Kiki Sucks Three Lollipops

He says he wants me to suck three lolly-pops when we make love. I think they are the round ones, coke, strawberry and watermelon; and he slips the three of them, end down, between the cups of my transparent brassiere, and then he kisses me on the lips once, and then again, harder and probing my mouth with his tongue. He pulls back and looks into my baby brown eyes, then takes a lock of my long black hair, and brings it to his nose and inhales the fragrance. He tells me he wants to do all the work, he tells me not to resist, and then he pushes me back onto the king-sized double bed, sitting me down, and laying me on my back. 

I look up at the ceiling of the deluxe bedroom here at Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s finest and most-famous bordello, and this client starts to spread my legs, mouthing my name, “Kiki, my oriental princess,” and I watch him pull aside my tight transparent black G-string, watch him place his mouth against my pussy lips, and start to feel him growl my sex. 

I pull out a lolly-pop, unwrap it, moaning a little as he eats my pussy a little more ferociously, and I put the coke lolly-pop in my mouth and start to suck it, as this blonde-haired gentlemen now starts to make circles around my clitoris with his tongue, then starts to suck my clitoris so hard I groan a little and arch my back. 

He wants to get deeper into my sex with his tongue, so he spreads my thighs wider, pushing down on the flesh so that he will leave bruises on the smooth skin, and he buries his face into my pussy, licking and slurping up the sex juice, probing so deeply with his tongue, nibbling on my clitoris until I cry out in pain, and tap his shoulder with my tiny foot. 

He rises up at this, now placing his knees between my legs, and putting his face to my black brassiere so he can suck my nipples. I’ve finished the coke lolly-pop and start sucking the strawberry one now, and he lies down on top of me so his thick throbbing erection is against my bare wet pussy lips, his stomach is against mine, and he is supporting his upper torso with his elbows, but he doesn’t penetrate me yet.  

He pushes my brassiere upwards and starts to suck my nipples while pressing the shaft of his manhood harder against my pussy lips, but not penetrating my sex. His tongue makes tight circles around my firm nipples, and he sucks them so hard they begin to hurt. This continues for endless moments, and he is starting to rub his erection up and down along the groove of my sex. I can feel the flesh of his thick member parting my pussy lips, the connection is slick with sex juice, and hot with warmth. 

I finish the strawberry lolly-pop, and find the watermelon one, unwrap it, and pop it in my mouth, and now he adjusts his position, pulling his sticky erection away from my pussy for a moment, and then placing the engorged head against my pussy lips, rubbing it up and down along the tight groove, ready to penetrate me, when I remember we need protection. He starts to push the head of his shaft against my opening when I say, “Stop!” And he pulls back for a moment as I reach for a condom packet from the bedside table. He smiles and spanks my buttock, spanks me again and grabs a handful of the sweet flesh swell of my bottom. I sit up, watermelon lolly-pop still in my mouth, and I start to fit the prophylactic onto his throbbing erection. I roll it down along the shaft with my tiny hand, roll it to its full extent, and then I pull the lolly pop out of my mouth, and start to suck his erection. 

I suck his shaft deep, then deeper, and he thrusts into my mouth over and over, groaning and arching his back, I pull back for a moment and his erection pops out, and I grab the lolly-pop and I hit his length playfully, and he smiles, and as I put the lolly pop back in my mouth, he moves down my body, and positions himself between my legs again, and places the head of his erection against my pussy lips, rubs it up and down along the groove, finds my tight opening and penetrates me with a hard pop, plunging his shaft deep into my tiny sex.  

I groan and shudder as he starts to pound me deep, the friction is ecstasy and lubricated with our sex juices, and he thrusts his manhood over and over into my tight sex, lifting my hips up by grabbing my butt cheeks, pulling me into his sex. His thrusting gets faster and harder, and a little deeper every time, until he adjusts me into just the right angle and penetrates my G-spot. I shudder deeply as bliss explodes deep inside me, and his thrusting becomes manic, rapid, deep, pounding  my sex and groaning, and then in three powerful, to the hilt, deep plunging stabs he orgasms deep inside me. 

He collapses onto me, sweat-streaked, and I continue to suck what is left of the watermelon lolly-pop.