Electric Shock Sex Therapy

He says his wife hasn’t been up for making love ever since she had the baby about a month ago. He sits beside me on the king-sized double bed; my toned and lithe legs are draped over his thighs so that our flesh presses together. He’s completely naked, and his erection is already hard, but not yet throbbing.

We’re together in the deluxe boudoir chamber of Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s premiere bordello and a house of pleasure boasting the best first-class escorts the glitter strip has ever seen. Youthful, gorgeous, available and companions to a lustful clientele that keep returning and keep expanding. And myself being Alexis, young and exquisitely beautiful, an erotic playmate that knows no limit on the erotic pleasures of the flesh. I smile to myself as I lightly consider the portly thirty something sitting on the bed with me.

My slender arms support my wait, and I can see him looking lasciviously at the press of my nipples against the transparent fabric of my black brassiere, because I arch my back and push my full breasts out a little. I open my legs a little and his eyes are drawn to the press of my tight pussy lips against the transparent fabric of the crotch of my black lace G-string.

I toss my full dark hair and catch his gaze with my hazel eyes and I see a look of lust built up over months of his wife’s abstinence while she was pregnant. He even licks his lips and I think he is about to make his move when he pulls out a small mechanical device from a shoulder bag he’s dropped beside the bed. It looks like a large mobile phone with two lengths of thin cord attached to the device and ending at circular pads stuck to clear plastic cards.

“This is the tens machine my wife used during her pregnancy and early labour,” He smiles perversely, “It’s a drug free way to deal with pain.”

“Uh huh, okay … ,” I say this cautiously and I think, it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, and maybe his wife’s pregnancy has made him a little crazy.

“I want to use it on myself, when we do it.” He smiles, almost chuckling to himself and attaches the electro-pads to his groin area, just above his length, which is still hard. He places the tens machine beside us and then makes his move, slinking one arm around my neck and the other starting to fondle my breasts. He pulls me close and kisses me deeply, kisses me again this time with tongue, and I rise up a little, so that I am sitting on his lap now.

He pulls down my brassiere top and I arch my back a little and he starts sucking my nipples, sucking them till they become stiff with painful pleasure. I moan a little, and my hand is gripping his length, and squeezing and pulling, and his other hand is inside my G-string, fingering my clitoris, plunging three fingers into my tight pussy, now wet and moist.

His kissing and sucking moves up to my neck as I unfasten my brassiere, exposing my full breasts so that they press against him and now adjusting my position so that my legs are either side of his torso, and the tops of his thighs are against the underside of my toned legs, and my pussy is pressed against his groin area.

He moves even closer, and starts to rub his length against my pussy lips, through the transparent fabric of my G-string, rubbing along the tight groove, making me wet, and trembling with mini-orgasms.

His urgency is building so I reach for a condom packet and tear it open, while he continues to kiss and suck my nipples and breasts, and neck and face, and while his arms are still encircling my body, pulling me into him. I fit the condom over his erection, which is throbbing hard and glistening with precum. I roll the prophylactic down over his length so that it is fully secure and then I rise up closer, just a tiny bit, pulling aside the crotch of my G-string to expose my tight hairless pussy, and we both adjust our bodies, moving into cow-girl position so that I am straddling his fully prone body, momentarily aware of the electro-pads and the tens machine, then forgetting it again in my lust.

I move my pussy lips over the head of his erection as he holds the throbbing length beneath me, with his hand gripping the base; and then I rock back and forth a little, so that his manhood pushes aside my pussy lips, rubs against my clitoris, and then he finds the opening, and I settle onto his pole with a pleasurable pop that finds him entering my sex.

Riding him now, rocking and grinding, and clamping his erection tight inside me, with tight wet internal sugar walls, and he wants to go deeper, looking for more pleasure, so he thrusts up a little harder and forcefully looks for that sweet sex spot, that G-spot.

I twist my torso, move to the side just a little, trying to accommodate his urgency, wanting him to pierce my G-spot, and there he suddenly penetrates that most private centre deep inside my sex. I shudder and tremble and mini-orgasms tremble through my body, and still he thrusts, and still I ride, and then he turns on the tens machine, and I feel a tingle through my sex, a tingle of electricity, and it is not unpleasant, just a tingle.

It enhances our sex ride, and he moves faster, his breath quickens, moving towards the climax, looking to unload all that built up cum, his hands at my waist, his hands at my breasts, and in three sharp penetrating stabs, he orgasms, and I know he has turned the tens machine up a little, because the tingle in my sex is a little stronger and the tingle must be electric through his rock hard erection because he bellows like a bull into the room, and his rock hard erection throbs in sudden spasmodic pulses deep inside me, still hard, and I pull myself off his electrified rod, don’t want to be shocked out of the bliss I feel, definitely shocked by acts of sexual ecstasy.