Little Ray of Sunshine

They arrive at the midnight hour. A happy couple. Said they sailed on their own yacht down from Cairns. They are marine scientists on the Gold Coast to consult at Seaworld for a few weeks. The most unlikely couple ever to want a menage-a-trois with myself, Valerie, here at LePenthouse Suite, the Gold Coast Glitter Strip’s premiere bordello.

I’m a high-class escort, eighteen and extreme, I laugh quietly to myself, more like demure and sweet. I observe myself in the mirrored walls for a moment, my shapely legs, slim and curvy figure, shoulder length brown hair, buxom beauty that really turns clients on. The lingerie I am wearing is white lace, accentuating my slim waist, and sexy curves. My hair is pinned up in a bun, with soft, shiny strands falling around a face clients have said is angelic.

I walk past our manageress, Jeanette, busy as always taking bookings on the phone, she briefly smiles at me and gives me the thumbs up. The couple have chosen me from the gallery on Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite website, saying they remind me of a friend’s daughter, just a little bit kinky I think. They are in their late thirties, both blonde and blue eyed. The man has bristles on his tanned and lined face. The woman’s skin is tanned and unlined, surprising since they are both marine scientists. Maybe she puts sunscreen on.

They are an attractive couple, kind of anachronistic here in the midnight hour, rays of sunlight in the dark of night, wearing ocean going clothes. The man has cargo shorts on, deck shoes, a plaited brown leather belt and a short-sleeved shirt. The woman is dressed very similarly. A darker shade of cargo pants, white sandals, and also wearing a short-sleeved shirt with a dolphin emblem at the pocket. They are both taller than me and rise to meet me, smiling warmly. Threesome huh? I think to myself.

“Hi, I’m Valerie,” I greet them with gentle feminine handshakes, their blue eyes check me up and down, they know what they are here for. Their names are Shelley and Sandy, and I think they must be having a joke. Clients sometimes don’t give their real names. Discreetness is part of the service here at Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite.

We sit back on the big maroon couch that is the centrepiece in the introduction room here at LePenthouse Suite. I sit between Sandy and Shelley, marine scientists consulting at Seaworld. The mirrored walls reflect the large flat screen television set high up on the wall opposite to the couch. An old song from the eighties is playing, that song Sailing with images of the ocean and the singer sitting on a yacht cruising the ocean. How apt, or cliched, I think to myself. I sometimes wonder if our manageress selects songs for the television to match the theme of the sexual rendezvous that is booked for a specific time. I never asked her.

We discuss the arrangements for our two-hour tryst. Shelley smiles and says, “I’ll probably just watch.” Sure, that’s what they all say. They ask if some light S & M is okay. I say this is alright. She indicates the woven shoulder bag she is carrying. “I have

a soft whip in here. And my own dildo.” I look at her a little more closely. She is a handsome woman. Feminine but strong. Intelligent looking with light frame glasses that accentuate the intensity of her gaze. She smiles but the smile doesn’t quite touch her eyes.

I look carefully at the man again. Strong boned face, also quite handsome, and eyes that are faded blue, kind of lost at sea. I can definitely see them sailing on a yacht down from Cairns.

After gathering the fresh blue linen from behind the reception desk, I lead the couple up the stair case to room one. It is the room with the king-sized double and gold spa-bath. With a mirrored ceiling and furnishings that are a blend of Rococo and modern design.

As we ascend the stairs I am aware Sandy is checking out my shapely ass. I can hear his heavy breathing, and I glance in the mirrored wall along the stair case and our eyes meet and we both smile. He wants me.

They follow me into room one, the soft lighting sets the room aglow with an ethereal light. It’s like we are stepping into a fantasy from another time. I start to make the bed without turning around. Walking over to the king-sized double. Shelley closes the door and sets her shoulder bag down beside a two-seater lounge. Sandy can’t contain himself, and already he is behind me, his arms slipped around my waist and kissing the back of my head, my neck. I can feel his large erection pressing through his cargo shorts, against the small of my back. I keep making the bed, giggling a little. His hand is down the front of my G-string, fingering my pussy, fingering my clit. I giggle again, and try to wriggle out of his grasp.

