I can be your cowgirl!

He’s not just an urban cowboy, this rangy gentleman with a cowboy hat on that stands before me in the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, he looks too real for that, like a true ‘ringer’ from the bush. This is the Gold Coast’s finest and longest established bordello and the tryst we are about to share together will bring him to the heights of ecstasy, and he knows it.  

He has one thumb hooked in a belt that holds up his faded blue jeans, and he gives me a thorough appraisal as I walk up to him. I can see him check out my slender figure, openly revealed in a black one piece neglige, with diaphanous brassiere and panties beneath.  

My full and firm size 8 breasts press hard against the fabric of the brassiere cups, revealing nipples through the transparent material that are already stiff with anticipation. His gaze lingers just a little too long on the crotch of my lingerie G-string; I guess he can see how tight and hairless my pussy is. 

I toss my long and liquid, jet black hair and the waft of fragrance brings his attention back to my angelic face, back to me Laura, high-class companion here at this pleasure palace with a presentation of the finest first-class babes the Glitter Strip has ever seen. He looks up and meets my blue eyes from under the shade of the brim of his cowboy hat and says, “Howdy.” 

Our erotic entanglement will take place in suite one, the deluxe bedroom with the finest in luxury furnishings, a marble spa, a shower stall and a king-sized double bed to host the consummation of our mutual lust. 

I lead my guest away from the introduction area and as we begin to ascend the stairs I catch a glimpse of him in a brighter light; and I see open fields, and dusty sunsets, and cattle rounding and bull riding in his thirty-something, rugged good-looks. He must have read my mind because he coughs into his hand, smiles at me, and gestures for me to ascend the stair-case first. 

I sway my hips to accentuate the swell of my butt cheeks and the litheness of my toned and lightly tanned legs; toss my hair again so he can see the ends splayed out near the small of my back; dare to brush my polished nails against his fingers on the railing, and I know this ‘cowboy’ is fully turned on. I can sense his urgency as we proceed down the hallway to suite one, because his breath is quickening and he moves a little too close behind me. 

When the door closes behind us, I immediately move to the bed and start to fit the blue satin sheets that have been placed on the bedside table in anticipation of my rendezvous with this ‘cowboy’. However, he has other ideas, and coughs and says, “Uh Miss Laura, how about the marble spa?” He has taken his cowboy hat off and holds it in one hand, and his sudden shyness compels me to move towards him with a predatory walk that startles him into a response; and we embrace like long-lost lovers, and he kisses me hard upon the lips, still holding his hat with one hand and encircling my waist with the other. 

I fumble to undo his belt as our mouths are locked together, and as he struggles out of his jeans and pulls off his belt with my assistance, his massive throbbing erection unfolds from the tight garment, extending out of his black briefs, and he presses himself hard against me.  

He is still holding his cowboy hat but I don’t bother to take it from him, and he doesn’t bother to drop it as he encircles my waist with both arms and starts to suck my neck and then my nipples through my brassiere. He pulls down my brassiere top with his teeth so he can taste my exposed flesh and begins to suck ravenously and somehow we manage to stumble over to the luxury spa bath. 

My neglige has dropped away to the carpet on our short journey to the bath; and my guest is fully naked now, having stepped out of his black briefs, and yet still holding his hat. I grab a condom from the edge of the spa and tear it open, then I kneel before this ‘cowboy’ and before I fit the prophylactic onto his throbbing length, I start to suck his manhood, sucking him even harder than he was moments before, because he moans towards the ceiling and I think he almost loses control and nearly blows his load all over my face.  

The fellatio is long and strong, and he sits on the edge of the marble spa bath as I continue to suck him hard. He is still holding his hat, but one hand pulls the back of my head hard down onto his length, so that I take his entire erection deep into my throat and gag.  

I pull away now and fit the condom onto his shaft, and we turn the marble spa on, so that the jets of water sound like the rushing water of a fast stream. It takes only a few moments for the water to heat to a suitable temperature, and I step out of my lingerie G-string, and he gasps in pleasure at the site of my fully exposed pussy. We step into the spa, and he places the cowboy hat on my head. 

I think he wants to have me in the spa facing each other, but he decides instead to express his lust holding me in a version of reverse cowgirl.  

In the bubbling hot water I settle down onto his length, adjusting his erection so that the engorged head meets the lips of my tight pussy under the water, and then with a pop I settle partway onto the shaft, then fully down, and we start to ride our lust partly submerged in the bubbling water.  

It takes us a moment to find our rhythm and our movements make extra waves that splash water over the edges, but we continue our lust-making with his upward pounding movements, his face into my back, kissing my flesh, tasting my wet black hair, and my downward pushing movement has my pussy tightly clamped around his length, with his arms under the water around my waist and then fondling my wet breasts; and his cowboy hat on my head.  

We ride endlessly until his ferocious lust begins to crescendo and his upthrusts become strong enough to buck me up and up, and I am whimpering and moaning, and he is grunting and then his grip on my waist tightens and he pulls me hard into three pounding stabs upwards into my tight pussy and I feel him orgasm beneath me, feel him blow his load deep inside me. And we rest for a little while in the suspending and bubbling water, and I say to him, “I can be your cowgirl.”