He wants me to resist

He wants me to resist his come-one, to struggle against him; he tells me this as we stand in the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s finest and longest established bordello. He says this turns him, that this is the only way he can get the lust-on going. I smile, but tell him that I don’t do rough sex, and he says that it’s just a role play, just the foreplay, not the love-making. Then he makes a joke about my name, Ceci, saying, “Just like the corn-chip”, and I feel like slapping him, but laugh a little bit and this breaks the tension. 

He’ s shorter than me, wearing spectacles and slightly built, and I figure he is actually quite a shy and gentlemanly client despite his request, so I take his hand and lead him away to suite one, the deluxe room with marble spa-bath, shower, dance pole podium and a luxurious king-sized double bed that makes the room a palatial boudoir. 

Our short walk to suite one is held aloft with small talk about his work as a librarian and my exotic background, but I know he is constantly checking out the way my breasts press my nipples firmly against the transparent mesh of my purple lace brassiere, and the way my purple lace G-string is so skimpy that it reveals the high V-line of my thigh, and the shape of my tight hairless pussy, pussy-lips brazenly revealed by the transparent mesh fabric of the crotch. He says he likes girls of oriental persuasion and leans in to me to inhale the fragrance of my long jet black hair, and soon we find ourselves stepping though the doorway of suite one. 

He begins manhandling me the moment I start fitting the sheets to the bed. He gropes my ass cheeks from behind, and then presses his groin against my booty, still fully dressed but with his erection bulging through the fabric of his tan pants. He reaches around to fondle my breasts, pull down the top of my brassiere to expose nipples which he begins to tweak, all the while nuzzling my neck and burying his face in my long jet black hair. I remember his request and struggle around in his embrace and push him away and say, “Hey, that’s enough, I just work maid service.” He ignores me and keeps rubbing his crotch against my thigh and now against my pussy, and I push him away harder, “Stop, I said that’s enough.” He takes a small step back, and starts undressing. 

I turn back and finish fitting the sheets, and now he is fully naked when I look over at him, and he moves in close again; and this time when he rubs his erection against my thigh I can feel the stickiness of pre-cum, and he puts his arms around my waist and pulls me hard against him. I struggle again, and push him back. “Stop it, let me go,” I say this and then slap him, not hard across his cheek, and he smiles and starts kissing me on the lips, open-mouthed, with tongue. I keep struggling, and each time I push away from him his embrace becomes a little bit stronger.  

He pulls me down onto the bed and moves me onto the pillows, spreads my legs wide open, and then buries his face into my G-string, into my pussy. He starts growling into my sex, licking my groove, licking and sucking my tight pussy lips, sucking my clitoris until it is hard and stiff, and until I start secreting sex juices which he laps up like a hungry puppy. I grip his curly hair and shudder when he starts nibbling my clitoris, and then I push him off me with my knees, “Stop it.” But he doesn’t listen and this time he moves up my torso, and starts kissing my neck and burying his face into my hair, and rubbing his naked hard throbbing erection against my naked pussy lips, the G-string crotch all bunched to the side.  

I let him do this for a few seconds, and push him back again, and close my legs, “Stop, we need a condom,” and I reach for a packet from the bedside table. He tries to prise my legs open, but I resist even as I tear open the packet with my teeth, and then he reaches for my G-string and pulls it down to my thighs but I still don’t open my legs. 

He gets a little more aggressive and I let him open my thighs, and then he ignores my attempt to put the condom on his thick and throbbing shaft and starts to place his erection against my pussy, and this time I know that I am actually physically strong enough to manhandle him. I sit up firmly and push him a little, then wrestle him down to the bed and straddle his body, holding him hard against the bed with one palm placed firmly against his lower belly, I fit the condom onto his erection with the other hand, and this time he lets me roll it all the way down onto his length and finishing the fit with my mouth; so I start to suck him, long and hard, repeatedly and deep enough to gag saliva onto his balls. 

He tries to sit up but I don’t let him, I move quickly and straddle him again, moving my tight moist pussy over the thick length of his erection, now rubbing the groove over and along the pulsing head of his erection, and finding the opening, settling down onto him with a silent pop.  

Then I move up, and settle down again, plunging his manhood a little deeper. I do this a few times until he is fully penetrated into my tight sex, and then start riding, and rocking, and humping. He pounds me up and up, and I ride him down and down. We grind away, and I shift position slightly and there, he finds my G-Spot, and knowing this, he thrusts become rapid fire, in and out,  in an out, and then he orgasms, blows his load deep inside me. I soon shudder in a responding climax, and we collapse together, predator and prey.