I see Shelley start undressing. She is wearing a two-piece tie-die bikini underneath. Her legs are long and tanned. She is thin and tall. She is looking at me lasciviously. Sandy is still kissing me, but now his erection is out and leaving glistening precum on the small of my back, his cargo pants are on the floor along with his boxer shorts. He smells of surf, and sand, and the salt sea.

I manage to finish making the bed and squirm around. Sandy grips my arms strongly, and there will be bruises later. He looks into my brown eyes, “We always wanted a daughter.” Kinky alright, I think for a moment, and then Sandy is pushing me down onto my knees, and putting his thick, long erection in my mouth. And now I am sucking his length, taking it deep, deep throating, gagging saliva and precum. He is burying his erection all the way into my mouth and I can’t breathe for a moment and push him back. This gets him excited and he lifts me up and pushes me onto the bed, spreading my legs, and now burying his face into my tight hairless pussy. Sucking my pussy lips and circling my clit with his tongue. I moan a little, a little shiver courses through my body. And then Shelley is now on the bed behind me, she is fully naked, firm breasts and a pussy with a mohawk. And she is moving to sit on my face.

And now I am sucking on Shelley’s pussy lips and clit. Tasting her vaginal juices. She tastes clean and salty like the sea. And Shelley has the top of my camisole down and is pinching my nipples and I can hear her saying something like, “You little slut, steal my husband … ” And Sandy is sucking my pussy so deeply I groan with pleasure, and my legs are wrapped around his head, and his strong hands are beneath my buttocks, lifting my pussy into his face. He is feasting, and eating my sex.

He pauses for a moment, and Shelley is moaning because I am still sucking on her pussy lips, engorged and hot and wet, and I am nibbling on her clit and this makes her gasp and moan with delight, and I can feel Sandy moving into position and feel the head of his erection start to press against my pussy lips and I manage to say strongly, “Condom.” And Sandy manages to control himself, and Shelley says, “I’ll do it.” And she gets up off my face quickly, grabbing a condom from a low table, and I watch as she tears open the packet, and I indicate to her that I will put it on Sandy.

Shelley passes the ribbed strawberry flavoured condom to me, and I sit up and Sandy lies on the bed, and then I am fitting the condom over his throbbing length with my mouth, pushing it all the way down the shaft, dragging my teeth along his erection and biting down on the thickness, and he shudders and I can tell he is close to orgasm.

Sandy grabs my shoulders roughly again and pulls me up and I position myself over his erection, and I settle onto his manhood, and he gasps as he penetrates my tight pussy. And now Shelley positions herself over Sandy’s face and he starts eating her pussy, and Shelley grabs me around the back of my head and pulls my face into her kiss. She kisses me long and hard, putting her tongue into my mouth, moaning as her partner eats her sex, and this is a threesome, a classic menage-a-trois, with me Valerie, high-class escort here at LePenthouse Suite.

And Sandy is pounding me up, thrusting his erection deep into my pussy, urgent, wanting to be deeper, he is mumbling profanities even as he is eating and sucking his wife’s sex, and Shelley and I are kissing like lesbian lovers and she is pinching my nipples and my hands are resting on Sandy’s chest, and he is pounding me faster, and faster, and we three are all moving to a climax, moving to an orgasm. And Sandy orgasms first, I can feel him stiffen underneath me, his shaft pulsing, and then Shelley orgasms, shuddering hard, crying out, and then I orgasm, fully orgasm, and sex juices flood out of my pussy.

A teardrop rolls down from my eye, and Sandy sits up, his length still inside me and he kisses me, and cradles me, and whispers something like, “Sweet baby, my sister and I love you,” and I ignore what he has said. Because I see Shelley walking over to her shoulder bag, and pull out the soft leather whip, a wicked smile on her face. And this couple are marine scientist sex addicts, and I am their little ray of sunshine, and we are here at Gold Coast LePenthouse Suite, the finest bordello on the Gold Coast Glitter strip. And it’s about to get hotter and hotte