Grand-dad likes her green Bikini

He says his grand-daughter and her friend from university are staying with him at his water-front mansion. He says he watched them in the spa-bath by the pool, splashing around, and they kissed. His wife has taken them out shopping for the afternoon and to get their hair done. He snuck into their room and took his grand-daughter’s friend’s bikini and a few items. He shows me the skimpy two piece thong bikini, a pink plastic hair band, and designer wayfarer sunglasses which are also pink, with red love-hearts embossed on the frame. “She was wearing these,” he says this and hands me the items. 

I start to slip out of my lingerie apparel, so I can put the fluorescent thong bikini on, and give this grand-dad what he wants. We are standing together in the mood lighting of Suite One, at Le Penthouse Suite, the glitter strip’s most luxurious and respectable bordello. My name is Venus, and as I undo my corset and unfasten my brassiere, I watch this greying sixty-something start to play with his thick and throbbing member as his eyes walk all over my sweet size ten bust, lingering on my firm nipples, then trailing down to my slender waist as the corset falls to the floor, and lasciviously crawling over my thighs as I drop the black lace G-string I’m wearing. 

The grand-dad is naked, his clothes are piled beside the love-seat, and he inches closer to me as I slip into the pink thong, and fasten the strap-less bikini brassiere over my breasts. He steps close enough to start tracing the bulging head of his erection along the V-line of my thigh, leaving sticky traces of pre-cum along my smoothly tanned flesh, and then he bends forward to kiss me as I put the pink hair band on, pushing my long chestnut coloured hair back from my cool clear forehead, revealing my baby blue eyes and a face that men say could grace the cover of a fashion magazine.  

His lips briefly touch mine, but I pull away and put the sunglasses on, and slip out of the embrace he tries to put me in already. I walk steadily away from him towards the marble spa-bath set in the corner of the deluxe room, looking over my shoulder to make sure he is checking out the sweet swell of my buttocks, so fully revealed by the green thong bikini I’m wearing. 

He follows me like a lost puppy-dog, lascivious grin on his face, eyes all lit up with some kind of uncontainable lust. I step up to the spa-bath, and he says from behind me, “You’d be the same age as her, and you have the same hair, and same awesome body.” As I submerge myself in the warm bubbling water he follows so immediately behind me that he collides into me, I can feel his thick erection touching the small of my back and the top of my buttocks. 

He turns me around and lifts me up out of the water so my back arches, and he starts to suck my firm nipples after pushing aside the bikini top with his mouth. The sunglasses fall from my face into the water, but the pink hair band remains in position. Already he is trying to put himself between my legs, under the water, but I keep them closed for a moment, toying with him. He tries to force my legs open with his knees, but I resist again. He pushes me back against the spa bath wall, sending a small wave of water splashing against the smooth surface.  

He is still sucking my nipples, sucks them so hard that they begin to hurt and I try to push him away, but this enrages him a little. He starts to kiss my neck, upwards, then forces large open mouthed kisses on my lips, probing with his tongue, tongue upon my tongue, and finally, under the water, he manages to open my legs and position himself against my pussy.  

I can feel his hard length press against the groove of my sex, the fabric of the thong bikini between our flesh, but he wriggles around a bit, rubbing his erection so that it moves the thong aside, and now his heavy meat pole is pressed directly against my tight pussy lips. I’m groaning and he is grunting, now back to sucking my sore nipples, the strap-less bikini top is raised high and set askew, my breasts are fully revealed, and he leaves suck marks on my breasts and around my nipples. I feel him start to push his erection along my groove, under the bubbling water; and when it touches my clitoris I say, “Stop, we need protection.” 

He is barely listening, and he continues to rub the head of his length along my pussy lips, along the groove, until I push him away, hard, and slap him once to startle him. But I’m smiling wickedly, and I reach out of the spa bath and grab a condom packet from the edge, and I tear it open with my teeth and tell this grand-dad to stand up, and he rises up out of the water. 

I fit the condom over his wet and heavily erect length, rolling it all the way to its extent, about a third from the base of his manhood, and then he forces his pole into my mouth, and starts to pound my skull. He thrusts in and out of my mouth, forcing it deeper and deeper until it hits the back of my throat. I cough saliva but he keeps the fellatio going, thrusting into my mouth, down my throat over and over, and he gets faster, and I can feel he is coming towards some sort of climax, and that’s when he pulls out of my mouth fully, slips under the water, moves quickly between my legs, fits his almost exploding erection against my tight pussy, finds the opening and penetrates me hard. 

He keeps pounding me in my tight pussy, groaning and grunting, sending rippling waves lapping up against the spa walls, already close to orgasm, it only takes him five hard thrusts and I feel him cumming deep inside my sex, feel him buck and tense hard into me as my back arches in pleasure. I’ve had a mini-orgasm, but haven’t had a full climax, and he hasn’t hit my G-spot, but he’s still hard, so hard, and we have the entire night to ourselves.