Harley: Teacher’s Trust and Bubble Gum Bliss

Harley: Teacher’s Trust and Bubble Gum Bliss

He chooses me because I’m sweet and petite. I stand at 5′ 1″, long brown hair, baby blue eyes and an angel’s face with an innocent smile that could pass me for a high school senior, even though I’m in my early twenties. I’m Harley, high-class escort babe at the bordello that knows no equal, Gold Coast’s LePenthouse Suite, here on the seaside Glitter Strip.

He’s a middle-aged gentleman, and he confides in me that he is a retired high school teacher that fell in love with one of his students before she graduated, and never saw her again. He left teaching early to open a news agency. I let that pass by me in confidentiality, the part about loving his student, even though he’s requested a costume fantasy where I am wearing a school girl uniform, plaid grey skirt, white blouse with blue neck-tie, knee-high socks, and black sandals; and a blue ribbon to tie back my brown hair.

We are in the penthouse suite, with a dance pole and a mirrored wall behind the podium. He wants me to stand beside the dance pole, as if I am waiting at a bus stop, so he can come up to me and chat me up. I giggle at him and watch him stand there, hands in his grey pants, bulge already rising in the crotch. I’m chewing some bubble-gum he gave me, and I start to blow a bubble, and for some reason this turns him on enough so that he moves over towards me, starting to unbutton his short-sleeved shirt.

“Can I give you a lift home young miss?” He wants to get into the role-play, so I decide to play along with the fantasy.

“I’m not supposed to talk to strangers, mister,” I pop another bubble and move around the pole away from him. He leans close and I feel him inhale the scent of my hair. I absently let my hand drop and brush the bulge in his pants. He moves closer and places one arm around the pole and pulls me close, the pole between us.

My back is against the pole, and I feel him undo the ribbon in my hair. I watch it drop to the podium floor, I feel his hand reach into my blouse, feeling for my petite and firm breasts. I am wearing white lace lingerie underneath. “We really shouldn’t be doing this.” I say this to him as he starts to unbutton my blouse, and I undo my neck-tie and that drops to the floor.

I turn towards him; the pole is still between us. “What do you want me to do?” I look into his eyes and see a perverse lust in them only some older men have. It is a little unsettling but he is gentle in the way he touches me, the way he brings me around to his side of the pole. He starts kissing me on the lips. I take the bubble gum out and put it on the pole, then I respond with tongue on tongue. Now his hands are running through my long brown hair, and I start to unbutton his grey pants, and they drop to the floor.

He hikes my plaid skirt up and his hands are clasping my plump butt cheeks, his erection pressed against the transparent front of my G-string. He lifts me up, my body and pussy pressed against his body, arms looped around his neck. He carries me over to the luxurious marble spa bath. The jets are already running, and the water is bubbling and warm.

He places me down on the edge, and positions himself so he can start eating my pussy. His cunnilingus is urgent and he sucks and licks my pussy lips and clit through the G-string. He pulls my G-string off, and finishes taking my blouse off. He has fully undressed now, and we step into the bubbling warmth of the spa.
My transparent lace brassiere becomes wet and this heightens the definition and allure of my erect nipples and he starts sucking these voraciously. Suspended by the jets of water we float together and I feel his erection brush against my pussy lips underneath, and I remember we need a condom. I reach to the side of the spa and find a condom, and he realizes what I’m doing, but still starts to kiss my neck and face, still holds me too close.

“Wait a minute teacher,” and he listens to me and stands up in the spa, sits on the edge. I start to fit the condom over his glistening wet erection, moving it over the head of his manhood, rolling it down over the length with my mouth. I sense that he wants fellatio, so I start sucking him, taking the length of his shaft into my mouth over and over, just a little deeper each time until I gag, and he moans. I wonder if he has orgasmed, but his erection still stays hard and firm.

I start to suck again, but he stops me, and slides into the spa with me, and then moves me onto his lap, my firm breasts pressed hard against his chest through the wet lace brassiere. I help him position his erection so that it is pressed against my pussy lips, and then he finds the tight hole, and pushes it through the entry, finding access to my sex, moving slickly into my pussy, moving deeper with little friction in the bubbling water.

The ribbed surface of the condom rubs against my clit, back and forth, up and down, and he cranes his neck so that he can suck my wet nipples, and I pull aside my wet brassiere to make it easy for him to suck them hard. He grips my back with a strong grip, pulling me onto his erection over and over, and I can feel the orgasm building in his manhood.

He thrusts harder and faster, his breathing becomes heavy and urgent, and he whispers curses about schoolgirls and hot sex, and teacher’s trust and responsibility; and I keep moving my clit along the ribs of the condom, so that I feel tingles of pleasure coursing through my tight wet pussy and then he grips me harder still and suddenly stabs me deep with his hard erection once, twice and the third time I feel him ejaculate and he arches his back and cries out, and grips me tight enough to leave bruises.

I let him keep the blue ribbon because he gives me a one-hundred-dollar bonus. “See you next time teacher,” I say this to him as leaves, and I chew bubble-gum and wave good-bye to him.