A Mosquito Bit Me Twice

I fell asleep beside the pool while sunbathing, earlier in the day, and a mosquito bit me in two places. Now, as I stand in the introduction area of Le Penthouse Suite, the Glitter Strip’s finest bordello, my guest can’t take his eyes off the two small red marks, so fully revealed by the black strapless, see-through brassiere I’m wearing, and the matching black, transparent G-string. 

I was sunbathing topless with only my favourite green bikini panties on, and fell asleep in the warm sunshine when the ravenous mosquito had its way with me. Now there’s a small raised bump beneath my right breast, and another mark on the left V-line of my toned and tanned thigh. 

I tell him my name is Roxie, first-class escort amongst an elite cadre of high-end companions here at Le Penthouse Suite, but he just murmurs something incoherently and keeps looking at the mosquito bites, first, the one under my breast, then at the one at my V-line. His gaze lingers a little longer on the latter bite, but I think he’s distracted by the fact that the diaphanous crotch of my G-string displays my tight and hairless pussy through the sheer, see-through fabric to full advantage. 

I stand up a little straighter, place both hands on my hips, push out my chest to emphasize the sweet curvature of my full breasts and the firm, erect nipples that poke hard against the tight fabric of the brassiere, shift one lithe leg forward hoping the black garter belt and fish-net stockings will grab his attention and say, “Well, are we just going to stand here all night?” 

Now he looks at my face, and I think it is my smile and baby blue eyes that bring a grin to his face; and when I toss my chestnut brown hair so that the locks fan across my shoulders, I can tell he’s forgotten about the mosquito bites for the moment. 

We glide past reception, I have my arms in the crook of his elbow, and when we start to ascend the staircase I realize my guest is quite handsome. He’s a twenty-something, well-built male, only a few years older than me, with closely cropped sandy brown hair and a face that reminds me of that Aussie movie star in all those Hollywood big-budget movies about superheroes. 

His face is unshaven, as if he’s neglected to look after himself for a few days, and when we reach the top of the staircase I involuntarily brush my fingers across the stubble on his cheek. This startles him and he looks at me in surprise and laughs warmly. “What was that for?” he asks me. 

“Oh,” I smile up at him, “A hint of what’s to come,” and we reach the door of suite one, the main deluxe bedroom here at this palace of pleasure, equipped with spa-bath, luxury shower, king-sized double bed, dance pole podium and sumptuous furnishings. He opens the door for me in gentlemanly fashion, and I’m sure I catch him briefly looking at the mosquito bites again. 

As I fit the crisp, clean satin sheets to the king-sized double bed, my guest takes of his shirt, shorts and briefs. I sneak a glimpse over my shoulder and a small thrill runs through me as I take in his muscular physique and bronze tan, but most of all the size of his already semi-hard member. His thick shaft unfolds as he steps out of his briefs, and I find my heart beat quickening. He catches me looking and now moves upon me, but instead of taking me on the bed, he slips behind me, encircles my waist, and gently pushes me towards the shower stall. 

He starts nuzzling my hair from behind, burying his face in the thick auburn mass, inhaling the fragrance, and also pressing his rapidly stiffening erection against my buttocks and the small of my back, hooking it under the G-string strap, making the length grow harder and harder. As he unfastens my brassiere, I reach behind me and grab heavy shaft, feeling the stickiness of pre-cum and by the time we have crossed the short distance to the shower, my breasts are fully exposed, my guest is sucking and kissing the nape of my neck, and fondling my breasts with one hand while reaching into my G-string crotch with the other. He shudders once or twice at my hand pulling and squeezing his manhood but manages to contain a possible orgasm until we enter the shower. 

The stream of water is full and hot, and my G-string, which is moist from my pussy-juices after the fondling it has received , and garter belt, remain in place but are now sopping wet. My guest easily pushes aside the G-string crotch as he kneels before me in the shower stall, now tasting my pussy lips and clitoris. His tongue makes small hard circles so voraciously around my clitoris, that I moan above the sound of the running water, responding to his bristled cheeks and cunnilingus he is performing on me. He growls my sex in the stream of hot water and the he starts sucking my mosquito bite along the V-line of my thigh, which makes it itch again. He then presses his teeth into the raised bump, not quite a bite, but an indentation into the flesh that makes the itch go away.  

Now it is my turn to respond to the way my guest has so graciously eaten my pussy, and I kneel before this hunk of a man, in the stream of wet heat, and I start sucking his length, taking it into my mouth, then deeper into my throat. And I bite down on his member, in response to his biting my mosquito mark, and this turns him on and as my sucking and deep throating brings him to the point of climax, he pulls back, pulls out, and he lifts me to my feet. 

I know then that he wants to be inside me, so I push away for the briefest of moments, reach outside the shower stall to the tiled floor where some condom packets are splayed out like cards, and bring a packet into the shower. 

I tear open the packet with my teeth, kneel down again, and quickly fit the ribbed prophylactic over his throbbing length, finishing the roll down with my mouth; and then let my guest lift me back up to my feet, position the head of his erection against my tight pussy lips, and penetrate my sex with a pop that is felt and not heard. He pushes in half-way, then a little further, then even deeper, and starts thrusting into me, in and out, in and out, all the while kissing the water from my face and drenched hair, fondling my breasts in the stream of steaming water, and hooking one of my thighs up with his hand to get better access to my pussy, finding even deeper entry into my tight sex. 

The pounding, sucking, kissing, clasping begins to crescendo, rising towards some savage climax, and then this hunk starts to press his thumbnail into the mosquito bite beneath my breast, and suddenly thrusts upwards into me in three, four, five stabbing movements that push his length into my sweet and secret G-spot so that I buck and shudder, and orgasm a flood of bliss. He soon follows in a ground-shaking orgasm that rattles the shower stall frame, blowing his load deep inside me, the blossoming bliss radiating outwards from my deepest sex centre. I collapse into his strong arms, in the steam and wet heat of the moment, and the shower stall.