Just an Apron and Nothing Underneath

He says he caught the teenager who cleans their pool banging his wife in the kitchen. She was only wearing the pink striped apron he gave her for Christmas, fully naked underneath, sitting on the kitchen table with legs spread wide while the pool cleaner was ploughing into her. There were cut up cucumbers and tomatoes beside the kitchen sink, and the two of them didn’t notice him standing at the entrance, and he watched them for half an hour before quietly leaving. 

He hasn’t made love to his wife for two months and she doesn’t know why. He’s holding the kitchen apron in one hand as we stand there in the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s erotic jewel of the crown, the iconic bordello with a premiere and longest standing reputation.  

I’m Kaylee, platinum blonde first-class escort companion, and I try to console this handsome green-eyed gentleman by turning him on with a shift of my hips so that his attention is drawn to my slender and toned thighs, so he can see how high the V-line of my thighs are in the tight black diaphanous G-string I’m wearing.  

I think he notices how tender and tight my pussy is, barely concealed by the skimpy transparent G-string so tightly stretched over my sex, and then his eyes fall on my full and firm breasts, so fully revealed by the skimpy transparent black brassiere I’m wearing and his gaze lingers on the firmness of my nipples as they press hard against the fabric. His gaze then shifts to meet my blue eyes and we connect, and he smiles for the first time, and I gesture towards the apron, “So you want me to wear that?” He grins broadly this time, and says, “Yes please.” 

We make our way towards Suite One and I hold his hand warmly, leading him up the staircase, slowing my steps occasionally so his body brushes against mine, so his thigh collides against my thigh and I can feel he is getting a hard-on even as we make our way to the deluxe boudoir. 

He says I’m just as pretty as his wife, same platinum blonde hair and blue-eyes, only a lot younger, and sweeter. I smile at this and we step into the room and close the door behind us. 

I turn around and kiss him gently on the lips, then again but deeper this time, probing into his mouth with tongue. He slips his hand around my waist, and drops the apron for a moment, reaching his hand into my hair and feeling the silken softness of the locks. His mouth moves to the nape of my neck and he starts to kiss the flesh there, sucking and tasting the scent of my perfume. He pulls me into his embrace, pressing his crotch against my stomach and pussy so I can feel the hardness of his erection. 

He bends me backwards a little and his mouth finds my nipples as he pushes aside my brassiere with his lips. He sucks them hard and long, one to the other breast, then back again, and he unfastens my brassiere so that it falls to the ground. He stands me up again, and says, “Put the apron on,” and he starts to take off his pants and shirt. 

I reach down, pick up the apron, and slink it over my head and tie the string behind my back. The front of the apron covers my pussy, and nipples, but the swell of my breasts are not fully concealed by the pink-striped fabric. 

I move back onto the love seat, and sit on the arm rest, hooking one leg up, and look at him standing there fully naked, and I say to him, “Do you think your wife enjoyed being banged by the pool cleaner?” 

This enrages him a little and he moves towards me like a freight train but pulls up short, and I move onto the seat as he spreads my legs and lifts up the apron. He moves his face to my pussy, and starts to suck the lips through the fabric of my G-string, sucking the moist sex juice, licking the pussy lips, trying to access my clitoris. He pushes aside the G-string so he can suck my pussy lips without anything between, and his tongue finds my bare clitoris now, making circles so hard around the genitalia that I groan in pleasure. He growls my pussy ferociously, the cunnilingus is savage and jealous and I cry out, “Did he bang your wife deep?” 

He moves up now, and places his thick throbbing shaft against my bare pussy, resting it along the tight groove for a moment, then furrowing the head up and down against my wet pussy lips until I say, “Stop,” and I reach for a condom packet from the few splayed out on the seat. I tear the packet open with my lips, holding his advancing lust back with a petite foot against his belly. 

I fit the prophylactic onto his thick shaft, feeling the stickiness of precum on my fingers, and I finish the fit with my mouth, sucking a few times and then biting his length once, maybe a little hard. This enrages him again, and he pulls thick erection out of my mouth, and positions himself between my thighs again, once again rubbing the head of his pole against my pussy lips, along the furrow of the groove, tapping it against my clitoris, finding the opening and then penetrating me with an aggressive pop, that finds him plunging his shaft as deeply as possible into my tight wet pussy. 

He plunges in once, pulls back a little, then deeper still, thrusting in and out, backing me into the love seat hard, pounding me hard, thrusting deeper and deeper so that his balls slam against my pussy. His rhythmic pounding ploughs into me, rocking me back and forth, thrusting his length over and over into my tight sex. I lift up the apron to reveal the penetrating connection of his manhood deep inside my pussy. He grabs my hips and hisses, “Banging the pool cleaner!” He adjusts my waist and finds an even deeper penetration into my sweet G-spot and I shudder in an orgasm that sends a flood of sex juice onto his length. He keeps pounding me, ploughing into me, and then his thrusting becomes more urgent, more manic, his lust beginning to crescendo and then in three sudden shoving thrusts he orgasms deep inside my sex.  

But he’s still hard, he’s still angry, and I’m still wearing the apron.