Ice Cube Delight

“What did you say your name was?” He says this in my ear as I straddle his lap, my knees on either side of him, my full breasts pressed through the fabric of my black lace brassiere, against his chest. 

“Charlie, as in Charlize, like that actress, except I’m a brunette, or Charlotte, if you like,” and I toss my long dark hair against his face, and I adjust the position of my tight hairless pussy pressed through the fabric of my black transparent G-string, so that it grinds a little against the length of his erection, which is fully exposed and hard as blue steel, as he sits naked beneath me. 

We sit like this together on the king-sized double in the deluxe room at Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s finest bordello and escort agency, the longest established pleasure palace the Glitter Strip has ever known.  

And myself, one of the elite first-class escorts that make the place a draw-card for high end clientele, like this young and handsome, Ryan Gosling  look-a-like, who is actually a wealthy entrepreneur, a self-made millionaire at twenty-seven, with the world at his feet. 

“What’s in the cooler?” I indicate to the blue container he’s placed on the bed beside us. His face is nuzzled against my neck, and he’s sucking and kissing the firm flesh their as he gently rubs his length against my pussy lips until I’m trembling like a leaf with pleasure, and now getting wet and moist in anticipation of what’s to come. 

“You’ll see,” He rocks me back a little, so my back arches, and so he can start sucking my nipples. He pulls down the top of the brassiere with his teeth and then starts sucking the flesh and  firm brown nipples until they are stiff and erect and until all I want is this handsome guy deep inside me. 

His breathing quickens, his sucking becomes more intense, his grinding at our unconsummated sex connection becomes a little harder, and then he reaches for the cooler, pulling his face away from my breasts for a moment, so he can open the container and pull out a full ice cube tray with twelve ice cubes still frozen hard and cold. 

He taps the tray against the container a few times and loosens the ice cubes, and carefully withdraws one of the frozen blocks of ice with his fingers, faces me again, his other arm still slinked around my waist, and then he places the ice cube against my nipple.  

A sudden intake of breath from me as the cold ice causes a tingle against my nipple, that runs a deep cold line into my breasts, and my arms clamp a little harder around his neck. He’s smiling, and I can feel him adjusting his erection, now pushing aside the crotch of my G-string, starting to brush the sticky head of his manhood against my tight pussy lips, looking for access, looking for penetration. 

Then I remember we need protection. “Hold on,” and he’s now making circles with the ice cube against my nipple, and the sensation of the heat of our bodies is somehow enhanced by the cold of the ice cube. I quickly grab a condom from one of the packets splayed out on the bed. I tear it open with my teeth as he traces the ice cube down my torso now, down to my belly button. I giggle a little, rise up from my knees and sit before him, this time my thighs are on either side of his waist, and I start to fit the condom onto his throbbing erection. 

He starts to pull aside the moistened fabric of the crotch of my G-string, and then without my permission starts to rub the now melting ice cube along my tight pussy lips, and I shudder with the coldness. It doesn’t extinguish my lust, and makes him even more urgent, because now he drops the ice cube and pulls me up onto his lap again, this time kissing me deeply on my mouth, all tongue. 

And now rubbing his length fully up against my exposed pussy lips, as I press my upper body against his, and as he sucks my neck and manoeuvers his thick manhood with his hand so that the head makes tight circles against my clitoris, pushing for entry, pushing to penetrate my sex. His urgency is rising and he sucks and licks my breasts and nipples; and suddenly that pleasurable and silent pop as he penetrates my pussy, pushing past the lips and entering deep into my sex. 

We’re riding and rocking back and forth, myself sitting on his lap and his hips thrusting upwards, trying to push deep, a little deeper, and I’m adjusting myself a little, twisting my waist just a little and then he finds that secret sweet centre, my G-spot. I groan in erotic bliss, and he bucks me up and down, up and down, his thrusting so aggressive and his desire the sucking kisses and bite marks he places on my neck and the grip of his hands as he pulls my body ferociously into him, owning me, wanting me, lusting me. 

And then suddenly he explodes inside me, and I feel the pulsing throb of his erection so deep in my sex, clamped tight by sugar walls, and I shudder in a responding climax that sees our sweat-soaked bodies both collapse against each other, heaving breaths of sodden lust, and both of us dropping to the bed and knocking aside the ice cube tray, all melted water wet against the sheets.