Not an ordinary Wednesday Morning

Some people really expect Wednesday mornings to be quiet at Le Penthouse Suite, the Gold Coast’s premium brothel I’m lucky enough to work at. But it really can be busy, with a constant flow of walk-ins keeping us on, or should I say off, our feet.

So I was pretty darn happy when I arrived at 9am last Wednesday and found I had just half an hour to get ready for a three hour booking! My client, Andrew, wanted a girlfriend experience and a long spa. Something I was more than happy to get on board with.

Having only just signed on, I was all prepped and ready to go already so I thought I’d throw a bottle of champagne into the little bar fridge next to the spa, before getting that huge tub filled. I couldn’t wait to get in there with Andrew, feel the warm water envelope my naked body, bubble jets caressing my ebony skin.

Andrew was a sweetie. He kinda reminded me of Nicholas Cage in that old movie Con Air: Straggly blonde hair over his collar, a no-doubt permanent six-o’clock shadow and a look on his face like a lost puppy.

We jumped straight in the tub, relishing the marble surrounds, our glasses of champagne and knowing we had all the time left of the morning to please each other’s minds and bodies. I was ready for a nice chilled morning but when I noticed how hungry Andrew was as he stared at my body, its dark tone glistening beneath a coating of water. He wasn’t going to hold back for much longer, he’d already put his champagne glass aside, undrunk.

The way his eyes yearned for me, I could feel my smooth pussy getting wet and ready for him, and I soon found myself craving his cock as much as he lusted for me. It wasn’t long until I put my glass aside as well, then propped my firm ass up on the side of the spa and spread my legs wide open, my pussy staring firmly back at Andrew.

‘I need your cock in me!’ I sputtered through clenched teeth, poorly hiding my horniness. It was an invitation that certainly didn’t fall on deaf ears, and Andrew stepped up out of the water and moved towards me. I hadn’t noticed his true size when he first got in the water, and I was glad to be wet enough as he rolled the condom on and jammed his hardness deep into my pussy. With my legs still in the hot water and my ass on the cold marble, my body surged through a whole mix of emotions then as Andrew drove his thick cock back and forth inside me. I braced myself on his shoulders and with his hands moving onto my hips, he rammed me harder and harder and with a great splash of water and two people crying out, we came for the first of three times that morning.

Now I see why they call Wednesdays ‘Hump Day’!