The Finest French Maid Fantasy

The French maid outfit, short, short black skirt with white lace trimming reveals the plump swell of my ass cheeks. The garter-belt, fish-net stockings, glossy black stilettos, black button-doon vest, and frilly white short-sleeved blouse; and white lace tiara complete the look.

I’m Layla, high-class escort for Gold Coast Lepenthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s finest bordello, and I’m engaging in a costume role-play for a client eager for domestic service. The maid’s outfit makes me lustful already as I walk into the introduction area, and playfully dust my client with the feather duster that comes with the costume.

I can see I have turned him on, as he coughs, stands up with a huge grin on his face, and a large bulge in his business pants. He’s an older gentleman, maybe mid-fifties, wearing glasses, with a clean-shaven face and full head of greying hair carefully combed for this night of nights.

“Come with me, Monsieur,” I smile warmly at him and he follows me up the stairs that lead to the rooms. I’m carrying the fresh linen under one arm for when I make the king-sized double bed.

As we ascend the staircase, I’m aware that he is looking lustfully at my petite size 6 figure, inhaling the scent of my perfume and the fragrance from my glossy brown hair. His faded blue eyes connect for just a moment with my brown eyes in our reflections in the mirrored wall, and I can see his mouth agape, almost drooling. I smile again and now we’re walking down the hallway to the end room, and his breathing is heavy behind me, and I sway my hips so that he can see that I’m wearing a black G-string under this short maid’s skirt.

I barely have time to finish making the bed when I feel him come up behind me, naked, erection already throbbing, and pressing against the material of the vest at the small of my back.

He turns me around, and leans down to kiss me deeply on the mouth, but I turn away, playing reluctant maid servant turning away her boss’s unwanted advances. He won’t be denied and he encircles me in his arms, this time kissing my neck, both sides, sucking hard to leave suck marks there. And now he is taking off my vest, and unbuttoning my blouse, all the while his glistening erection is lifting up the front of my skirt, pressing against the front of my G-string. And now my brassiere is exposed, holding my full firm breasts and he pulls the brassiere down and starts sucking my nipples till they are erect and a little sore.

He pushes me onto the bed, and starts to pull aside my G-string and I firmly stop him this time, reach for a condom from the pocket of my discarded blouse, and fit the condom slowly over his throbbing shaft with my full and generous lips. I start sucking, taking the full length of his erection deep into my throat and he arches his back and neck in ecstasy and groans. His erection is throbbing hard, and I bite down on the thick sex organ and drag my teeth along its length and he shudders and I think he is having an orgasm, but no, he pushes me back firmly onto the bed again, my white lace tiara still on my head and askew, my nipples fully exposed above a pulled down brassiere, my maid’s skirt hiked up to my waist.

He pulls aside my thin G-string and this time he rubs the head of his shaft up along the glistening pussy lips, and the he pushes his erection into me, once half-way, pulls back a little, then pushes it all the way into me. He finds my G-spot immediately because I am petite and he is lean and tall, and he starts thrusting back and forth, back and forth, and seconds become minutes, into endless moments of bliss, and I’m groaning because he’s penetrating my inner sex spot, and his pounding of my pussy becomes suddenly urgent, almost violent, and now he is gripping my waist, my ass cheeks, and with three short thrusts he climaxes and then I also orgasm.

Both of us groan loudly into the room, and our heavy breathing fills the silence. I am Layla, Lepenthouse Suite escort, high-class but just for this moment, I am a French maid at the mercy of her master.