Just a kiss and a cuddle….

He just wants a kiss and a cuddle, and maybe fellatio, or just hand stimulation to finish off. He says he doesn’t want to cheat on his wife again. He cheated on her a year ago and she’s been cold towards him ever since. He is longing for some affection, some feminine touch because he is a sensual man, an over-sexed man perhaps; and he’s begun to feel guilty about masturbating over internet pornography while he is sleeping in the spare room and his wife is alone in the master suite.

He doesn’t wear his wedding ring, but I can see a white band of skin on his ring finger, contrasted against his lightly tan complexion.

Just a kiss and a cuddle, maybe oral sex, maybe a handjob. I think to myself maybe I can change his mind. I’m Lavari, high-class escort here at the Gold Coast’s premiere bordello, Lepenthouse Suite. I’m a slim, size 8, 24 year-old high-end temptress of the night, new to the industry but enjoying every moment of the pleasure and bliss I can give, and get given to me.

I lead this thirty-something male up the staircase to the bedroom at the end of the hall. I’m carrying the fresh linen I picked up at reception, where I smiled at Amy, our Manageress, who smiled back and winked at me knowingly. This client of mine is strongly built, a construction worker he says, and I can feel the strength in his rough hand I’m holding as I guide him to our rendezvous point in the room at the end of the hallway.

I glance once at my reflection in the mirrored wall and see the lustful look in my hazel eyes. My long dark brown hair wafts behind me as we move swiftly up the stairs and through the hallway. This man is aware of my thinly clad body, slender yet curvacious in all the right places, and half exposed in the black lace lingerie I am wearing. He can’t take his eyes off me as he follows me into the boudoir.

We are doing more than just kissing and cuddling. He is fingering my pussy with a rough and calloused finger, and I’m fondling his thick erection. He is sucking my nipples, my black lace camisole bunched up over my breasts, revealing my erect nipples which he takes in his mouth and sucks until they are sore and I am moaning with delight.

And now I am stroking him hard, squeezing his shaft repeatedly, making it thicker and harder, pumping it up into blue steel.

I can tell he has forgotten all about his wife now as he moves over my body as we lie together on the king-sized double bed. He starts kissing my body from my breasts down my torso, pausing to suck my navel, then continuing down to my tight hairless pussy, still concealed by a semi-transparent, black lace G-string. He pulls this aside and starts eating my pussy, tasting deeply of my sex. I start moaning immediately and this turns him on even more; and he is stroking his own length while sucking my pussy lips and licking circles around my tight erect clit. And I am shuddering with mini-orgasms each

time he nibbles my clit, my back arching, my legs spread wide, my fingers running through this man’s hair and he is still eating my sex.

Now he moves up, and starts to place his thick and throbbing erection against my exposed pussy lips, and I stop him for a brief few seconds as I fit a condom over his manhood, squeezing his shaft as I roll the condom down over his erection. He is moaning with delight, his brown eyes catching my hazel eyes, letting me know he wants more than just a kiss and a cuddle.

And now he places the bulging head of his engorged erection against my moist pussy lips. He rubs the head up and down pushing apart the tight hairless lips, finding just the right spot and then pushing his thick shaft into me. I gasp, and he continues pushing it all the way in, breaching my sugar walls, hitting my G-spot once, then just short the next time, so he twists my body a little, spreads my legs a little wider, adjusts himself and pushes even deeper. This time he penetrates my sweet sex-centre, and starts rhythmically pounding into my sex. Repeatedly, deliriously and with delight.

And soon his thrusting hips and pounding shaft become urgent, frenzied and in three violent thrusts he orgasms deep inside me, and I climax moments later, and warm bliss radiates out from our united sex. I shudder with bliss and collapse back deeper into the bed.

“Just a kiss and a cuddle …” I smile and whisper this to him as he lies exhausted on top of me.