Loves That Love Bite

He notices the love bite on the inside of my thigh, high up near the V-line of my pussy and it turns him on. One of my lovers got a little bit zealous the other night. I try to hide the mark by manoeuvring my knee inwards a little, more playful than embarrassed, but he reaches down and pushes my knee open so he can get a better look at the suck mark.  

We’re standing together in the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s most famous erotic icon and the most reputable bordello of choice all along the glitter strip. I’m wearing a blue, two-piece lace and satin lingerie set that particularly highlights the erotic curvature of my hips and the length of my toned and lithe thighs. My golden blonde hair cascades over my shoulder and frames the fullness of my breasts as they press the nipples hard against the transparent fabric of the brassiere.  

When he starts to trace his finger along the V-line of my thigh, and over the love bite, I gently slap him and say, “Come on, let’s go.” We walk away together to suite one, the deluxe boudoir here at Le Penthouse Suite, the sexual tension between both of us is heavy and laden with uncontrollable lust. 

As we ascend the stairs, my client walking too closely behind me and breathing his hot breath against my sweet butt cheeks asks me my name. I tell him my name is Claudia and I stop suddenly so that he collides into me, his face pressing firmly against my bottom, his hand reaching up to my hip apologetically. 

I can tell he’s even more into me now, walking with his arm around my waist, practically pushing me into suite one, and when we close the door behind us he descends upon me like a ravenous predator, encircling me in his arms and immediately kissing my neck down to my nipples and breasts.   

I don’t have time to fit the sheets to the bed, so he drags me down onto the plush carpeted floor, and pulls down my brassiere top so he can start sucking and licking my breasts with greater ease and access. He’s fumbling his erection out of his pants, trying to kick them off, while continuing to suck my nipples, pinning me to the floor. 

He gets pants off, but doesn’t bother take off his black briefs, and instead just pulls his thick throbbing shaft out , flopping it hard against the inside of my thigh. He rubs the stick head of his erection up and down along the V-line, all over the suck mark, spreading my legs wide, already looking to penetrate my tight sex. 

He pulls aside the crotch of my G-string, and starts to position the head of his erection against the moist and tight pussy lips. He starts to rub the head of his erection up and down along the groove of my sex, when I suddenly remember we need protection. I struggle away from his, saying, “Condom,” but he pursues me forward, pinning the inside of my thighs down to the floor again.  

I manage to grab a condom packet from beside the corner of the bed, and I tear it open with my teeth, while my client decides to place his mouth against my pussy lips, starting to suck the lips, the flesh, the clitoris, probing with is tongue into my sex, licking his tongue against my clitoris and making tight small circles that drive me so wild I grab clenched fistfuls of his hair. 

He continues to suck and lick and growl my pussy, causing me to arch my back, and tremble with pleasure, and then he manoeuvres around me into that classic sex position so that his erection is now over my upturned face, and he is eating my sex while facing in the other direction.  

He forces his length into my mouth, deep down my throat, and I’m forced to suck on his shaft, so I suck him deep and hard, over and over as his cunnilingus grows more ferocious, and occasionally I can feel him sucking the suck mark on the inside of my thigh, and then biting the suck mark, putting his love bite over my lover’s love bite.  

When I start biting down on his shaft and dragging my teeth along the flesh, he nearly orgasms then and there in my mouth, but he sits up, pulls out, and roughly positions me into reverse cow girl, with his body beneath mine now, and his erection, throbbing and glistening and pulsing, positioned under my tight pussy.  

I grab the opened condom packet again, and quickly pull out the condom, and fit it over his manhood, rolling the prophylactic to its full extent, and then he rubs the head of his erection along the groove of my pussy, the G-string is all bunched to the side, he finds the opening to my sex, and he penetrates me upwards while pulling down on my hips, pulling me hard onto his shaft. 

He starts pounding me, upwards, into me, over and over, thrusting as deeply as he can, finally finding my G-spot so that I tremble and involuntarily orgasm. His thrusting becomes manic, rapid fire, and in three sudden furious jabbing motions he orgasms soon after my climax, blowing his load deep inside me, deep inside my pussy, deep inside my sex.