Gold Coast Brothel Escort Sofie – Stereotypes and Vanilla

I offer kissing, oral and straight sex as my services, so buckle up for what may be an unexpectedly spicy, Vanilla-ry story.
Did you know: Vanilla is not only just a spice, it is the second most expensive spice in the world. I am referring to authentic Vanilla, sourced from beans that grow from within the delicate Vanilla Orchid Flower.
There are 2 kinds of Vanilla you can buy instore. The real kind and the fake flavouring kind.
I am Vanilla and I can confidently say I am the spicy, authentic and expensive kind that leaves a sensual sweet taste on your lips.
Vanilla can be very sexy, sensual and smooth – depending on the type of Vanilla your buying.
Generally, people say vanilla like, “oh she’s vanilla”, as though it’s a bad thing. But they don’t stop to think about what vanilla REALLY is or what it can be.
I can’t help but wonder why, when most people think of Vanilla, they assume it’s like having sex with a mannequin – okay, okay, so maybe that’s too far but seriously, people either think boring or they think starfish (I know, I’ve seen the movies).
But that’s not my type at all. I’m my own type of vanilla.
I’m a decadent but smooth vanilla. I am a lustrous, feminine and gentle force. I am loyal and honest with a heart full of fire and passion. I am a sensual romantic. I love intimacy, closeness and deep connection.
A mind-blowing kiss, melts my heart and if I had to choose, I would much prefer a sensational kiss over a disconnected shag session. I love getting into phenomenal angles and positions – our bodies intertwined, in-sync and in-rhythm.
I like fucking hard when it hits the right spot but I also adore my lover moving in and out of me, slowly, so that we can bask in every sensation of each other’s bodies.
It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.
That’s my motto.
Okay it’s not really my motto, it literally just came to me then; but none the less, it’s true isn’t it?
For example, anyone can drive a car but the question is how are YOU going to drive it?
Are you going to fang your baby around like a hysterical hoon or are you going to drive her confidently with just the right amount of speed and ensure you take corners smoothly.
Are you going to keep your car locked up in the garage and only drive it on ‘special’ occasions or are you going to cruise the streets like an oblivious nanna doing 50km in an 80km zone – getting honked at by every other car on the street.
There are so many ways individuals do the same thing yet each experience is so vastly different.
Honestly, anyone can get fucked in the ass. It’s not hard, really. It’s actually very, very easy. You just stick it up there and bob is your uncle.
It’s not that I can’t do it. It’s that I don’t want too. I choose not to, just like most of the other things that some escorts offer – BDSM, swapping, foursomes, golden showers, you name it. These things aren’t difficult. How hard is it to pee? Not very. I could pee all over you in my sleep.
But there is a reason why I don’t offer these services.
For me, it is about offering my client a quality service. It is about quality not quantity.
I set my boundaries and limits because then I am able to fully enjoy myself with my partner. My service is 100% about my client but the ironic thing is that if I am genuinely enjoying myself than my client benefits 10 fold and gets a 5 star service.
People can sense your genuinety and sincerity. In this industry, one were you are working so intimately with people, it’s all the more important to be real and set your standards because than you can offer a better service to your client.
My clients can tell whether I am truly enjoying myself or not and it changes the entire booking for them.
As a client would you prefer to work with a hooker that is having a really great time with you; or would you prefer a hooker that is just willing to do whatever you want purely for the money, whether they enjoy it or not.
I am in the escorting industry for the great money among other things but I have my limit and I will not do things that I don’t feel comfortable with just for that extra cash.
I know this sounds highly ironic but offering the basic Vanilla-ry services, inadvertently frees me up to offer more of myself to my clients. I can offer more by offering less. This can be a bit of a mind boggle, so if you can’t get your head around it, please feel free to comment at the end or ask me a question.
It allows me to be able to give more heart, more passion and more of my personality in a booking, which adds a whole other level of depth to our encounter.
What was once me on your computer screen, a 2D picture, with a generic services list ends up turning into a fantastical Vanilla Layer Cake, with moist fluffy sponge and smooth custard in between – Ooh and don’t forget the slithers of roast almond and a dusting of sugar powder on top.
Don’t get me wrong though, we all want different things. And EVERYTHING has it’s valid place. Every want, every need, every desire. EVERYTHING!
Some people want a ‘Wam Bam, Thankyou Mam’ type deal and I totally get and appreciate that. That’s what’s so amazing about having all of these delectable options to choose from isn’t it.
You can literally get exactly what you are looking for, right here on this very website; with the simple click of a button.
So my gorgeous reader, if you are looking for an undeniably passionate Girlfriend Experience, then you have clicked on the right girl.