Ivy – It happened in the toilet

Before you runaway in fear of what might lurk beneath this title, do not be afraid, because this is actually one public sexy story I’ve got to share with you.
First, let me tell you, that I love public sex. It is my ultimate fantasy and I love the thrill of being caught. It turns me on like crazy! It’s so fun getting into all sorts of positions in small or open or uncomfortable spaces and sometimes even strange places. I get such a high knowing that I have a dirty little secret that no one else knows about.

I’ve talked to shop attendants right after shagging in their change room and once after getting frisky under a bridge at the beach, my lover and I only just dressed ourselves in the nick of time, before an unsuspecting family walked by.

People assume that I am an innocent princess with my big brown eyes and my wavy blond hair. I have supple, fair skin that makes people think of Snow White and god forbid Snow White would ever engage in such naughtiness. I l.o.v.e. it.

So, when I find out I have been booked for a Public Sex – Fantasy Booking, you can only imagine my joy.

After finishing with a client, reception tells me I’ve been booked for an outcall at 6pm; a dinner date at The Collective in Palm Beach, followed by a naughty-fantasy dessert special.

What will I wear?! I choose a royal-blue, strapless dress for easy access and I let my wavy hair fall around my shoulders, making me look like a mermaid.


I make my way to the Rooftop of the restaurant. Amongst the crowd, I spot Chad who has found us seats by the bar.

Chad isn’t my type at all; he is dressed in eclectic hipster clothing and sporting a trimmed moustache. He has an amazing smile though and a hilarious personality. I laugh my head off from the moment I sit down with him and it is immediately fun. I find myself charmed by his smile.

We order ourselves 2 cocktails and share them both; before thinking about which one to get next.

I know we are about to have dinner but my inner temptress rears her head and I am suddenly overcome with urge to do him right now.

I wait until after we have slurped down the remainder of the cocktail before I ask him how he is feeling, to which he chirpily replies” pretty darn sweet, thank you gorgeous!”

To that, I say” Good, because I think now is a great time to get a little bit frisky”.


He suddenly looks like a deer in head lights and I’m sure I can hear his heart racing from where I sit.

He isn’t prepared for this.

Even though he requested this fantasy, I know it’s not the way he had it in his head. He thought that it would be after dinner and maybe after a few more drinks. I can see his mind ticking over as he processes this new idea.

I take his hand “Trust me, lover boy”.

“Okay” he says, a cheeky grin coming over his face.

I pull him by the hand and we make our way to the men’s bathroom, downstairs.

The mens is always better than the ladies; it’s a lot easier to sneak into because it is less occupied and men are generally more understanding about having the opposite sex ducking in.

I push Chad against the wall beside the toilet door before we head in and I kiss him passionately, softly biting his lower lip.

He looks at me in a small surprised smile and says “Your naughty aren’t you?!”

I nod, then leaning in, I softly ask him to go and find out whether the toilets are clear.

3 seconds pass and he is back; just our luck, it is totally empty.

Shadily, we look around, scoping out our environment; no one is close by. We sneak in, past the urinals and make our way to the one and only cubicle. I lock the door behind us and reach behind Chad to put the toilet seat down.

I push him onto the toilet and kneel carefully on the cold floor, when we hear the door open and footsteps clearly making their way to the urinal.

Chad looks alarmed but I smile naughtily at him. I’m so in my element! I undo his zip, pulling his briefs down a little and pull him out. He’s soft, that’s okay, he’s freaking out…. I’ll get him hard in a second.

I put a hand around his flaccid meat, stroking him for a while before placing my lips around him, sucking on him gently, up and down.

The door opens again, the mystery man leaving.

As I suck him, he starts growing bigger in my mouth and he grabs the back of my head, moaning quietly.

I get a small rush knowing he is excited and I suck his cock a little harder, sucking my cheeks in tight. He groans louder this time and I move my head up and down him, making sure I keep up a good tempo.

The door opens again, this time, two times in a row.

Chad’s grip on my hair becomes tighter and he leans his body forward, holding onto the side wall.

I pull my head back; I don’t want him to come just yet! There is more fun to be had.

The door opens again and this time, the chatter of male voices makes its way to our cubicle.

I stand up and leaning with one hand on his knee, I reach under my dress and pulling my panties down, I let them fall to the ground. Stepping my feet out of them, I pull my dress up over my knees and move myself over Chad’s lap.

We gaze at each other as I lower myself onto his erection.

He pulls the top of my dress down to my waist so that I sit on him half naked and he lowers his lips to my nipples, sending an instant rush of energy down to my pussy.

I move my hips backwards and forwards over him, as he thrusts himself upwards inside of me. Damn he looks sexy when he’s fucking!

Placing a hand behind my neck, he pulls my lips down towards his and starts fucking me hard from underneath so that all I can do is half stand on the ground as drills me. Holy Shit!

We are making so much noise and the bathroom has gone silent.

I place a hand on his thighs, to get him to slow down a little and then put my finger up to my lips.

He smiles wide slowing down and then lifts me off him, turning me around to face the door. He lifts one of my legs up from behind my knee and slides his boner back inside of me.

The bathroom door swings open and closed again.

I place a palm on the back of the door and I reach the other hand back, holding onto his shoulder.

He fucks me rough but sensual and we both are both moaning, more aware of the pleasure than the noise we are making. He explodes inside of me, leaning his whole body against me, pushing me flat against the door.



I turn around to face him and in our dishevelled state, we kiss tenderly for a moment,

After straightening ourselves up and adjusting our clothing, Chad sneakily opens the toilet door, poking his head out. There is only one guy at the urinal.

Holding his hand, we pass the gent who stares at us in shock which soon turns into a slight smile. We cheekily bid him a good evening, slipping out the door.

We find ourselves a table on the downstairs floor and order ourselves another drink and a pizza to share.

We chat and laugh over our pizza, buzzing off our naughty escapade. I knew it would make dinner tastier!

After dinner, we make our way outside into the fresh air and I kiss Chad goodbye before going off into the other direction.

With the adrenaline still running through me, I can’t help but feel pretty fucking epic.

That was a blast.