Gold Coast Brothels Introducing The Fresh Young Escort Ava

I haven’t always been an escort working at Le Penthouse suite, one of the elite gold coast brothels. I was born on the Gold Coast and I am lucky to have lived my entire life here. It’s a beautiful, versatile place and I thrive on that. You can go into the bright lights of the city or escape to the hinterlands and the country side. I explore waterfalls and see wildlife during the day and glam up for dinner in the evening.

After living on the Gold Coast all my life though, I started feeling restless. I was craving something else……to experience something exciting and different and to meet new people. For the last 2 years I had been really curious about sex and I was secretly intrigued by the gold coasts’ escorting industry. I was eagerly waiting for my 18th, so that I could finally do it.

I have long brown hair with emerald green eyes and apparently I look like Jennifer Lawrence. I am slender at 173cm tall with a size 10 body and a natural B bust. I keep in shape with hot yoga, dancing and swimming; anything that gets me fresh and pumped. My dance class gives me such a buzz; sometimes it’s sultry and sensual, other times it will be hip hop with attitude. I’m into hip hop and I listen to Aussie Rock as well (I can thank my dad for that one).

I’m like a mixed bag of lollies; I surprise people because I’m quirky and rebellious but I also have a taste for luxury and the finer things in life.

My ultimate night with a lover would be spent in a deluxe apartment that is elegantly furnished with a gigantic bed, expensive sheets and room service; relaxing in a bubbling spa bath, while sipping on champagne; followed by a sexy lingerie show and steamy sex.

I hadn’t had many sexual encounters before getting into the industry, so working in LePenthouse suite, one of Gold Coast brothels, has been a huge eye opener for me. I’ve been learning so much about myself – what I like, what I don’t like, what turns me on, how I can turn a man on, the qualities I admire in a man…so many things.

Initially, I had no idea what my favourite position was and my first ever client, upon hearing this, insisted we find out. We experimented with at least 30 different positions and he had me all over the place….on the floor; over the side of the bed; in the shower; on the sofa; against the wall….even on the bar fridge! In the end, I liked it all, it made the whole experience so much fun and I couldn’t choose just one. I finally decided what I like is variety!

I’m like that when it comes to food as well. Just like sex, I’ve got a taste for all sorts of flavours and I like to try everything at least once. I’m passionate about cooking and I experiment with lots of different cuisines. It’s all so exotic and exciting and there is no way I can know what I want until that moment. I do always have a soft spot for fruit and dessert though (it’s the sweet things that get me).

I’m also itching to start flying lessons. I’d love to fly around the globe and discover remote places that aren’t on the map, experience different cultures, fashion and foods. I want my finger in every pot.

Being with my clients is often like a miniature travel journey…….