Double Delight

Some of the most exciting bookings I’ve had, have been the ones that involve more than 3. I love doubles. I love swapping and I love sharing. I guess I’m just a sharing, caring kind of gal.

About a month ago, two guys came in and booked myself and another of the Le Penthouse Suite Gold Coast Brothels escort, Kate*.

We had an unreal time. It was like we were on our own planet of heightened sexual rawness. All four of us were on the same wave length and it was such a surreal experience; it was better than drugs.

It was an unexpected treat too. Tuesday at our gold coast brothel is generally one of the quietest days, let alone the fact that it was day time. It was just after lunchtime, when these 2 hunky guys rock up, looking for doubles swap.

After a flirty meeting with the 2 hunks, (who do actually have names) Ando and Jay, Kate and I lead them upstairs, into the big playroom.

There is no messing around, no pleasantries. We’re tuned into the electric chemistry that has clicked between the four of us and I spare no time to act on my impulse.

I push Ando who is nearest to me, backwards onto the bed and crawled over his abdomen, with my legs on either side of his body.

His boyishly cheeky smile, with his light pink, plump lips and straight white teeth, had been calling my name as soon as I saw him. Holding down his arms, I bend in, like a lion about to take a bit out of his prey, and I kiss him with passionate force.

He responds, kissing me back just as intensely. I feel his cock growing hard and it excites me. I wrap a hand lightly around his neck before sitting up straight and pulling my loose dress over my head; revealing my naked body.

He touches my breasts and squeezes my nipples between his fingers, he traces around the outside of the nipple, causing them to harden in erotic anticipation.

I undo his belt buckle and unzip his pants; he has no briefs on and his cock, springs forward, unrestrained.

I hear giggling and look up to see Kate, naked on the floor, with her head back and her eyes closed. Jays head is buried between her legs and she moans and moves, as he pleasures her.

My lover slaps my breasts, bringing my attention back to him, his eyes are burning with horny excitement.

From the bend in my knees, I lift my body up and slowly bring myself down so the entrance of me rests at the tip of his cock.

We stare at each other intensely, the pleasure heightened from the knowledge that we are so close to penetration. He leans his head up and inviting me to kiss him again. We kiss softly, lips touching lightly, tongues moving gently. He tilts his pelvis upwards slowly, as I allow myself to come down over his shaft.

The sensation sends bolts of energy through my pelvis and down my legs. I sigh aloud from the euphoric sensation; it feels a relief to have him inside of me. We move in a slow pleasure trance, completely zoned out to anything else in the room.

We ever so gently begin moving our bodies into each other, a little faster and a little deeper. I find myself catching my breathe, as our pace quickens into a steamy rhythm. I hold myself up with hands on his chest and he holds my ass, guiding my pelvis backwards and forwards over his cock.

I look around and see Kate bent over in doggy style, her partner fucking her deeply and slowly, his gaze on me while he fucks her.

Our eyes meet and his gaze is manic and wild and it sends electric shivers through my body.

I know what I want now and I know he is thinking the same thing. He pulls out and thrusts back into Kate deeply, causing her entire body to move forwards drastically. He pulls out again, stands up and pulls Kate up by the hand.

I turn to my lover and slowing my rhythm down, I bend down to kiss him passionately before pushing myself off him.

I feel a hand lace into my fingers and feel myself being pulled off the bed. I turn to face Jay, who is raging with raw fuck hormones. He pushes me around, so that I am facing the bed and places a hand in the square of my back, pushing my upper body, onto the bed.

His hands spread my ass cheeks apart as he slides his cock between my pussy and over my clit. He rubs me like this for a while and I relax into it, closing my eyes, enjoying the pleasure.

Ando and Kate have resumed fucking at the other end of the bed. Their breathing is heavy but their voices are soft and every so often they exalt in pleasure. The sound of their enjoyment turns me on and I find myself burning to have jay’s cock in me.

He must have been feeling the same because in that moment, he pushes his hardness ferociously into me. He moves in and out of me slow but roughly, pulling out of me every few seconds and jams himself back in deeply.

I reach my hand under my belly and between my legs; my fingers feeling for his balls. I cup his soft balls between my hands as he pushes in and out me. His delight is immediate.

“Yeah baby”, he says. “That feels fucking amazing”.

His thrusts become faster and lighter; my pussy grows warm and increasingly wet to his new rhythm. I hold onto his balls as he works himself in and out of me in a blissful pace. His every thrust, stimulating me, bringing me closer and closer to my release.

He moans deeper and longer and I know he will come soon.

Kate and Ando have begun fucking hard as well and it seems like we’re all still on the same wavelength.

From where I am, I can only see the back of Kate’s head and her legs wrapped around Ando’s back while they fuck in missionary. I have a full view of him though and his muscular body is glistening in a film of sweat.

They are in a hardcore fuck session but he pushes himself up and brings his head up, catching my eyes. We stare at each other intently as we fuck our partners. His brow is furrowed, his sweaty face in deep concentration. He eyes me down and I look away, coming back to my fuck bubble.

My orgasm continues growing inside of me, from my pussy, to my belly, through my breasts, up my chest and I close my eyes, focusing into the glorious pleasure trickling through my body.

I bring my hips backwards into my lover, forcing him deeper inside of me and every deep thrust is like a spark, stoking my fire.

He thrust me back. He knows I’m about to come. “fuck me baby”, he says, low in his breathe.

One more thrust, sends me over the edge and I completely let myself go. My legs shake as wave after wave of pleasure washes through me. My body spasms wildly and I hold on to the bed, squeezing the sheets tightly between my fingers.

Jay, fucks me harder momentarily until he gasps loudly, blowing deep inside of me. His thrust becoming irregular as he jerks within me.

I lay bent over with my eyes closed, allowing the last waves of my orgasm to move through me. I’m suddenly aware of Kate and Ando, who are fucking really hard now.

The entire bed shakes as they fuck harder and harder, moaning and groaning, like wild animals.

They both reach their peak and explode into each other. The intensity of their pleasure reaches me and I feel another little wave of excitement run through me.

We slowly and groggily, come out of our twilight zone and leave our sex den, traipsing down the stairs, still in a half slumber like state. After seeing them out, I wrap myself up in a cosy bath robe and find a nice lounge where I continue to bask in the warm, afterglow.