Landscape Lover’s Rough Hands Delight

He tries to begin a conversation with me again, this man that is designing and constructing the new landscape garden at the luxury apartment complex I live at. My complex is on the Gold Coast, the Glitter Strip that seethes with night life, tourism, and hot babes that strut their stuff night and day, never giving the time to all those men that fall under their sway.

This man has been labouring for the past month in the huge swimming pool area that is used by the tenants of this building. The building towers upwards with the best of the skyscraping strata apartments that make the Gold Coast a citadel in the clouds. I choose to come and sunbathe and swim for twenty minutes during mid-morning when there are less people, and less men that always come on to me.

I’m a high-class escort at LePenthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s premiere bordello; and during my time off, I like to maintain my light tan and slim but curvy body by swimming and enjoying the Gold Coast sun at my apartment complex.

The tenants here are all professionals, young doctors and lawyers with partners and no children. Twenty-year old males and females with their partners, and singles also, for the most part. I’m nineteen, with long blonde hair that falls a cascade down my slender back to sit just above the shapely swell of my sexy ass. It is a part of my body men often like to place their hands on, while kissing my sweet, full lips and looking lovingly into my blue eyes.

I enjoy my privacy and have a rule never to rendezvous with men I meet outside of my profession as a high-end escort, and I don’t know anyone personally in this elite apartment complex, so I am rather annoyed that this man, this landscape gardener continually tries to hit on me.

I snub the man off for the last time I hope, coldly stating to him, “Could you please leave me alone. I don’t know you and I’m not looking for a date.” I can see the man is hurt by my rejection of his advances. He is not unattractive. In fact, he is handsome with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes like mine. He is about thirty, strongly built with a tall lean figure and hard muscles from digging holes and lifting boulders. He has strong hands which I know are rough and calloused and for a moment I wonder what it would feel like if I asked him to rub sun-tan lotion on my smooth soft skin.

I regret telling the man off, but that’s the Gold Coast class of hot babes for you, especially elite escorts who rarely give a date outside of their high-paid profession unless they love a man.

It is seven pm, the beginning of my shift at LePenthouse Suite, and I have dressed in the change room already, and I walk past Jeanette, our lovely manageress who smiles at me while taking a phone call booking. She texted me on my way to Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite, telling me there was a client already waiting for me, who specifically asked for my services. So now I am walking like a cat-walk model on my high-heels to the introduction area, in black lace lingerie I bought just today from the Victoria’s Secret boutique in one of the high-fashion alley-ways that service this Gold Coast glitter strip.

I pause for a moment realizing I recognize this man that sits in the introduction area, comfortable in the over-sized maroon couch that dominates the softly-lighted corner of the ground floor of Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite. Lady Gaga is strutting her nudity on the large flat-screen television mounted high on the wall opposite the couch. She is singing something about being someone’s biggest fan, and something else about not loving her. The man rises from the couch smiling like a besotted lover. It is the landscape gardener who’s been trying to begin a conversation with me for weeks.

I almost decline our rendezvous, but the man has already paid and I am a professional, and he is so good-looking now that he is in casual and stylish evening wear, hair slicked back, expensive gold designer watch on his wrist, open collar of a long-sleeved shirt showing the top of a powerful chest.

Almost as if he has read my mind and felt I was going to reject him again, he quickly states, “Hi Lilly, you are my dream girl, please don’t reject me again. I’ll pay double, triple, just to be with you.” I almost laugh at his puppy dog eagerness, but I am also touched by his sincerity, and lead him away from the introduction area and up the stair case to room one.

I’m holding the fresh linen that all the escort babes at LePenthouse Suite take to make the beds in the rooms; a part of the service. Men get so turned on by the ladies here at this premiere Gold Coast bordello, watching them engage in domestic duties. This man is already turned on. I can tell this is true, as our eyes meet in the walled mirror beside the stair-case. He occasionally glances at my shapely buttocks, plump and sexy, in the lace G-string that exposes my bare ass and long, athletic legs, my silken smooth skin waxed and complementing a hairless pussy this man will soon taste.

