Feel of My Lover’s Feet

Feel of My Lover’s Feet

He has a foot fetish, he explains this to me as he massages my delicate feet, sitting naked on the king-sized double bed, in Suite One at LePenthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s finest brothel. He also explains to me that he became a podiatrist, and a reflexologist because his step-sister used to play footsies with him when he was a boy, and got him off one time by rubbing his erection with her feet until he orgasmed for the first time in his life.

I sit there with Mr. Podiatrist on the bed, in my two-piece blue lace lingerie set, transparent G-string barely hiding my tight, hairless pussy, the half-cup brassiere exposing my delicate and erect nipples, and smile and nod as he tells me his story.

I’m Harmony, with the long platinum blonde hair, glamorous model looks, slender body and long graceful legs that clients love to have wrapped around their bodies. I enjoy the small talk with clients before we start a session of love-making, it puts us at ease and sometimes reveals a little kink that can liven up the lust-session.
He presses a point on my foot and I feel a moment of delight course through my body like electricity. He tells me reflexology reveals all the hidden nerve points on the feet that connect to the rest of the body. He smiles through a rugged beard and I realize he is a mountain of a man you would never guess was a podiatrist, and would never think to be so gentle in his handling of delicate parts of the body.

I decide to start some action so I extend my leg and press my foot against his semi-hard erection, and it throbs and he breathes in sharply. He looks into my brown eyes and I can see the lust there. I place both my feet on either side of his shaft and start stroking and pressing his length until it grows thicker and longer and starts to pulse and throb. He is kissing me deeply, passionately at the same time because I also lean forward so our mouths can meet. He is continually brushing my platinum blonde hair away from my face and his hands begin to spread my thighs apart.

He sits me on the head of the bed, so I am perched there, back against the wall, and where I can still stroke his erection with my feet while he starts to eat my pussy. His urgency causes him to pull aside the transparent front of my G-string with his mouth, so he can start sucking my glistening pussy lips, and his tongue can start rolling around my stiffening clitoris. He is supporting my weight with his strong hands as I perch upon the bed head, and the cunnilingus sends shudders through my body.

My long platinum blonde hair falls into his face, and I am still stroking his erection with my delicate feet, and pressing my soles and heels together, squeezing the shaft, trying to milk it so it blows.

“Oh, put it in me,” I moan out into the room, and he fumbles for a condom, and tries to position it onto his erection. “Let me do it,” I say this with the urgency of the moment. He responds by lifting me a little so I take my feet away from his manhood, and he settles me down from the bed head beginning to move me onto his shaft, his mouth sucking my nipples through the brassiere as I slide past him, as he begins to position the head of his erection against my wet pussy lips, wanting to find entry into my sex, forgetting all about the condom.

I remind him by pushing him back a little and averting his blue-steel length by shifting my wet pussy back a little. I fit the condom over the head of his manhood, think for a moment whether I should fit it onto him with my mouth, then decide I want the penetration right then and there.

I rise a little on my knees, adjust myself, and settle my pussy right down onto his throbbing shaft. The head of his manhood presses against my engorged pussy lips, rubbing some friction against the labia, then penetrating past the tight entry and plunging ever so deeply into my sex.

I clamp my sugar walls tight against his deepening length, trying to stop him piercing the heart of my sex centre, my G-spot, but he senses my playful reluctance, and lifts me up slightly and drops me hard, and thrusts even deeper into me, so he hits that place that sends shooting pulses of pleasure from my pussy throughout my entire body.

And now he is pounding me like he has no other purpose in the world but to ejaculate inside of me, thrusting upwards and upwards, over and over, and kissing my face and neck, and inhaling the scent of my long platinum hair, all splayed out around our faces, over his shoulders, as we hold each other, seated together on the bed, momentary lovers locked in a lust embrace.

Endless moments pass, and mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm shudder through my body as we move towards some kind of earth-shattering finale of lustful passion. He is whispering into my ear sweet nothings, and nibbling my ear-lobe, and I can feel one of his hands gripping my feet, squeezing my toes. And I remember his foot fetish and I curse at him, “So your step-sister got you off with her feet?” I grip him tighter and pull him closer to me, as our pounding and thrusting begins to crescendo, and he squeezes my toes a little harder.
So, then I find his toes with one of my hands and I squeeze them in response, and hiss again at him, “Was it good? Was playing footsies with your step-sister good? Did it get you off so much you fell in love with her?” And this enrages him a little, just enough so that he reaches climax with three upward pounding stabs of his thick pulsing erection, so that he ejaculates hard enough so I can sense the hot squirt of cum into the condom deep inside my tight sex. And that sets off my climax so that I orgasm long and hard and a rush of sex juice floods my already wet pussy.

And his hand is still squeezing my foot, and my hand is still holding his toes, as we collapse into each other’s arms and onto the bed.