Foot Fetishists and First Impressions

I’m usually very accurate with first impressions and most of the time my intuition guides the way I pleasure my clients during our sexual rendezvous. Jade of Lepenthouse Suite, soft brown eyes, sandy-blonde and silken-soft hair down to the shoulders, athletic figure with long toned and tanned legs clients love to have wrapped around them. Jade like the precious gemstone, precious like that sexual pleasure spot deep inside me I let lovers penetrate because love-making is my forte.

At 21 years of age I haven’t even reached my prime and this night, as the Gold Coast Glitter Strip throbs with neon heat and night-life desire, I greet my first client in the introduction area of Lepenthouse Suite.

He sits comfortably in the plush oversize maroon couch and watches a Taylor Swift video where she sings her song about shaking it off, on the huge flat-screen television mounted on the far wall.

“Michael,” I smile sweetly at this man as he rises to greet me, placing his hands gently on my hips and pecking me on the cheek. “I’m Jade.”

He doesn’t bother to hide his thorough appraisal of me as his eyes roam across my body, drinking in the black lace brassiere, black transparent G-string, and black garter belt and stockings that barely conceal my hot, toned body and tight hairless pussy. I can see the bulge in his pants and think to myself, this guy knows what he’s here for.

He’s in his thirties, a fit-looking male, and I guess he’s probably an office worker who likes to go to the gym. Just the way he’ s dressed in cargo shorts, short-sleeved button-down shirt and neatly combed hair. He’s already arranged the girl-friend experience with me and the usual kissing, oral and straight sex. Kinky stuff, I wonder to myself? Nah, I don’t think he’s the type.

In suite one, as soon as I complete making the king-sized double bed, he descends upon me like a ravenous beast, and I soon find myself with legs spread wide, brassiere askew and exposing my firm breasts and nipples, which he sucks first before pulling aside the front of my G-string and immediately sucking my pussy lips and running circles with his tongue around my stiffening clit. I moan because this is so pleasurable, and this turns him on, makes him wild, and he lifts my buttocks up with his hands so he can eat my pussy even deeper.

He sucks and drinks my sex juices and his face is glistening wet with my moist sex, and he is stroking himself, squeezing and pulling his thick erection hard and fast and I wonder if he’s going to cum before he even pushes it into my tight wet hairless pussy.

As if he has just read my thoughts, he stops stroking his throbbing shaft and rises up, and I move to get a condom thinking this is the moment he’ll penetrate me, Jade of Gold Coast Lepenthouse Suite, but instead he stops me and grabs my ankles. He guides my feet to either side of his erection, squeezing them onto the throbbing shaft and he starts

thrusting his hips back and forth, and I get the picture. I respond by rubbing my feet along his shaft, my toe-nails are pointed red and click against each other as I squeeze the soles of my feet together as hard as I can. And now he is moaning. He’s a foot fetishist.

He grabs one foot and guides it up to his mouth and starts sucking the toes as if he wants to eat them, while again stroking his erection, and I manage to fit a condom onto his shaft, even managing to fit it over the throbbing left of his sex organ with my mouth. My foot is still up in the air, in his mouth, and now he gets the picture, and while still sucking my toes he rubs his cock up and along my tight pussy lips; and then he pushes and thrusts the head of his erection and nearly the entire length into my pussy.

I moan again, and he starts pounding me, pounding me, pushing his shaft all the way in so his heavy balls slap against my tight ass cheeks. His thrusting quickens, and he’s still sucking my toes and licking the soles of my feet. But now he is holding both ankles together with one hand and sucking both feet, while my thighs are pressed together making my pussy oh so tight, and in three pounding thrusts he climaxes deep inside me and grunts; and I orgasm a moment after, arching my back, and groaning into the ceiling.

“Jade, I love your sweet, petite feet,” he breathlessly whispers into the night.

I’m not always right about what my clients want …