Licorice and Lollypops | Le Penthouse Suite

He’s sucking a red lollypop like a little girl and it looks so out of place for a big burly man to be doing this that I nearly laugh. He pulls the lollypop out of his mouth for a moment, smiles and asks me, Natasha, if I want a suck. I roll my eyes and put my hands on my hips, and his blue eyes take a long and lecherous look over my entire cat-walk model body.


His gaze moves from my angelic face framed by long platinum blonde hair, down my slender neck, pauses for a lingering moment on the lace embroidered transparent brassiere I’m wearing, obviously liking my size eight bust and the way my nipples are revealed by the black fabric, then travelling down my bare, flat stomach, and pausing again at my pussy, barely hidden by the tight, transparent black G-string I’m wearing, and obviously liking the high V-line of my thighs, the smooth toned skin and the suggestion of pure pleasure the shapely mound of my sex promises.


He brings his gaze back up to my face and connects with my blue eyes and an unspoken exchange of lust passes between us. He tells me he owns a candy shop in Surfers Paradise and some new stock has arrived; fifty centimetre long licorice straps that he wants to whip a beautiful girl with, so he can taste the licorice on her flesh. Of course, the beautiful girl is me. He holds up a large brown paper bag and says he has three straps of licorice in the bag, and he’ll share them with me. I laugh and notice the pale mark of a missing wedding band on the skin of his left finger, obviously taken off before he’s come here for this naughty encounter.

I take him by the hand and we walk away together from the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, one of the finest bordello and a glitter strip icon of erotica, famous for the exquisite loveliness of Gold Coast escorts and the high calibre of its guests.


He’s tall and rangy, and because he walks a little too closely to me our bodies brush together continuously as we stroll through the foyer, up the stair-case, down the hallway and arriving at the deluxe boudoir Suite One; and I’ve noticed not only is his body hard and strong, but he’s also got a bulging hard-on straining at the crotch of his pants that he doesn’t bother concealing.


A momentary hush descends upon us once the door closes, and then I hear the crumple of the brown paper bag as I start to fit the clean satin sheets to the king-sized double bed, not turning around to look, just making the bed as I also listen to the sound of this candy shop owner taking off his clothes.


The moment I finish tucking in the final corner of the bed sheet while leaning over the mattress, I feel the whip of multiple straps, firm but not painful, across the sweet swell of my butt cheeks, then again, and again; and then this man is pressing his naked body against me from behind, and his thick and heavy erection flops heavily against my lower back and the tops of my booty, leaving traces of pre-cum all over my flesh, and then his hands encircle my body, one around my waist, the other under my breasts and holding three long black licorice straps. He starts to nuzzle his face into my neck, inhaling deeply the fragrant scent of my long platinum blonde hair, and his lower hand is reaching into the crotch of my G-string, starting to fondle my pussy lips and finger my clitoris until I’m moaning with my neck arched backwards.

He places the three licorice straps into my mouth and I bite down, hard enough to hold them in my mouth, but not hard enough to sever them; and while he fondles my tight moist pussy his other hand is reaching under my brassiere, grabbing my breasts and playing with my erect nipples as he continues to nuzzle my neck from behind, now sucking my neck and kissing my face and nibbling my ear-lobes.


I reach up behind my back with one hand and deftly unfasten my brassiere and it falls to the bed; and then I reach behind my back with my other hand and grab his hefty and huge shaft and squeeze it tight, stroking it several times in hard jelqing movements that make him gasp and nearly blow his load. I’m still holding the licorice straps between my teeth, and I realize this man is still sucking the red lollypop even as he starts to pull aside my G-string from behind and begins to rub the head of his throbbing erection against my pussy lips, looking to penetrate my sex then and there.


I push him back for a moment by tilting my buttocks backwards into him, and reach for a condom packet from the bedside table, tear it open and try to turn around so I can fit it onto his erection. But he won’t let me, he holds me tighter, his thick shaft still at the entry to my sex, still rubbing against my pussy lips, and he says, “Fit the condom onto me without looking,” and he takes the licorice straps from my mouth, and puts his red lollypop onto my tongue and I close my lips on the nearly finished lollypop, tasting sweetness even as I reach behind me with the condom and start to fit it onto his thick and throbbing member. I use both hands to fit and roll the prophylactic onto his shaft, and he starts to whip my exposed breasts and half-revealed pussy with the licorice straps, still holding me from behind, still pressing his face against mine and whispering dirty talk into my ear.


Satisfied that the condom is rolled to its extent onto his heavy length, I let him finish what he started as once again he rubs the head of his erection up and down along the furrow of my pussy lips, while positioned behind me, the fabric of my G-string all bunched to the side and sopping wet from sex juice, his erection looking for the penetration and finding it. He thrusts once, then again and penetrates with an internal pop and so deeply that I groan with pleasure. He pushes my back forward, and I lean onto the bed, and he starts pounding me from behind while I finish the red lollypop, spit out the lollypop stick, and let this man have his way with me.


His thrusting is rhythmic, three or four sharp stabbing thrusts, then three or four deep penetrating pushes to the hilt of his pubic bone against my butt cheeks, the front of his thighs pressed hard against the backs of my thighs, looking for my G-spot, and finding it suddenly so that a blossoming explosion of pleasure from my sex centre causes me to orgasm in a moan of lustful bliss.


Now his pounding becomes more furious, more urgent, in and out, in and out, and he starts to whip my dangling breasts again with the licorice straps while grabbing my hip with his other hand and pulling me onto his erection. Pounding me, banging me, the bed rocking, our bodies knocking hard together, and suddenly he yanks me so hard onto his pole, and I feel him stiffening even harder inside me, his whole body becoming taut as he orgasms long and hard and so deep inside me.

He puts the licorice straps into my mouth again, and presses his face against mine from behind and above me, whispering dirty talk into my ear, ready for it all over again.