Likes the Pimple on My Butt Cheek

He says he likes the pimple on my cheek, as we stand there in the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, the finest and most reputable Glitter Strip bordello on the East Coast. I toss my auburn hair seductively and place my hand on my exposed hip, right where the curve of the black G-string I’m wearing accentuates the length and shapeliness of my thigh, and smile coyly at him. 

I get an occasional pimple, traces of adolescence I guess, after having just emerged from my teen years; and the pimple my client mentions is fading already, so why mention it? 

“Is there another one anywhere else?” Now he is smiling, this tall, blonde, roguish looking gentleman with piercing blue eyes that are now appraising the fullness of my firm breasts as they press hard against the transparent mesh brassiere that sets them on display. 

I begin to answer no, when I remember there is another pimple, also tiny and fading, on the bottom swell of my right butt cheek, and I begin to blush. 

“Let’s find out,” I say this sweetly, meeting his gaze with my deep green eyes, grabbing his hand, squeezing its manly strength and leading him away to suite one, the deluxe bedroom with spa bath, shower stall and a luxurious king-sized double bed made for hosting erotic trysts like the one we are about to engage in. 

He tells me that my name Morrigan is kind of mysterious, but I say nothing as we ascend the stair case, myself in the lead with my guest close enough behind me so that I can feel his soft breathing upon the exposed small of my back. I can feel his sense of urgency when our hands touch briefly on the railing and the animal magnetism between us lets me know this rogue is really “into me”; he even opens the bedroom door for me in a gentlemanly gesture. Yet I know he is hiding some kind of ferocious lust as I glimpse the huge bulge in the crotch of his grey pants. 

As expected, as soon as the door closes behind us this rogue moves to me and encircles me in his arms, lifting me onto my toes, then running one hand through my hair and gripping one butt cheek with the other hand. He inhales the perfumed scent at my ear, and then voraciously starts to kiss my face and lips; and then moves to suck and kiss my neck as I arch into his strong embrace. 

He thinks I’ve already surrendered to his advances but I struggle a little, and push him away, “Sir, wait a moment,” I say this like a girl offended by an indecent proposal and then indicate the king-sized double, “I have to make the bed first, it’s what the girls here do when we host a rendezvous.” 

He smiles wolfishly again, but stands where he is, and begins to unbutton his shirt and take off his pants, while I move to fit the blue satin sheets onto the bed, the place where we will soon consummate our lust. 

I barely finish tucking in the final sheet when I find my client is behind me now, once again encircling my waist with his strong arms, but this time he is naked and pressing his thick throbbing erection hard against my butt cheek, leaving sticky traces of precum on my firm flesh, hooking the length of his rock hard member under the G-string, already looking to penetrate my tight, hairless sex, penetrate deeply my tender, tight pussy. 

“I have to get a condom,” I say this breathlessly because as he is rubbing his shaft all over my butt cheeks, he is also nuzzling my hair and the nape of my neck ravenously wanting to devour me I think. 

Now he is pushing me forward onto the bed, wanting to enter my sex from behind, and I fumble for a condom packet as his hands snake around and under and start to pull down my brassiere, exposing my full breasts so his fingers can touch and squeeze my stiffening nipples. 

He pauses ever-so-briefly and I hear him mutter an exclamation about the other pimple, and then I feel the kiss of his lips on the bottom swell of my right butt cheek, kissing all on one place, tasting the pimple, then sucking the flesh of my ass cheeks, and finally pulling aside the crotch of my black G-string so he can suck my pussy lips and lick my clitoris from behind, with me on my hands and knees on the bed. 

I tear open the condom packet with my teeth between moans and whimpers of pleasure that escape my lips as he eats my sex, tasting my love juices, tasting my clitoris with circling swirls of his tongue. The cunnilingus is ferocious and I am set adrift on a pleasure bliss, moment after moment. 

I can’t stand it any longer, I want this rogue deep inside me, so I turn around and he greets my move by kneeling onto the bed and pushing his throbbing length into my face, into my mouth and I start sucking the thick throbbing shaft of his manhood, taking it deep into my throat, dragging my teeth along the flesh, and then gagging saliva to mix with his stickiness. I then begin fitting the condom onto his erection and I finish rolling the prophylactic to its full extent, reaching just over half-way to the base of his monstrous meat-pole.  

He suddenly pushes me back onto the bed so that I face upwards, spreads my legs wide by pushing apart my thighs with his strong hands, then grabbing his length and rubbing the engorged head up and down, and along the groove of my sex, furrowing the pussy lips apart, finding the opening and finally penetrating me with a pop, and a deep thrust. 

Now he is pounding me furiously, thrust after thrust and rocking the bed, each penetrating stab of his manhood trying to find that sweet secret spot, and he is simultaneously leaning forward to suck and taste my nipples and breasts. 

And just when I think he cannot go any deeper, he adjusts his position a little, lifts up my hips for deeper entry and with three savage thrusts penetrates deepest into my G-spot and orgasms a flood of bliss inside me, roaring into the room, and collapsing for a moment on top of me. “I like your pimple,” he smiles and kisses me gently on the lips.