Freshly Baked Bread

One of the most heaven-sent aromas is the scent of freshly baked bread; and as I greet my guest in the soft lighting of the introduction area at Le Penthouse Suite, I notice he is surrounded by the fragrance of baked bread, standing there, dressed in white t-shirt and white pants, with a light dusting of flour on his cheeks and in his hair.  

He tells me he finished his shift at the bakery, and when he got home his partner had locked him out of the house with a suitcase of his clothing at the front door. This was a repercussion of an argument he had had with her earlier in the day. 

So he decided to make his way to the number one bordello on the Gold Coast, the famous Le Penthouse Suite, home to an elite cadre of first-class escorts whose beauty retain a high-end list of clientele from all along the east coast. 

I tell him my name is Alayna, and I squeeze his hand lightly and let him peck me on the cheek, gaze into his eyes with the unspoken promise that I will ease his burden this night, that he’s come to the right place. He smiles broadly, and the twinkle in his brown eyes tells me he is already feeling better. 

He can’t help but let his gaze wander over my petite size 6 figure, dressed so revealingly in white lace lingerie, with a strapless see-through push-up brassiere that accentuates the nymph-like curvature of my sweet breasts with firm erect nipples pushing hard against the diaphanous fabric. And his thorough appraisal lingers on the transparent G-string that accentuates the erotic v-line, and my tight hairless pussy.  

I interrupt his train of thought by placing my hand on my hip, tossing my long platinum blonde hair so that a waft of perfume enters his aura of baked bread, enters his senses, and say to him, “Shall we go?”  

He looks up at me, only slightly embarrassed at his obvious lust for my sex, and we walk arm in arm, past reception to the bottom of the staircase that leads to suite one, the treasured deluxe bedroom with sumptuous furnishings, marble Jacuzzi, king-sized double, mirrored walls, and shower stall. 

He follows close behind me and just to let him know that I like to play, I suddenly pause midway up the stair case so that he bumps into me. He involuntarily grasps my petite waist with his strong hands and murmurs an apology. I laugh to let him know that I’m teasing him, and this turns him on even more because I see the grin on his face is coupled with a look of desire that tells me there is more to this baker than meets the eye. 

As we step through the door into suite one, I turn to him, and run my finger down his cheek, just where there is a line of flour still clinging to his skin and then push him back and say, “Not yet, naughty boy, I have to make the bed.” So he sits on the love seat and I begin to fit the satin sheets to the king-sized double; this is part of the service our girls offer at Le Penthouse Suite. There is something incredibly erotic about a girl in lingerie engaged in domestic duties. 

I can hear him starting to undress, and in the mirrored wall I see him take off his white t-shirt to reveal a masculine chest, and then he steps out of his pants to reveal in contrast to the white uniform, black briefs and a bulge in his crotch that yearns to be satisfied.  

He holds off on taking off his briefs, just a little shy, and I finish fitting the last pillow case, plump it once, turn around and instead of walking over to him, beckon him with one curling finger. 

He moves rapidly, closing the short distance like he is moving to turn off an oven left on too long, and he encircles me in his arms and kisses me deeply, passionately on the lips once, then twice, then probing my tongue with his tongue, French kissing me back onto the bed as I reach down and into his black briefs, grabbing his thick and hard erection, squeezing it tight. 

This baker is not into foreplay, he doesn’t bother to take off his briefs, but pulls out his thick shaft while I’m still gripping it tightly, and moves up onto me as I lay prone on the bed, placing his knees either side of my body. He moves to my chest, and I can sense he wants to leave his sticky pre-cum all over my breasts, so I pull up my brassiere to reveal sweet perky nipples that would suit a teenage high school senior.  

He runs his thick length up and down between my breasts as I push them together. He does this for several moments until the head of his erection gets caught in the brassiere which is pushed up high near my neck. He pulls his manhood back down, tracing a line down my midriff, pausing to push into my belly button, and proceeding down to my G-string. He wants to consummate this lustful tryst immediately. 

I tell him to hold for a moment and reach for a condom packet on the bedside table, as he starts to suck and kiss my breasts and nipples while resting his length against the crotch of my G-string, so close to my tight moist and hairless pussy. 

I tear open the condom packet and pull out a ribbed prophylactic, and he moves up a little still on his knees, and I start to fit the condom onto his shaft, using my fingers to roll it down, then finishing the fit with my mouth. I decide to suck his manhood for a while and this pleases him as he arches his neck and moans deliriously. I suck him deep, deeper into my throat, and bite down on his length, drag my teeth a little along his thickness until he quivers slightly, his erection is hard as blue steel. 

His urgency becomes uncontainable and he moves back into position and places the head of his erection against my pussy lips after pulling aside the crotch of my G-string. He rubs his manhood up and down along my groove, pausing to push hard against and rub along my clitoris until I moan and whimper, and then he penetrates me with a silent pop. I feel his shaft move inwards, clamped hard by my sugar walls, resisting his penetrating intrusion into my tight sex. But his lust is irresistible and he starts to pound me, half-way in, then deeper, then all the way full hilt, penetrating even my secret sweet G-spot so that I shudder and moan and whimper.  

He continues to pound me, thrusting in so deeply that the room around me fades into oblivion as I’m carried away on a wave of lust, and moments stretch into minutes and into an endless rocking and thrusting, and pounding until his movements begin to rise, begin to speed-up, become more urgent and then he stabs me so deeply with three deeply penetrating thrusts that leave him climaxing deep in my tight sex, with me soon following with an orgasm that has me wailing into the room. 

I think to myself, ‘man can’t live on bread alone’, and smile as this baker collapses on top of me, in a waft of sweat, and sex, and freshly baked bread.