Elsie Plays a Shy School Sweetheart

Inside the cosy dressing room at Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite, I straighten the blue plaid skirt of the girl’s school uniform I’m wearing; I’ve had the hem taken up so when I walk clients can see the curvature of my buttocks. I’m pretty hot, petite, shy but sexy, so I’ve been told. All the girls here at LePenthouse Suite are hot, the finest babes the Gold Coast has to offer. I check my behind in the mirror. This school girl skirt is definitely not school regulation. I’ve found nothing turns men, and some women, on more than seeing the tanned, swell of cheek under a short, short skirt coupled with that feminine walk that sways the hips and makes them drool with lust.

The white short sleeved blouse fits perfectly over the curvature of my ample breasts and I know I could walk in to any private girl’s school on the Gold Coast and pass for a young senior. Maybe I should try that one day, see what it’s like to attend an elite place of education, pretend I’m the new girl, make a best friend forever, talk boys with a group of bitchy school girls who have lost their virginity just last week, probably to one of the male teachers. I realize I’m day dreaming and come back to the moment when a short text from Diane at reception lets me know my clients have arrived. Diane looks after us and pretty much runs the show here at LePenthouse Suite.

‘Elsie, they’re here. They look pretty clean cut, maybe loaded with holiday cash. Come on through girl, it’s showtime.’

I mentally run through the list the couple have requested; schoolgirl role play, toys, kissing, oral, some light S & M. Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite has a smorgasbord of sexual delights for those that are into that sort of thing. I’ll see if they want anything else, I think to myself as I walk into the introduction room, taking small steps in the shiny black school shoes with silver buckles and knee-high white school-girl socks. I’m clasping my hands in front of me, smiling, feeling my long ringlet brown hair, tied back with a blue ribbon, gently touching the soft skin of the back of my neck.

For the next two hours I am Elsie, one of Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite’s hottest escort babes, high-end elite all the way. And now I am a shy and timid schoolgirl who’s been a little naughty today, and my smile turns a little wicked as I think of the Victoria’s Secret black-lace see through brassiere I have on underneath my blouse, and the matching black see through G-string that covers my tight, tight pussy.

They both rise from the plush maroon couch that is the centre-piece in LePenthouse Suite’s introduction area. The man and woman are a tall couple. The thirty-something man wears glasses, lean like a runner with short brown hair and wearing casual grey pants, brown loafers and a thin brown belt; and a purple polo shirt. He smiles only a little and looks me up and down; I can feel him mentally undressing me already, all 158 cm of me, and by the lust in his eyes I can see he is already pleased.

The woman doesn’t smile at all but also looks me up and down. Her bronze blonde hair is held in a bun and she is wearing stylish glasses that give her blue eyes an intelligent but serious look. She is wearing blue designer jeans, and a blue short-sleeve blouse. I can see a hint of black lace underneath because her blouse is unbuttoned at the top to reveal her lightly freckled decollete, and a gold locket chain that gleams even in the soft lighting of the introduction room. If she was a little younger she could moonlight here at LePenthouse Suite, I think to myself as I approach them.

We engage in a little small talk, the man says, “We’re on holiday, up from Sydney. We heard about this place, Gold Coast’s premiere bordello, LePenthouse Suite.” The woman finally smiles a stern smile and

she looks like a school mistress on a day off, she says, “We’re both partners in a law firm.” I ask them if they want any other specialties, and then I see the bulge in the man’s pants and I know it’s time to take them upstairs.

I gather the fresh clean bed linen from behind reception as the couple arrange payment, and then we are walking up the stairs, myself taking the lead, making sure I move my booty in a way that lets them know we are going to get it on. Time to show them why LePenthouse Suite is the best.

They have chosen the premium suite, my favourite room as well, the one with the gold spa bath and luxury shower stall, and high mirrored ceilings so we can see ourselves in the private sex show we three are going to star in very shortly.

And now I am tucking the bed sheets into the king-sized double, momentarily looking at the two twelve-inch dildos, one electric, and one without batteries but pebbled with a rough surface, positioned on the mantle beneath the huge wall mirror that faces the room. I hear the soft fall of clothing from behind me and in a few seconds some heavy panting and slapping sounds and I can see the man vigorously pulling his shaft as he eyes me off, and then I feel the woman behind me, feel her long, lean arms encircle me and start to undo my blouse.

She is stripped down to her lingerie and she whispers vehemently in my ear, “You’ve been a very bad girl Elsie. We have to punish you.” She starts kissing my neck, sucking it hard and nibbling my ear, and pulling me hard against her body, all the while undressing my blouse so that now it is fully open. I’m moaning a little as she starts fingering my clit, my hairless pussy is exposed with my G-string askew from the woman’s hand fondling me there. “Finger me you little slut.” She says this and one of her hands starts cupping and fondling my breasts, and then tweaking my nipples.

I reach back with one hand and feel her wet, wet pussy. She has taken off her G-string and her pussy is hairless as well. I start pushing three fingers into her sex and she is moaning a little and then the man is there beside us, and they both move me away from the half-made bed just a little and the man is hiking my school girl skirt up, and is about to thrust his long shaft into me, when I say “Wait,” in a scared school girl voice.

I reach into the pocket of my undone blouse and pull out the ribbed condom, tear it open with my teeth, and fit it onto the man’s shaft, seeing that it is glistening with cum from pulling himself in the hard-backed, two-seater lounge in the corner. The condom slides smoothly over his thick long length and then he is inside me pounding me, and I am fingering the woman, and they move me onto the bed, and the woman kneels over my face while the man is still thrusting rhythmically, deeply into my pussy, and my school girl skirt is bunched up high above my waist and my G-string catches the man’s erection every time he thrusts so deeply into me. And the friction sends me into sexual ecstasy and I am eating the woman’s pussy, tasting her sex juices and she is trying to sit down harder on my face, and I am nibbling on her clit, and tongueing it so it becomes stiff and coated in vaginal juice.

The man adjusts his positioning and spreads my legs wider and somehow moves even deeper into me and then he hits my G-spot and after three hard thrusts I orgasm and my squirting sex juice coats his manhood, making my thighs slick, and I hear them tongue kissing each other hard as the woman fingers my clit and twists my nipples. My G-string is soaked with sex, my skirt is still bunched up around my midriff and I realize my blouse has been taken off and the clasp on my brassiere undone.

The man keeps pounding me and his movements become more furious, and I keep eating the woman’s sex, and then the man orgasms and groans loud into the mirrored ceiling, loud enough to shake the walls in LePenthouse Suite. As if on cue the woman shudders when I bite down a little hard on her clit, and she orgasms with a deep groan, and now my face is coated with her sex juice.

“Come on Elsie, school’s not over yet,” and the heavily panting woman and man rise from the bed and lead me towards the spa bath and I have time to grab the dildo and vibrator, and I see myself in the large wall mirror, blue ribbon still in my hair, but most of my ringlets have come loose and fall around my bare shoulders. I am at once, a little lost school girl and a sex diva this very moment, here at LePenthouse Suite. My brassiere is no wear to be seen, and the only piece of clothing I now have on is my G-string which is bunched to one side exposing my tight, tight pussy, and showing the swell of my buttocks, and my vagina lips are glistening with heat and sex. The man and woman are completely naked and the man is still erect and they crowd around me and lead me to the spa bath. “Yes, I am a naughty, naughty school girl,” I say this breathlessly through cherry lips that pout and glisten; and now the next class at Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite is about to begin, and I’m sure I can teach these two a little something.