His Lust for LuLu Knows No Bounds

So I’m wearing this tiny two-piece lime green bikini my client has asked me to wear, while he is kissing me all over my face and neck, his body pressed against mine as he lies beside me, and his hand gently fondling my nipples under the bikini bra.  

We are together on the king-sized double bed in suite one, the deluxe bedroom, at Le Penthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s longest established and most premiere bordello. I’m Lulu, sultry young sweetheart escort, first-class and seductively tender, with soft chestnut brown hair, gorgeous size 8 slender physique, and beautiful blue eyes that hold the promise of so much more.  

My client is in his thirties, and he tells me I remind him of his ex-girlfriend, who left him for his older brother. Beside us, on the bed, are a blue neck-tie and green scarf, which my client tells me he stole from his brother and ex-partner’s bedroom at a dinner party last weekend. 

Now he is kissing me on my stomach, and I know he is moving towards my sex, so I spread my legs a little wider. His thick hard erection bulges through his black briefs, and this he presses against my thigh. I reach over with my other leg and start fondling his length with my foot, watching the glitter-polished nails sparkle, hearing my client grunt approvingly as he now moves his face to my pussy. He mumbles that the green bikini I’m wearing was going to be a gift to his ex-girlfriend for her birthday, the day she left him for his brother. 

Now he is sucking my pussy through the fabric of the bikini panty, sucking the cleft, wanting access to my pussy lips, so he pulls the crotch of the bikini aside and now he begins sucking my pussy lips. My tight hairless sex is moist from our heavy petting, and his tongue soon finds the delicate flesh of my clitoris and he starts sucking this sensitive area, then rolling his tongue over my clitoris until it stiffens in response.   

His face is between my legs and I’m pressed against the head board of the bed, propped up on satin pillows, my hands are in his brown hair, and I try to reach his erection with my feet again. He is stroking himself as he eats my sex, growling, licking, slurping up my sex juice until I moan and whimper and quiver in pleasure. Then he pauses, and starts to kiss the inside of my thighs.  

Through the multiple kisses he rains upon me, he suddenly says, “So she left me for him. Both of them, my brother and my girlfriend did the dirty on me.” And he rises up, takes one of my wrists and using the neck tie, ties my right arm to the head board of the king-sized double. It is not uncomfortable, because my elbow is supported by the pillow.  

He takes the green scarf, and ties his right wrist to my left wrist, then positions himself over me, not bothering to take off his black briefs, instead pulling his thick length fully out of the Calvin Klein undergarment. He moves his right hand to the head board, which pulls my left hand to the same position, then starts rubbing his thick shaft along my belly, then to my breasts, exposed because the bikini top has been pulled aside. He rubs his erection all over my breasts, and starts cursing his brother and his ex-girlfriend.  

We move towards that final moment of consummation and I suddenly remember we need protection. “Condom,“ I say this to him as he starts to move his throbbing manhood towards my tight pussy, “You’ll have to grab it,” I say this and indicate my bound wrists.  

He reaches over to the bedside table and grabs a packet. I say, “I should able to put it on,” and grab the packet with my left hand, pulling his right hand with me, and tear open the packet with my teeth. I start to fit the condom onto his erection with one hand, and he helps with his free hand, rolling the prophylactic onto his length, which glistens with sticky precum. 

He now positions himself again, with his erection at my pussy, with both of my hands at the head board, and then he reaches down with his free hand, grabs his shaft, and rubs the engorged head of his manhood up and down my groove, furrowing along my pussy lips, searching for the opening, finding it, and then pushing into my sex with a tight pop.  

Then he starts thrusting into me, deep, then a little deeper, then full hilt into my sex, pounding me with a misdirected fury. “You left me for ‘him’.” He says this partly to me, partly to his ex, and partly to no-one but the moment. He keeps pounding me, thrusting deep into my tight pussy, my inner sugar walls clamping hard around his throbbing shaft.  

And although he is cursing, the lust-making is pleasurable, and I arch my back and tilt my hips into his thrusts, so that he can penetrate my deepest sex, penetrate my G-spot, which he soon enters, piercing that sweetest point of my pleasure.  

We ride together for moment upon moment, stretching minutes into eternity, and his sweat is dripping onto me, and I am moaning and whimpering, and he is grunting and groaning, and I’m experiencing mini-orgasm after mini-orgasm, and finally as he thrusts three, four, five violent thrusts into me, saying, “You left me for my brother!”, he orgasms a load of jealous lust into me as I buck upwards in response, climaxing soon afterward, both of us collapsing together, my right wrist still tied to the head board. He says softly, “These black briefs also belong to my brother.”