Megan Likes the Guy’s Cowboy Hat

“I like your cowboy hat,” and I pull the front end of the akubra down playfully so that it covers his eyes. He lifts it back up to reveal a huge grin on his chiselled face, and I can see in his blue eyes that he will choose me to spend his time with here at Le Penthouse Suite. 

My name is Megan, first-class escort-companion here at the Glitter Strip’s premiere bordello, and right now my client places his rough cowboy hand gently on my knee, leans in close so that his face brushes into my shoulder length, lustrous black hair, and whispers, “Let’s go gorgeous.” 

I stand up first from the large maroon couch in the introduction area, and I feel his hand brush ever so slightly along my lithe and petite thigh, as it falls away from my knee, and I catch him appraising my petite body again, so tightly clothed in the most revealing black lace G-string and black lace corset;  showing off my tiny size 8 figure, my full and perky breasts pressed hard against the transparent brassiere and pushed up by the partially transparent corset, so that  the sweet curvatures of my hips and waist are accentuated by the Victoria’s Secret addition to my lingerie wardrobe. 

We walk swiftly past reception, I’m leading my client with one hand lightly holding his hand, and as we ascend the stair case I look over at him again, give him a seductive smile and let my blue eyes lock upon his blue eyes, and say, “You’ll like Suite One, it’s our deluxe boudoir,” I squeeze his hand and continue, “We could even have a shower together?” At this suggestion, another huge grin broadens his face and he moves even faster, practically chasing me up the rest of the staircase, down the plush hallway, and into Le Penthouse Suite’s master-bedroom. 

He doesn’t give me time to fit the clean satin sheets to the king-sized double bed, we’ve decided on the luxurious modern shower stall for our first session of love-making anyway, but he pulls me close to him after tossing aside his cowboy akubra and kisses me deeply on the lips, then probes into my mouth with a French kiss that starts to make me wet already.  

As he reaches down to my G-string panties, and pushes his fingers into the front crotch feeling for my tight, moist pussy lips, I reach around my back and unfasten the corset, which drops away between us. We move together a little closer to the shower stall, and I unfasten his brown leather cowboy belt, deftly unhooking the heavy brass belt buckle with a horse-shoe design, and sliding the belt out so that he can step out of his faded jeans.  

He’s slipped off his boots already, and three of his fingers are plunged into my pussy, fingering my clitoris and probing my sex, while his other hand is gripping a handful of my butt cheeks so hard that there will be bruises there, I’m sure.  He’s moved his mouth to my nipples, sucking them hard and firm after, pulling my brassiere down to my waist. We continue to move feet by feet toward the shower stall, undressing slowly, fondling each other, our movements punctuated by mutual moans of pleasure and gasps and grunts of delight. 

Now he is naked, and I’m gripping his hard, hard length, squeezing his thick erection, milking sticky traces of pre-cum from his member that trace lines all across my belly and midriff. My brassiere has fallen away, and we pause for a moment as I step out of my G-string panties, and he immediately pulls me close to him. He presses his ‘hard as blue steel’ length against my tight pussy, along the groove, wanting to penetrate my sex then and there; but I suddenly remember we need protection. 

I gasp at him, “Condom,” but he doesn’t stop, now, moving me against the shower stall glass door, so I have to push him back, and say again, “We need protection,” and I grab his throbbing manhood and squeeze it hard enough for him to back up a little. But I am smiling a wicked grin at him, and he understands. There are condom packets outside the shower stall, and I kneel down and grab one, and tear it open with my teeth.  

I move over to my client, and he places his hands into my lustrous, black hair, mussing the strands up as I start to suck the prophylactic onto his pulsing member. As I fit the condom down over his brutally thick and long pole with fingers and mouth, I take a moment to bite down on his heavy meat stick and this elicits a grunt of pleasure from him, and when I nibble down a few centimetres he almost blows his load then and there. 

I suck him now, back and forth, taking his length deep into my mouth, and blowing out my cheeks with my lips sealed tightly over his manhood. I suck him again taking his erection even deeper, so deep that I gag saliva and at this, he lifts me up and we step into the shower stall. 

I turn the hot water on so that it is hard and strong, and so that it starts to steam up the glass, and he is pressing his length against the groove of my tight pussy from behind, pressing his loins against the soft swell of my naked butt cheeks, reaching around to grab my breasts, cupping them hard and pulling me backward into him. 

He leans forward and sucks my wet hair, like some animal lapping up water, and then he pushes his length into me from behind, pushes in deep, then a little deeper until he has fully penetrated me. He starts to pound me from behind, pound me in the hot stream of water, pounding me up against the glass shower wall, so that my face cheek is pressed against the wet glass.  

He is grabbing lengths of my wet and lustrous hair, pulling the black locks as he thrusts into me repeatedly from behind. The sound of his loins slapping into my sweet butt cheeks making a staccato accompaniment to the melody of running water. 

And soon his urgency starts to rise and he rides me even deeper, penetrating my sweet G-spot so that I involuntarily shudder with orgasmic pleasure, and his thrusting becomes manic, controlled and furious and plunging his thick length so deep and hard and fast into my pussy. And suddenly he orgasms and bellows into the shower stall, lifting me up off the tiles for a moment, lifting me into his erection as he stands braced behind me, and I orgasm again, shuddering deeply;  and we are momentarily exhausted, but I think, now it is time for the bed.