In room one, the mirrored ceiling reflects my movements as I make the bed, leaning over the king-double to tuck in the corners and show my body to the landscaper who has now disrobed entirely except for tight boxer shorts, standing like a young Brad Pitt behind me, drinking in my lingerie nakedness. I can hear him breathing, see the bulge in his boxer shorts, and I look over my shoulder and say, “What are you waiting for?”

He moves quickly, but not aggressively. As I turn to meet his advance he slips his arms around my waist and kisses me. I pull away at first but I am like a bird trapped in the grasp of a hunter. I can’t resist and now we are kissing, looking deep into each other’s blue eyes, we are meeting tongue on tongue and already he has pushed aside my G-

string and is fingering my clitoris, rubbing hard his fingers against my pussy lips. I am wet, so wet. I didn’t realize how much this man has turned me on.

He has pulled down my brassiere now and is sucking my nipples, my pink nipples and cupping my breasts and I have already helped him pull down his boxer shorts to reveal a thick and long erection that is glistening with precum. He pushes me back onto the bed, and I slide back slightly to allow him to position his handsome face above my vagina. And now his face is buried in my tight, hairless pussy, and I can feel his tongue running circles around my stiff clit, I can feel his lips humming into my pussy and his tongue now trying to lick inside my sugar walls. I am groaning and moaning, my hands pulling his hair, trying to contain the sexual pleasure that sends shivers through my body.

And yes, his hands are rough and calloused and they feel so manly against my soft skin as he grips my hips and grasps my buttocks and lifts my hips and pussy to meet his throbbing erection. He has moved from cunnilingus now to standing above me and wanting to enter my tight pussy. I stop him with my petite foot, pushing it against his shaft and groin. “Condom, lover boy, I don’t want to get pregnant on our first date.” I smile at him and this turns him on.

He grabs a condom from the bedside table, but I grab it off him and tear it open with my teeth, and start to fit the condom over his thick shaft with my mouth. He groans long and loud and I think he might orgasm right there and then, but he contains himself, and now I have positioned him on the bed and I am above him, sucking his full length, up and down, deep throating this man, gagging occasionally, dragging my teeth along his length while his strong rough hands are gentle in my silken soft hair.

He moves me into the sixty-nine love-making position and once again he starts cunnilingus, growling and burying his face deep into my pussy, as I suck his full length hard and right to the base of his erection. Up and down, and I am groaning too, nearing orgasm, and then his rough hands are around my slim waist and he is moving me forward into reverse cow-girl posture, and I position my tight nineteen-year old pussy above his thick throbbing shaft, and as I sit onto him, he pulls down hard on my hips and pushes his erection deep into my vagina. I moan softly, it is heaven, for me and for him. All this time he has been asking me out, now he has me.

And we are making love furiously. I am riding him like a cow-girl, bouncing up and down, undulating my hips, grinding my pussy on his thick hard erection and our movements are synchronous and the riding motion gets faster and harder and he is pounding upwards. He is pushing his hips up to meet my downward movement and he is trying to penetrate deeper into my sugar walls looking for that sweet spot of sex. And he twists his body slightly, and there, he penetrates my G-spot and there is orgasmic bliss flooding through my entire body, and then he bucks once, twice, three times and I can feel him orgasm, hear him call my name with lust, “Lilly … ”

We separate and lie together on the bed in the after-glow of lover’s sex. We are naked together now, having stripped out of our underwear, ready for the shower that is to come next. For a moment we look quietly into each other’s blue eyes, our lips meeting in small kisses. I say to him, “So, you’re a landscape gardener?”

“No, actually, landscape gardening is my hobby. I own the luxury apartment building you live in. I own an international construction company.” He smiles genuinely, knowing now he has my full attention. I can tell in his eyes that he wants me, he wants me.