Gina takes on his Nanny Lust

He says he was turned on by their live-in Nanny one night when he saw her feeding the baby. Something about the way she held the bottle, and how it accentuated the line between her breasts and the low-cut dress she was wearing. They made eye-contact but he hasn’t done anything about it. And his lust has just mounted and mounted. That’s why he’s come here to Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s most reputable bordello, to see me Gina, because I look a lot like their Nanny.  

So I’m standing before this wealthy businessman, and I casually cross one long and lithe leg over the other, striking a girlish pose, and I put one finger to my lips and stare off in the distance, as if I’m not listening to him; and I know that the way I’ve crossed my thighs and how it frames my tight pussy, so fully revealed by the blue transparent G-string I’m wearing, turns him on. 

I kind of sway myself a little in the pose I’m assuming, seeming distracted, but I can see his eyes linger long on my pussy, then settle on my full and firm breasts pressed so tight against the blue lace brassiere, and he goes on to tell me I have the same ebony skin as his Nanny, same lustrous black hair and tender brown eyes, and he takes a step closer to me, puts his arm around my waist, and says, “Where do we go now?” 

As we make our way to Suite One, and as we climb the flight of stairs with this businessman close behind me, he trails a finger to the string of my G-string, almost pulling it, and I playfully slap his hand away and say, “Hold on tiger, we’re nearly there,” and he grins back at me, and our eyes connect, and I can see an insatiable lust in his blue gaze. 

He even starts to kiss the nape of my neck just as we reach the doors to Suite One, and I can’t stop him because I’m opening the door, and he pushes me forward into the room, quickly closing the door behind us, and then his arms enclose me from behind, and one hand reaches down to my pussy, slipping into my G-string and starting to fondle my pussy lips. I moan a little, and he is kissing the nape of my neck and the side of my face, and burying his face into my hair, inhaling the sweet scent, and pressing his raging hard-on against my booty, pushing through the fabric of his pants, uncontainable.  

I fumble behind me and stroke his length at the crotch of his pants, and start to unbutton his fly, and he manages to struggle out of his pants, and unfold his length out of his briefs, and his other arm is around my midriff, pulling hard against the flesh of my firm stomach, pulling me into his erection. 

And I feel his shaft slip under the strap of my G-string, positioning along the groove between my butt cheeks, feel the stickiness of pre-cum laced all over my soft flesh, and now his other hand is under my brassiere, fondling my breasts and tweaking my nipples, and I moan in pleasure.  

He moves me around towards the love-seat, as I unbutton his shirt while he is still behind me, and I’ve managed to twist my neck around so that our lips meet, and he is kissing me from behind and still pulling me into his embrace. I feel his thick throbbing erection being positioned under my pussy, feel the flesh of his length hard on the flesh of my pussy, as he bends me over onto the love seat. I brace one hand against the arm rest, and one knee onto the seat, and I can feel his length against my pussy lips, already looking to penetrate my tight sex, but I remember we need protection.  

I quickly grab a condom packet from the few splayed out on the love-seat, and as I tear it open I can feel the flesh of the head of his erection furrowing along the groove of my pussy lips and I have to say, “Stop, not yet,” and he manages to pause long enough for me to turn around and fit the prophylactic onto his shaft.  

I roll it down over his thick length, roll it to its full extent and finish the fit with my mouth, so he takes the opportunity to plunge his erection deeper into my mouth, deep down my throat, and he starts to thrust in and out of my mouth, grabbing my head from behind and pulling my skull onto his length, each thrust hitting the back of my throat until I gag saliva. He pulls out and turns me around again, and I brace myself against the love-seat. 

He positions his erection against my pussy lips from behind, my G-string is bunched to the side and my tight sex is fully revealed. My brassiere is set askew and my breasts are fully exposed, and he cups one of my breasts with his hand hard against my firm and erect nipple. He rubs his length under and between my legs, against the furrow of my pussy lips, finds the opening and then he penetrates me with a hard jab that makes a pop as he enters my sex.  

He begins to thrust slowly at first, finding depth, a little deeper, and then he is thrusting deep into my tight pussy, looking to get even deeper. He pushes back and forth, plunging his shaft into my sex, plunging all the way to the base of his erection so his balls knock against the mound of my pussy. And then his thrusting becomes more urgent, more manic, more ferocious, and he manages to plunge a little deeper when he adjusts my waist, and he finds my sweet G-spot and I shudder in an involuntary orgasm that sends a flood of pussy juice out of my sex. He keeps pounding me for endless moment after endless moment, grunting and moaning his pleasure.  

His thrusting is rapid and savage now, and I can feel his grip tighten on my breast and hips, and I can feel him stiffen in synchronicity to three sudden jabs that find him climaxing deep inside me, his orgasm explosive and sending radiant heat outwards deep inside my sex, deep inside my pussy, deep inside my sweet G-spot.