, pushing it out of the way so my full and heavy breasts are fully exposed, then he turns me around, and the echo of our hot and heavy breathing can be heard in the closed off shower stall. He holds the bottle of cream above my breasts again and pours some more onto my flesh, enough so that rivulets of cream stream over my breasts, over my nipples, down my stomach and onto my G-String.


He starts to suck my breasts and nipples again, tasting the cream, drinking in the cream, sucking my flesh and sucking my nipples so hard that the pain makes me moan in pleasure. He crouches down so that his mouth is against the transparent black fabric of my G-string, and he pours some more cream onto my navel, so that the cream runs unto and all over my G-string; and then he sucks the cream, the fabric of the G-string, and my pussy lips through the fabric. He tastes the cream, my flesh and the sex juices of my moist, tight pussy.


He stands up again, and presses his naked body hard against my trembling body and he pours some more cream onto his thick and throbbing erection, rubbing it hard enough against my G-string to set the crotch askew and so that my pussy lips are exposed. He pours the rest of the cream onto his manhood, rubs his erection against my pussy lips, and pushes me down onto my haunches, and pushes his hard and heavy shaft, covered in cream, into my mouth, and I start to suck his shaft. He grabs my hair, collecting all the strands and holds it together above my head, pulling upwards while I keep on sucking his length, and he says, “Deeper”,  and he plunges his meat pole deeper into my mouth, so deep that the head of his erection hits the back of my throat and I can taste cream and the stickiness of his sex.


He thrusts in and out of my mouth as my hands are placed against his thighs for support, in and out, then faster and harder and just when I think he is going to orgasm he pulls his length out, and pulls me to my feet. The empty cream bottles sits in the corner of the shower stall and he starts to kiss me deep and heavy on my mouth, tongue on tongue, and pressing his entire body against mine, pressing his rock hard member against my lower belly, moving it down so that it rubs against my engorged pussy lips.


He reaches down and moves the head of his erection up against the groove of my pussy, rubbing it up and down along my pussy lips, looking for the opening to my sex, and I stop, struggle out of his grip, open the shower door, and reach outside for a condom packet. As I lean out of the shower stall, he rubs his erection against my heavy breasts, flailing it against my nipples, and then I’m standing up again, against his body, and I fit the prophylactic onto his member as he tongue kisses me, managing to roll the condom to its full extent onto his heavy, thick member.


He reaches down again to his length, and I can feel the head of his erection rubbing up and down against the furrow of my pussy lips, finding the opening and then penetrating my tight sex with a pop, as he crouches a little, and then lifts me up as his length plunges upwards and deep into my sex.


He’s supporting my weight with his strong hands, kissing my neck, sucking the flesh, and plunging his thick and hard shaft into me, over and over, lifting me up, and dropping me hard onto his manhood, once up, the down hard, over and over, shifting and adjusting his stance, adjusting my positioning and then with a little twist of my hips he drops me down so hard onto his shaft that it penetrates my G-spot and I tremble and groan in pleasure.


He pounds me harder and faster now, plunging deeply, in and out, then deeper still, and his urgency is uncontrollable, and he leaves love-bites on my neck as he pounds me into the shower stall wall, thrusting so deep into me, over and over, faster and faster and then in three stabbing movements I feel him orgasm deep inside me, as he groans into my ear. He stays inside me, rocking me, whispering sweet nothings into my ear, and he reaches for the tap and turns on the water, it is hot and steamy, and soon we’re ready for another round.