Dance Pole Lust

He says he’s been picking his older daughter up after pole dancing lessons ever since she had her licence suspended. One afternoon he arrived early and watched the end of the class through the studio windows. He says he was hooked. He was so turned on, not just by the pole dancing moves, but by one particular student who looked a lot like me. This student caught him watching her through the window, and smiled at him while in a certain dance pole pose. The connection has stayed with him ever since. 

I smile at him, this older gentleman whose eyes keep fixating on my full firm breasts as they press my nipples hard against the transparent lace fabric of my brassiere, whose gaze then moves onto my transparent lace G-string which barely conceals my tight pussy and highlights the high V-line of my voluptuous thighs, then checking out the length of my thighs right to the high heel pumps which accentuate the shapeliness of my calves.  

He unashamedly appraises my body about three times as we converse until finally I toss my shoulder length, sandy blonde hair and clear my throat to bring his eyes to my face,  and once his brown eyes are locked onto my baby blue’s, I say, “Let’s go.” 

He smiles and we move quickly from the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, through the high-class bordello’s sumptuous reception area, up the luxurious stair-case, occasionally brushing against each other, occasionally with his hand touching the bare flesh of my buttocks so fully revealed by the tiny lace G-string I’m wearing. I know that my client is really into me because the huge bulge in his pants causes him to walk a little awkwardly and I smile at this. I’m Zoe, high-class escort companion here at the glitter strip’s most famous and reputable bordello, and I’m about to engage in a little dance pole show of complete intimacy with this client of mine. 

Suite One is the boudoir with the dance pole, and once we’re inside the deluxe bedroom, I quickly run through the moves that I know through my mind. My client says he brought a CD of music his daughter compiled for her dance pole routine, and I put this on the speaker system, and press play. 

We bring the love seat closer to the dance pole podium, and the first song that starts playing is an upbeat track by Katy Perry. I move close to my client, and lean in to his ear and whisper, “You can take your clothes off,” and I reach down and unbutton the fly of his pants for him. At this gesture he leans forward and kisses me on the lips, immediately reaching around my waist and pulling me close to him. He starts kissing my neck, and pulls down my brassiere, and starts sucking my nipples, and I wonder if he still wants the dance pole show. I go with the flow and let him suck my nipples and rub his crotch against my pussy through the fabric his pants and the fabric of my G-string. He starts to grab my buttocks, pulling me harder into him, and I reach between us and start to pull his pants down. 

He reaches up behind my back and clumsily unfastens my brassiere which falls away to reveal my full young breasts, and he starts licking and sucking my nipples again. He kisses down to my belly button, now he is dressed only in his white briefs, and his thick and hard erection is sitting atop the waist band of the underwear.  

He moves further down and starts to suck my tight wet pussy through the fabric of my G-string. I let him do this for a moment, and when the music changes to a track by Lady Gaga, I pull away and move towards the podium and dance pole.  He tries to follow, but I gesture for him to sit back on the love seat. His eyes are wide, and he looks at me with such predatory lust that I don’t know how long I’ll have to dance for.  

I start with a fireman spin on the pole, and make a full revolution and then step into a pirouette, accentuating my hips as I stand tall on one leg, I look over at him and smile and see that he is fully naked now, and fondling his thick and throbbing erection with the most lascivious look on his face. 

I try a martini spin, with one leg hooked on the pole and one leg outstretched to accentuate the curvature of my thigh, and then I stand still for a moment in flamingo pose, and bend backwards into a back arch that lifts one knee up and gives him full view of and full access to my tight pussy. 

And yes, at this he can no longer contain himself, and moves quickly over to the podium, stepping up onto the raised platform and grabbing my upraised thigh and placing his naked shaft and testicles against my pussy, positioned between my legs while I hold onto the dance pole, back arched. I know we need a condom, and I deftly reach for a packet from the few that are scattered on the floor, while I maintain the back arch position. My client is already rubbing his thick length along the groove of my tight pussy, the G-string crotch has been pushed to the side so the exposed flesh of his thick length is against the bare flesh of my pussy lips and he is rubbing the shaft up and down along the moistening groove while Lady Gaga moves into a song by Beyonce. 

I rise up out of the back arch just before my client penetrates me and push him back with a wicked grin on my face. I wag my finger at him and show him the condom packet. I tear it open with my lips, and he steps close to me and starts kissing me deeply on the mouth. We tongue kiss and I reach down and fit the condom onto his erection without looking. I roll the prophylactic onto his shaft to its full extent, and as soon as I’ve finished he lifts me up, moving close in under me, rubbing his manhood along my groove again, rubbing the head of his erection against the pussy lips until he finds the opening, and then he penetrates me with a pop that is felt but not heard. 

He starts pounding me as I grip the dance pole with one hand, and drape my other hand around his neck. Our mouths are locked together in a passionate tongue kiss, and he is thrusting deep into me, thrusting upwards and inwards, trying to find deeper penetration with each thrust. My breasts are pressed hard against his chest, the nipples dragging against his pectorals, and his hands are gripping my buttocks while one of my legs is still hooked around the dance pole. 

He keeps pounding me for endless moments, until the Beyonce song moves into another one by Katy Perry, and then his thrusting becomes more manic and full of urgency, he bucks me upwards, and with the support of the pole, he lifts me up, and drops me down onto his shaft, lifts me up and drops me down onto his hard as blue steel length. He does this repeatedly, savagely, and then with three deep stabbing movements, while he pulls me onto his erection, I feel him orgasm nearly in synchronicity to my own climax. 

I drop my thigh from the pole, our bodies are streaked with sweat and saliva and sex juice. My G-string is sodden with pussy juice, and he smiles at me, and the music rolls on.