He’s Got the Hots for His Daughter’s Friend

He says he’s got the hots for his daughter’s female university friend. He’s a wealthy retired businessman and his daughter’s friend always comes and stays for the weekend at his waterfront mansion.  

I smile a little and he shows me an image of his daughter and her friend sunbathing beside the swimming pool at his residence. “She’s the one on the left,” he smiles at me but I see his eyes wander over my body, checking out the way my nipples show through the transparent blue brassiere, and the way the tight corset is shortened to reveal my belly button, which lead his eyes to my transparent blue G-string, tightly enmeshed over my tight pussy, revealing the high V-line of my toned and athletic legs. 

His daughter’s friend looks a lot like me. And in fact, so does the daughter. They’re both wearing the skimpiest two piece bikini’s, tanned and oiled up in the sunshine. All three of us could be sisters of a similar age. We all have long golden blonde hair, firmly toned bodies, about size 8 with full, firm size 10 breasts. I can’t see the colour of the girls’ eyes, but I guess they’re probably blue like mine, blue like this man’s eyes. He stands there grinning broadly, tall, broad-shouldered, nearing sixty, and just for fun I lean in a little closer to him and press my breasts against his forearm as he holds the phone in front of me. 

He likes this, and pretty much immediately we leave the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, and make our way to suite one, the deluxe boudoir here at this high-end, first-class bordello. I’m Ariel, high-class escort companion and the man who boldly places his arm around my waist as we ascend the stair-case, is a potential sugar daddy in the making.  

He’s carrying a black shoulder bag with him and once we’re inside suite one, he hands the bag to me and asks me to wear the two piece bikini inside. 

“Is this hers?” I look at my client with an expression that acknowledges something wicked in his behaviour. 

“I stole it from the laundry basket,” He smiles sheepishly as he says this, “I said it would probably turn up somewhere.” I keep looking at him, and he continues, “If I can’t have my daughter’s friend, then at least I can imagine having her, and the bikini is the closest I can get to her, until now.” And he checks out my body again, and the bulge in the crotch of his jeans causes him to shift so uncomfortably that he starts to move towards me with a predatory look in his eyes. 

“Wait till I put the bikini on,” I back up a little, but he isn’t listening. He says to me, “I’ll help you put the bikini on,” and he reaches me and encircles me in his big strong hands, going straight for my neck, sucking and kissing the flesh there, and pressing the bulge in his crotch hard against the bare flesh of my belly, moving lower to press his hidden erection against my tight pussy through the fabric of the G-string, through the fabric of his jeans. 

He reaches around and pulls down my brassiere and his lips fall upon my exposed nipples, his mouth sucking them until they are firm and erect, his tongue making circles around them. I reach down and undo the fly of his jeans and he struggles out of them without taking his mouth away from my nipples. He reaches around my back and undoes the lace of my corset and it falls away all that exposed flesh drives him wild. He manhandles me to the king-sized double bed, and pushes me onto my back, and he falls upon my pussy, my legs open wide in submissive acceptance.  

He starts to suck my pussy lips through the transparent fabric of the blue G-string, sucking the flesh of my labia until it starts to hurt, and then he pulls aside the crotch of the lingerie piece so he can suck the bare flesh of my clitoris. He starts to growl me out in a savage cunnilingus that causes me to buck hard into his face, and sends mini-orgasms through my body. My hands are pulling at his hair, gripping his head as he continues to feast on my pussy flesh, lapping up the sex juices, tasting the honey of the most sacred part of my body.  

Somehow he’s managed to take off his shirt but he is still wearing his white briefs although his thick and heavy erection has unfolded from the underwear, sitting atop the waist-line of the briefs, and is sticky with pre-cum. He is a strong man, and his heavy hands pushing down my thighs will leave bruises there and he keeps sucking and licking and growling my pussy until I start hitting his shoulders, the ecstasy is too much to handle. At this he starts to move up my body, moving further onto the bed, because he is ready to put his huge shaft into my tight little pussy, ready to penetrate his daughter’s friend. 

I remember we need protection and I reach for a condom packet even as he positions himself between my legs, and just as he starts to rub the throbbing head of his manhood along the groove of my tight sex, I say, “Stop, we need a condom.” He looks at me uncomprehendingly, and says, “I want to get you pregnant, I want to knock you up, your my daughter’s friend and you turn me on every weekend.” He moves again to put his thick length against my pussy but I sit up and start fitting the condom onto his erection regardless of his words. He is resigned to this, and grips my shoulders as I start to fit the prophylactic onto his erection, rolling it down onto the shaft, finishing the fit with my mouth and he likes this. He grips my head, his fingers plunging into my golden blonde hair, and he practically pulls my head onto his erection, so I start sucking. He starts thrusting a little, wanting to get his length as deep into my throat as possible. I keep sucking, and then I start nibbling his shaft, bitting a little harder each time. 

He pushes a little deeper, then deep enough to cause me to gag saliva and cough spittle. He pulls out and pushes me back onto the bed again, and places the head of his erection against my pussy lips, my G-string is all bunched to the side, and he rubs the engorged head of his penis up and down along the groove of my tight sex, until he finds the opening and he penetrates me like popping a cherry, the entry tight, the plunge smoothed by sex juice. 

He starts pounding me on the bed, thrusting into me over and over, grabbing my legs by the ankles and spreading me wide so he can gain even deeper access. He plunges in deeply, thrust after thrust, penetrating my sex all the way up to the hilt of his shaft. He plunges so deeply into me he violates my G-spot, stabbing into my most sacred sex.  

Over and over he thrusts into me, this sugar daddy with a young female. And then his thrusting becomes more urgent, more manic, he thrusts faster, and his pounding becomes furious. He reaches to grab my breasts, and the bunched G-string is sopping wet with sex and sweat, and then in three stabbing thrusts, as he pulls me onto his shaft by grabbing my thighs, he explodes his load deep inside me. I orgasm too, and a flood of erotic bliss radiates out from the centre of my sex, the centre of our union, deep inside my tight, tight pussy.