How to Pleasure a Wrestler Elite

How to Pleasure a Wrestler Elite

When I walk from the LePenthouse Suite dressing room, through the plush and air-conditioned interior of the building, past Hayley at reception who smiles at me, into the introduction area and pause for a moment, it takes me a second to register that the man-mountain standing there, smiling at me, is my next client. I absent-mindedly smooth out my lingerie piece, it is embroidered black lace and illusion mesh from the PINK range of Victoria’s Secret, and smile back at him.

He looks like a strongman lifter, or like he stepped out of a Viking movie; and in fact he told Hayley at reception that he is a weight-lifter, wrestler athlete here on the Gold Coast, acclimatizing to the weather in preparation for the Commonwealth Games. He’s taken a day off his intense training schedule, to enjoy the beauty of this glamorous Glitter Strip. I barely feel the plush carpet beneath my black stilettos as I glide into his gentle embrace, so entranced am I by this he-man and his winning smile.

I think he is equally taken by me, Chilli, high-end escort here at LePenthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s premiere brothel, because he whispers in my ear, “Your’re gorgeous,” after he lightly pecks me on the cheek. I briefly give myself the once over, checking my slightly tousled, long and honey-blonde hair; my slender physique with the long swim-suit model legs and the petite rise of my shapely breasts; the baby-soft swell of my buttocks; and my jade green eyes which seductively flash the promise of pleasure and heat and sex.

My clients always compliment me, some saying I look a little like a young Jennifer Lawrence, or even like a more diminutive version of that Guess Jeans model, Gigi Hadid, but I’m Chilli, late teen, Gold Coast beach babe with a simple taste for the pleasures of the flesh, sexual excess, and the lucrative reward of attending to high end clients from the coast and around the world.

After collecting the fresh satin sheets from reception, I lead him up the stairs to Suite One, conscious of his powerful presence behind me, like gravity pulling me back, but I’m bringing him up, up into the boudoir and I know he’s checking out the sway of my hips and breathing in the scent of my perfume and femininity. A frisson of excitement about what is to come electrifies me as we top the stairs and move down the hall to my favourite bedroom.

I think about turning around and kissing him straight away after we enter the room but I remember that I need to make the king-size double bed before it begins, so I hold back and start fitting the sheets. A little small talk to fill the silence so I ask him, “You’re competing in the Commonwealth Games?”
“Weightlifting and Wrestling, the 125 kg division, I’m here a couple of months early to bulk up. I’m seven kilograms short of competitive range.” His voice is deep but gentle, somehow humble in the matter-of-fact way he answers my question.

I finish the bed and turn around, smile and say, “Well, careful you don’t break me,” and I move my brassiere aside just a touch to expose my firm pink nipples and I see the lust in his eyes, hear his sudden intake of breath and watch him start to undo his pants button. I move suddenly towards him and he greets me by wrapping his massive arms around me, pulling me close and kissing his lips first on my neck, and then onto my nipples, sucking them and licking them. I finish taking his pants off for him and feel the bulge of his erection through his black briefs, pressed hard against my lower stomach. He manages to unclip my brassiere and I cast it aside and he sucks my nipples even more intensely, places kiss after kiss on my breasts and neck and face until I can’t wait any longer and I pull his thick manhood out of his briefs, encircling the massive erection in my tiny hand.

He wants to thrust it into me then and there, but I manage to push his heavy body back, and I crouch down onto the plush carpet, and let my lips brush against the head of his erection, it is glistening with pre-cum and I remember to find a condom, and slowly begin fitting it over his shaft. I use my mouth to fit the entire length over his erection and I am biting slow and hard at the base, then near the head, playing with his testicles with one hand, and holding his manhood with the other. He groans at each bite I place on his shaft and when I drag my teeth along the length he nearly blows but holds back because he wants to be inside me.

He pulls me up, grabbing my butt cheeks in his massive hands and pulling my wet pussy against his erection. My G-string is askew and my tight pussy lips rub along his engorged testicles and groin, and he positions the head of his hard as steel erection against the opening of my pussy, and he rubs the thick head up and against my clitoris; getting friction, making me wetter and wetter, making me whimper in lust.

He lifts me off the floor with one hand, his face buried in my neck, sucking and giving me love bites, my golden blonde hair tousled around his face, my slender arms wrapped around his thick and muscular neck; and then he lets me drop a little, penetrating his shaft into my tight pussy, down half-way I shift, he hoists me up again, then he lets me settle right down, and plunges nearly his entire length deep into my sex. I groan and arch my neck and still his mouth is sucking my neck and kissing my face.

He starts pounding me as he stands there, hard and fast, and then slow and deep, bouncing me up and down, letting gravity do part of the work. I think he is afraid to put it all the way in because of his size, so I say, “Deeper, put it all the way in lifter.” And he responds, and plunges it with a pounding upward thrust all the way into my sex, hitting my G-spot so I cry out in manic pleasure.

Fit so tightly in me, he bucks me up, and up, and then he orgasms, I can feel his thick length jerk three, four times, and soon afterwards I orgasm and I can feel my own sex juices hot inside me. And he is still rock hard, so he turns around, still inside me and moves back onto the bed, and he lies back and now I am riding him cowgirl style, my G-string all a mess, bunched to one side, damp from sweat and sex juice, and wave after wave of bliss engulfs us.

He is a hulking brute, a wrestler and weightlifter, and I am his escort, riding his thick, thick length, riding on one point, so my clitoris keeps rubbing on that one point, stiff and erect; and the head of his pulsing erection keeps penetrating my G-spot over and over until I nearly pass out. And this time I orgasm first, exhausted and flushed with the heat of wild sex, my body tensing and quivering, and then he blows for a second time and groans long and loud. I settle my slender, sweat-soaked body against his muscled torso, and he gently kisses me on my neck and whispers, “You’re gorgeous.”

We lay side by side looking up into the mirrored ceiling, eyes meeting in the reflection. I smile at him, and he winks at me. I say to him, “Ready for round three, Mr Commonwealth Games? You still haven’t won the Gold medal yet.”

We move to the shower, all gold faucets and trimming, and blue terracotta tile. Our clothes lay on the floor behind us, and the bed is ruffled in the afterglow of sex. I turn the shower on, and when steam begins to rise, I step into the stall, and he soon follows. Already his huge hands encircle my slender waist, and I can feel the press of his stiffening erection against my baby-soft butt cheeks.

January, 2018